Shoe Style Steals

Thursday, 21 April 2016

See pom pom. Try pom pom.

And they were better than I thought they would be because at the end of the day, pompoms (and lots of them at that) on your feet are a little weird (in my eyes). Which leads me on to a style steal post which I haven't done for a while. 

So what have we here?

Do we like a bit of Marant? I love a bit of Marant. And I do love the look of the Marant Jools eyelet sandals but the price of them makes my eyelets water (#sorrynotsorry). So I stumbled across the Victor eyelet sandals instead which are certainly a lot more affordable at a fraction of the price. Full leather and under £30. That's a lot lot lot more affordable!

And pompoms. I saw the pompoms making an appearance last year and thought - not for me. But they are for some people. I can't vouch for the Elina Linardaki sandals and the quality but the Zara ones which are at half the price are very comfortable and very pretty on. I tried them on for a giggle and surprised myself by actually liking them. There goes the moral of you don't know till you try. Or you could get jiggy with a glue gun and a bag of pompoms from Hobbycraft on a pair of old sandals of your own! 

And the Gucci loafers. Oh the Gucci's. Yes I love. No I can't afford. End of. Or is it ...? Well Aquila are doing a rather nice bronze version in a very similar style. I have to admit that I actually prefer the bronze leather to the gold which makes them a little more wearable but for a style steal - I think they're pretty good.

To be honest, they're all pretty good - it just depends on how minted or skinted you are.

Vila VISKYHIGHS Dress .....

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

.... or my name for it which is "Buffet Dress".

I popped a picture of it on IG today and had a few enquiries about it. I guess there's quite a few of you who like a dress with no discernible shape or waistline like me.

I spotted this in January on the ASOS website and was quick to nab it. Just as well as it disappeared from the site not long after. Sold out in a blink of an eye. Every now and then, it makes a fleeting appearance in the odd size and then "Poof" it's gone again. 

What drew me to it - I love the print and colour and the shape. This is going to be such an easy throw it on dress in the summer - it's loose and baggy and covers up the wobbly bits and it's also not so short as to draw comments such as "Not at her age!". But wait, I have to mention the side slits. The side slits are high - almost knicker high if you have short legs like me, so I've put in a couple of stitches to make it more wearable and socially acceptable. If you're tall - it's probably not a problem. #smallpeopleproblems 

Talking of tall people in this dress, this would be fab over a pair of skinnies. It's quite a modern shape and with a pair of block heels like these, this would look fab. I can't do this, there's not enough leg length on my short pins. #smallpeopleproblemsagain

Oh yes, when you receive it, do not recoil in horror and wonder if you did bought the right size. You did and yes it does look like a tent. But get your head round it and you're on to a winner :)


Last Note :

  • For reference, I'm roughly 5ft 1" and wearing a size small hence the fact it comes down past my knee. I'm a UK 10.
  • The navy version which I have is actually a polyester mix and looks like a crepe. It doesn't crumple and has a bit of weight to it which gives the dress a nice "hang". They also do it in black here which is reduced and in the sale and made of viscose. They also do a floral print here again in a different poly mix. 
  • I love that the print looks like the night sky hence it's called "Total Eclipse". 

Quick OOTD : 15/04/16 School Run

Friday, 15 April 2016

Primark Utility Jacket (similar here and here)
APC Sweatshirt
Zara Jeans
Adidas Superstars (here and here)

Just another day on the school run ....

Adidas Superstars (here and here)

 .... but in new kicks :o)

Chopping and Changing

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Zara Jeans, Zara Belt, Zara Tee, Basil the Cat (taking liberties).

I bought a tee from Zara last year. I really loved the print and the colours but I never wore it as I felt that it really did very little for me. It looked fine underneath something but it wasn't good as a standalone item. It chunked me out. And I came across it again today and I tried it on again and the feeling was just the same. Chunky monkey.

And then I stuck a cardigan over it and it looked better. But I didn't like the bunching of the sleeves under the cardigan as they were quite slim. So I decided to take a pair of scissors to the tee and whip off the sleeves. And being a cautious little soul, I decided I'd just hand hem the edges so it wouldn't come apart on the first wash. 

Gap Cotton Vneck Cardi (similar here

I think I did an okay job and at least I will wear it now. #somethingfortheweekend


Saturday, 9 April 2016

I know there was a national shortage for the Zara blue and white embroidered boho jacket last year, helped along enormously by Leandra Medine (Manrepeller). I actually tried it on, was a little unsure as I felt it didn't sit quite right on me and left it. But there were a lot of people who missed out.

For those still hankering after that little blue and white embroidered boho magic number of a jacket,  I can't give you that but I can tell you that Matalan have come up with this little tribute. Not as heavily embroidered or detailed as the original Zara one, a little more lightweight to wear, this is actually not a bad little jacket for the price.

Don't miss out this time!


Last Note : 

  • I'm a size 10 but a size 8 fits me fine in this jacket.

What If I Wore It The First Time

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Prettywire Camisole, Primark Cardigan (instore)

So what if I did wear something like this the first time round. I'm going there again and why not when it's a trend as pretty as this?

I remember spending a lot of time hanging around M&S Lingerie in the nineties checking out their camisoles to pop under a jacket or cardigan for going out. This time round, there's no loitering around frilly knickers to search out the best lacy cami offerings - the shops are doing them as legit top wear.

My cami is from Prettywireshop - I ordered this online and prayed that I ordered the right thing (along with my pink jumper) after a stint with google translate on an accompanying window (my schoolgirl French didn't cut it). The cosy cardi? That's Primark's finest courtesy of the lovely Michelle who sourced one for me after I spotted it on her blog and IG feed. Thank you - mwah!

You guys don't need to pop up a google translate window to order any of these though :

New Look Lace Trim Cami

This one would look fab under a black biker jacket and black denim on an evening. Or a big slouchy grey cardi for daytime with black Converse. A real dress up, dress down piece.

Mango Blonde Lace Panel Top

A slightly less lingerie style cami top. This is a cotton blend and smacks of 99 Flake commercials. Which means it smacks of summer meadows and general prettiness. Worn with faded denim and tan sandals and you're good to go.

New Look Lace Trim Double Strap Top

This one is probably the most similar to mine and there are a few sizes left currently. They also do it in black. What are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

Quick OOTD : 06/04/16 Pleats Please

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Primark Camo Jacket (similar lightweight version here)
Bella Freud x Fred Perry Jumper (this years version here classic version here)
Topshop Grey Pleated Skirt (sold out but love this one)

So it's April. And it's only just about warm enough to get the legs out. Pffft!

A Crisp White Shirt

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Cecilie Copenhagen top (diff colour)(similar colour), H&M Jeans (old)

Generally I like to keep things simple with not too much going on and as a rule it works for me. Above is how I normally wear things. I'm small so once I have too many layers, too many accessories, it all gets a bit busy. But sometimes I think it's good to break the rule even for myself. But I'm not doing going down the accessories route for this one - I'm employing the help of a crisp white shirt.

H&M Shirt (old), Accessorize Necklace (similar)

It certainly seems to bring this particular outfit to life and a little bit of layering is not to be sniffed at with the temperamental UK temperatures we have. And because I'm an honest Sue, I can't take the credit for this. 

Thank you Pinterest.


Last Note :

  • Unfortunately the top is not designed for all and in general seems to be restricted to "one size" in this particular style. I'm a size 10 and it fits very comfortably and should fit up to a size 12 as well. It is to be noted that the armholes are cut high which gives the wearer the neatness and fit across the top they need as the rest of the top is loose. 
  • This would be fantastic also as stylish maternity wear. I wish I had this when I was preggers!
  • Cecilie Copenhagen is currently limited to Browns Fashion, Liberty and Matches. If you can be bothered to go to the extra trouble to order from the actual Cecilie Copenhagen site, there are many more styles to choose from and the currency conversion amounts to the same as buying over here once you have factored in p&p.
  • For anyone struggling and getting annoyed with off the shoulder tops which ping back up - this is the only off the shoulder top which has stayed in place on me. Just saying.

Susie So So