Getting My Hygge On ....

Thursday 8 December 2016

Basil getting his hygge on my :

.... well sort of. And you certainly wouldn't expect to be getting your hygge on in M&Co would you now? I only found out recently that I had a store near the swimming pool where my boys have their lessons and this came about as a result of Ben forgetting to tell me that he needed to bring a pair of pyjamas for his swim lesson. You know that lesson where you have to throw yourself in "fully clothed" in your pyjamas and swim a few lengths? Yep that one. So given that we had twenty minutes in which to locate a pair of pjs, we found ourselves in M&Co and thankfully, it came up trumps.

Anyway, I digress and I've found a few bits from M&Co to get that hygge vibe going. You've all heard about hygge? In a nutshell, it's about creating a nice warm fuzzy atmosphere and enjoying the simple good things in life. And it's a concept created by the Danes who are deemed the happiest people around. Sounds good to me!

So what do we have.

1. Pixel Cushion. 

I love the pixelated pattern. Infact my boys have declared this super cool as it actually looks like Minecraft Coal Ore and are now fighting over it to have in their room. Anyway cushions make sofas comfy. Cushions are what boys like to jump on. Everyone's happy so that's very hygge! 

2. Slate Picture Frame.

I like the wood frame against the slate. So I'm thinking a picture of your loved ones in there would  give you that nice warm fuzzy feeling and make you happy.  Hygge!

3. Wolf Onesie.

I think the small boy is due a new onesie as his last one was giving him a wedgie. I actually think he would be comfy and warm (and look kind of cute) in this so that would make him (and me) happy. Hygge!

4. Faux Fur Throw.

This is going over my little leather sofa in my family room. The sofa which the boys are slowly destroying by climbing and jumping all over despite my passionate protests. It's cosy, it's furry, it's protective and I'm happy(er). And look how much Basil loves it. Hygge!

5. Christmas Tree Decoration.

I just like this Christmas decoration. It's kind of simple and rustic and pared back. It works well with my existing decorations which makes me happy. Hygge!

So are you guys getting your hygge on out there? To be honest, I have no idea really what hygge is about and I skim read an article in the Guardian about it and how the Danish are so happy about their way of life so I guess it's whatever makes you happy. So go forth and hygge!


Last Note :

  • I spotted on Instagram that M&Co are giving people the chance to win their wish list up to the value of £100. Instructions are below or you can find them also on here.

* Wishlist c/o M&Co

The Lazy Girls Guide To Wreath Making

Monday 5 December 2016

Getting my wreath making groove on.


I bought a wreath from Aldi. It was £7.99 and made with fresh spruce branches. It was basically too good to pass up as I knew I could do something with this.

Aldi Wreath (instore £7.99)

However, I didn't want the red plastic berries, the fir cones, the glitter gold bits and the bright red ribbon. I also didn't want the cinnamon sticks on them.  So I stripped them all off


I just wanted to do something a little bit different. So based on what I had planned for my wreath, this is what you need :

1. Cutting pliers for cutting the florist wire.
2. Burlap wired ribbon
3. Faux (or real if you can get it) Eucalyptus Branch
4. Faux Green Viburnam  (or real if you can get it) Flower Spray
5. Florist Wire

After stripping off the extra decorations. I was basically left with a still excellent well fleshed out fir spruce wreath.

I cut the eucalyptus branch down into more manageable sizes so I could arrange them how I wanted. I chose to group the eucalyptus together on the right side (positioning about 4pm).

4pm positioning.

I cut the florist wire in to about 4 inch lengths. Each piece I bent in half so it resembled a hair pin. I used these to pin the eucalyptus to the wreath. Arrange and pin (press firmly to secure) till you are happy. 

I need to moisturise - I know.

I did the same with faux viburnam on the other side so they were diagonally opposite the eucalyptus. I stuck a bit of left over eucalyptus in with the virburnam to add a little foliage.

See the pin?

Not any more!

I then created a big bow with some burlap ribbon that I'd bought on a roll. 

I went for grey ribbon as I wanted quite muted tones on the wreath.

This is wired. If you are hanging a wreath outside, I would recommend a wired ribbon as this will hold it's shape better. A regular ribbon will droop somewhat when it gets wet but a wired one will still be fine. I chose to pin my bow just beneath the virburnam as I said, I didn't want it too too uniform.

Don't forget to tie a loop on the back of your wreath to hang it!


Have fun!


Last Note :

  • For £7.99, the Aldi wreath is not to be sniffed at. It's quite a good size and a well made lovely looking wreath anyway. You know what they say - you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
  • This is a really really lazy way of "making" a wreath. You don't need to start totally from scratch with doing your oasis, soaking it, wrapping it, popping in your foliage etc etc
  • But it's a really really good simple way if you're a novice and you don't want to over face yourself and just do the fun bits.
  • I went for less is more. Or you could call it minimalist chic. Or you could say I'm plain lazy :)
  • Some very dark berries (almost black) would have looked good on this - if I had any :(
  • I could do with a few more sprigs of eucalyptus but I ran out and I just wanted to get this post done so you can crack on if you fancy a go at this.
  • My hubs will hate it - he didn't like the other one I made here. "Needs a bit of red on it" he said.


Tuesday 29 November 2016

Primark Socks. Instore.
Tiger - Ben's but now George's.

Don't know about you but my feet are freezing at the moment. In previous years, I took it on the chin and womanned up and just nipped out of the door with my sockless feet and some fleecy liners installed in my trainers but this year - I'm feeling it. Maybe it's because I actually have to walk outside for more than five minutes. Last year, if I felt like it, I nipped out in the car, dropped the boys off on the school run but this year, we have a dog that needs walking. It's a right proper pain in the .....

So apart from investing in some Ugg Glen boots to take the chill off seeing as how they are fleece lined, I bought myself socks. I bought some glitter socks last year but this year, I bought some slightly more robust ones - ones which might actually keep your feet warm a little. You know, do that job, they are meant to do. So where did I go in my time of need? To Primark of course. And I came out with those socks up there. A pack of five for about £2.50. That will do me.

My favourite pair out of the lot? The zebra ones. Love the gold bits!

By the way, Grazia mentioned that Zebra is the in print. Yay!


And just because I'm nice, I spotted some funky ones for you guys whilst having a browse!


Thursday 24 November 2016

... I've asked for a pair of UGGs for Christmas. Not the old classic style! No! I've asked for these!

These are the Ugg Kristin. Do you want a better look?

They're a little different from the Uggs of old. This is the new slimmer style - look how much slimmer they are around the toes. And because they are slimmer, I actually had to size up to a UK 5 instead of my usual 4. They look better on than the chunkier old style as well! Believe me because I've already ordered them for Christmas from the Grumps to me. We live in modern times.   :o)


Last Note :

  • There's lots of Black Friday offers going around and most places are offering 20% off currently which is the discount I got on them. Office are doing 20% off here with the code WONDER 

No Christmas Tree but Got a Nice Jumper

Wednesday 23 November 2016

New Balance Heritage 620s (old but I love these)
Zara Jeans (old)
Toast Bag (old but this St Leonards one is lush)
Aldi British Apple (comes in a pack of 4) :o)

That's a catchy heading isn't it? But sometimes you have days where there are no witty headings to hand so you pop up anything that comes in to your head.

Anyway, can I show you my latest bargain? This lovely mohair funnel neck jumper from Matalan!

Next Teddy Coat (old)

I was in Matalan looking for a hanging branch Christmas tree but alas, there was none on the shop floor. I should have ordered online when I had the chance but no, I thought I'd go and check them out instore so I could find the best made one. I'm picky like that. Because if you order online, you might  just get a really lopsided one but in store I can pick through the batch. Anyway they sold out.  #yousnoozeyoulose

So no tree, but one lovely funnel neck mohair jumper. Happy days.

And I know this has been pinned a gazillion times on Pinterest by a gazillion people but don't you just love it when you find that high street dupe for the grand sum of £18?

I do :)


Last Note :

  • The jumper has a nice weight to it so it hangs well. This is a thickish (but not chunky) knit and holds it shape quite well. Stick a heattech underneath and you'll be real toasty.
  • I bought a size small and I'm a UK 10. I did take a medium in as well but that proved unnecessary.
  • The funnel neck is fab as I don't do roll necks well. Somehow roll necks serve to emphasise my hamster cheeks and bestow extra chins upon me. 
  • So no hanging Christmas tree in Matalan and they seem to be sold out online but I found this one in John Lewis which I have just ordered. And a bargain to boot! I'm not getting caught out a second time!

My New Grey

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Pull & Bear Embellished Pumps (old but these are fab)
Zara Bag (old but silver version here and blue version here)
Topshop Baxter Jeans (old)
Matalan Fur Coat (old)

I love me a bit of cashmere especially at this time of year. Actually I like cashmere all year round if I'm honest. I've said it before on the blog, I'm not picky, I don't mind if it's high end or supermarket cashmere - it all works for me as it's just not as prickly or itchy as other stuff - mainly lambswool. I thought I'd try something different from my usual grey and opted for a camel colour way. So I broke out of the grey zone but not too far. Now lemon yellow. That would be out of my comfort zone.

Baby steps, baby steps.

I did change in to my Uggs later!


Last Note :

  • I sized up in the jumper from my usual size small to a medium as I wanted to wear this casually and a little slouchy. It also gives me some room for layering underneath.
  • It's quite a robust cashmere (3 ply) and although not quite as soft as some, you do feel like you can just throw it on and not worry too much about it. This is an absolute must since the dog arrived. He likes to paw me and he's a clumsy mutt.
  • I've actually not had it off my back since I received it. It's my kind of easy throw it on kind of thing.
  • It's machine washable! Well I have to confess here, I stick all my cashmere in the washing machine regardless of the wash labels but it's nice to know that for once I'm actually allowed to!

* Cashmere Jumper  c/o Woolovers

Quick OOTD : Unseasonably Mild

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Primark Cardigan (current instore) Similar here and here
Primark Skinny Jeans (current instore)
Mulberry Bag (old)
Ugg Glen Boots here and here

So mild, I didn't need a coat this morning. I needed one in the afternoon though.


Sunday 6 November 2016

Matalan Grey Slouch Jumper, Prettywire Camisole, 
Links of London Necklace (old), Zara Jeans (old)

I think you just can't beat a grey jumper. Especially if it's a slouchy one. It's a classic.


Last Note :

  • I sized up to a medium for a little extra slouch. Got to stop eating all those pies.

Aldi Caviar Illumination Serum Concentrate

Thursday 3 November 2016

Aldi Caviar Illumination Serum Concentrate 
(sold out online but instore as of this morning 03.11.16)

I've started checking online to see what special offers will shortly be gracing the Aldi Aisles of Joy. And I spotted the Caviar Ilumination Serum Concentrate. I was only lamenting the other day that there was no serum to accompany the day and night Caviar creams (mentioned here) and the Aldi Powers Above must have heard me. Thank you.

Now can you do an eye cream please?


Last Note :

  • I may have already picked up their Mineral Powder (like Bare Minerals) which is only £3.99 a small pot. I found a pot just over a year ago and quite liked it and was hoping that it would be reissued. Wish granted.
  • I also quite like their Specially Selected Spicy Italian Schiacciata Salami Sourdough Pizza. That's a mouthful (literally)! Oh and it's a "The Grocer Food & Drink Winner Own Label 2016".
  • If you keep checking on their website, you can see what's coming ahead and order ahead and it's free delivery.

Look Again

Saturday 29 October 2016

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. I'm in love.

With the trainers. Got'cha!

The frock dress thing is nice but the trainers - they're fab. And with more than a nod to the infamous Golden Goose ones without going all the way. Unfortunately they're not online yet from what I can gather - believe me I trawled the site a few times. Don't you just hate that? Now I have to play the waiting game till they come online.

Hope it's not too long. Give me a shout if you spot them.

Quick OOTD : 17/10/16 Love A Good Stripe ....

Monday 17 October 2016

Topshop Stripe Mohair Jumper, Topshop Baxter Jeans, H&M Ballet Pumps

..... especially if they're pink and burgundy! Sometimes, it's good to have a change.

Raw Pink

Thursday 13 October 2016

I fell head over in heels in love with these pink Gazelles. This was definitely a heart over head matter. I decided I was going to keep them. Then I decided I wasn't. Then I was. Then I wasn't x 100. I packed them up to go. And pulled them out again the next day. They're still with me and I have a mere day or two left before the ultimate decision.

Anyway, the fact that they're totally unpractical pink suede didn't stop me buying them. The fact that they are totally impractical pink suede and the weather has been pants is making me have second thoughts. The fact that they sold out just like that on ASOS which is where I got them, makes me want them. The fact that they are pink and the weather is so so pants at the moment is definitely not helping. Will these just be fair weather trainers? Will the daft dog step on my feet. Can I live with that? Probably. Because I love their pinkness. Their raw pinkness.

I have to say, these are comfier than the black pair I bought last year and returned. The toe shape is a little rounder too. They go with more than I thought in the wardrobe and I can tell I'm doing a sterling job convincing myself to keep these. If I do, you will see me in these soon. 

When it stops raining. 


Last Note 

  • They can still be found on here and here

Cosy Cardis

Wednesday 12 October 2016

If there's one thing guaranteed, it's that Primark actually knock out one piece of knitwear each winter which I nab and then live in. Chances are you and half of the penny saving female population probably have the odd piece in your wardrobe. And 2016 is no different with me nabbing this one :

Primark Cardigan (in store)
Prettywire Camisole

And this one :

Primark Cardigan (in store)
Isabel Marant Etoile Shirt (old)
Zara Bag (old)

And what you might notice is that the two cardigans are actually the same - just a different colour! Well I liked them so much, I thought I should get them both and then I will never have regrets over the one I never got. For once, I prefer the olivey khaki sludge coloured one over the grey but you know how useful a grey cardigan is so obviously I had to have them both! :)


I did have a quick nosey around to see which other cardigans looked nice out there. Here are three of my favourites.

I hovered over this blush pink one from Next as I do love the colour. It's quite a loose weave but definitely has that lovely slouchy relaxed vibe about it. It's the kind of cardi that you bung on, on Christmas morning over your pretty jim jams to open your presents. #yeahright  However, if you're a bit of a titch like me, the proportions of this one (if you're after this blush shade) might work more in your favour with it being a shorter length.

Now if I hadn't nabbed the grey Primark one, I would have this Mango one in a shot as I love the fact it has pockets. I don't really stick my hands in my cardigans that much incase I overstretch them but I like the fact that it has pockets all the same. I like the dense texture of this one - it's more structured - almost like a jacket. It would probably look good worn like a kimono with a close fitting denim jacket underneath - extra warmth!

And I have to admit, this is a fabulous autumn berry shade. This will be the colour hit you need in your wardrobe if you can't quite go red but you want something along those lines. If you look on the actual site, you will note the texture is almost fleecy - which means it's cosy ... which means it's a winner!

So just three picks, not too many (it's been a long day). There are loads out there - you'll know yours when you see it.

Quick OOTD : 03/10/16 Logan

Monday 3 October 2016

Uniqlo Check Shirt (Old but similar here)
F&F Culottes (Old but similar here)

Did I tell you we now have a dog?

We now have a dog.  #Logan

About Time

Thursday 29 September 2016

I've said before that I don't wear things straight away. It's just the way I am. But today, I must have been in a good mood as the sun was was shining and it wasn't too cold. I felt I should brave a skirt whilst I could still get the bare legs out. And whilst I was flicking through the contents of the wardrobe, I pulled out a sweatshirt which had yet to see the light of day. For the record, I've only had the skirt (one month) and the sweatshirt (3 months). 

Now let me fess up about this sweatshirt. Way back in May when Whistles last had a promotion, I bought a dress. I bought the Lola dress seen here in this post. The dress was lovely but I never reached for it. As the time got nearer and nearer to the end of the returns date, I decided that it just wasn't the kind of thing I would wear as a SAHM. It was just a little too formal for me. So I took it back to store and exchanged it for this sweatshirt. And then hung it up in my wardrobe till now. Because I am like that.

Well with Whistles having another one of their 25% off promotions, it reminded me that I had this little sweatshirt and I really should give it some love. 

Today was it's day! :)

Whistles Hummingbird Sweatshirt (here and here)
Hobbs NW3 Bag (Old)
Zara Leopard Skirt (sold out but put yourself on the mailing list here)
Or this is a nice alternative.


Last Note :

  • Grazia are running a promotion with 25% off currently. WH25AW16 is the code online.
  • Unfortunately, my sweatshirt is now sold out online on the Whistles site though there may be the odd one in store. Sorry, sorry, sorry!
  • If you are after birds on your chest, this one looks rather lovely.

Lovely Dress

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Not a lot else I can say about it. I think it's a lovely dress. If you were to look at it on the website, well I guess you wouldn't really look at it twice. I mean I've glanced at it briefly but it hasn't made me go "whoa there!".

But I was in store and it did catch my eye. It caught my eye because it was floral but it wasn't as frilly as the other infamous H&M dress currently making it's round the the IG stratosphere. It also wasn't as long and there was no high neck for me to contend with. What did I have to lose by trying it on? Errr £24.99.

So into the changing room I popped with it and surprisingly I just fell in love with it. It's flattering (come on, it's black) and it fitted where it needed to. The neck loop fastening at the back was easy enough to do. It fell in all the right places and it hid all the bad stuff I like to eat. It's a winner. Now let me say though, this dress is probably designed for the smaller vertically challenged people out there. Also this is actually a knee length dress but given my height, it hits me as a midi. One of it's plus points is that it falls from below the chest so there is nothing cutting me off at the waist. One of it's minus points is that it has an open back (either wear a fabulous bra or get daring and go without). And I think it's going to go rather well under that squeaky biker jacket of mine seen on the previous post!

It's the perfect dress up, dress down dress!


Last Note :

  • I'm a size UK 10 (chubby 10) and the dress I have on is a 10. It's exactly that - no more, no less. 

Susie So So