Merry Christmas 2015

Wednesday 23 December 2015

It's time to take a break, but I just wanted to wish you and your families, a very Merry Christmas. Take some time out for yourself, eat that chocolate, watch those Christmas movies and hug your loved ones.

Thank you for stopping past my little space and all the best for the new year!

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Wednesday 16 December 2015

Susie Ho Snowflake Bracelet

I've snuck a few of these new snowflake bracelets on the shop. I spotted the charms today and thought they were very sweet and made myself a bracelet. If anyone needs any last minute presents, do pop past but be quick as I'm closing the shop as of tomorrow night to make sure I can meet all orders before the last Christmas post.  


Quick OOTD : 16/12/15 Skirt

Topshop Coat (old), H&M Jumper, H&M Skirt, Medwind Boots

Having had some success with the pleather leggings over the last year, I thought I'd try a pleather skirt. I shouldn't have eaten all those mince pies though as I had to size up! And it sticks to chairs. You have been warned.

Christmas Looks

Friday 11 December 2015

It's the Mums Christmas do tonight. Woohoo. Got my bottle of non-alcoholic spritzer chilling in the fridge and I'm just about ready except, I can't make my mind up about what to wear?

Do I go for this one?

Anne Brooks Velvet Jacket (similar here)
Uniqlo Silk Shirt
H&M Pleather Leggings (similar here), 
F&F Shoes (similar here)
Vintage Snakeskin Clutch

Nothing like mixing up a few textures here, with a bit of black velvet, silk, pleather, pony hair and snakeskin. Well it is Christmas!

Or ... should I edge it up a little and go with something a little bit shiny shiny? And I get to wear my party shoes!

Hobbs NW3 Cardigan
Uniqlo Silk Shirt
H&M Pleather Leggings (similar here)
Vintage Clutch
Links of London Bracelet (similar here
H&M Bracelet

Or the wild card? A skirt! A gold skirt at that!

Ganni Sweatshirt (Minted version here) (Skinted version here) (Festive version here)
Vintage Clutch, 
ASOS Soulmate shoes, H&M Bracelet

What's a girl to wear? I am actually only at someone's house with a takeaway :o))))

Christmas Decorating : Christmas Canvas Crafty

Thursday 10 December 2015

I made my own Christmas picture up there inspired by these prints :

I bought a canvas. Mine is from Home Bargains (size 50cm x 60cm) and it cost me £1.99.

Paint the canvas if the white is too stark for you. I bought a paint roller and tray from the Pound shop specifically for this purpose and used some left over paint lying around so I had a "coloured" even if it is a mere hint of a colour canvas. Paint away whatever you like but I was quite taken with how simple, effective and timely this particular "Oh Deer" image was. I made it mine by sticking a face on it :)

Interestingly enough, the small boy told me off for spelling "deer" wrong #ohdeer 


The second thing to do with a canvas is make a card holder.

You need the following things to do this.

Again, I painted the canvas as the white was too stark. Then, use some pretty ribbon or twine and fasten this across your canvas. I used drawing pins around the back of the canvas pressed in to the frame and wound the twine around and tied them. Take the string across the font and make sure it's taut. Fasten to the safety pin on the other side.

Continue down the length of the frame in the same manner.

Make a hanging loop for your canvas.

Press a drawing pin in to the top of the door (so you can't see any holes). Hang the frame on the drawing pin. Done.

We'll see how this goes or it will be back to the old drawing pins in the wall again next year! Grrrr.

Christmas Decorating : Tissue Flower Garland

Tuesday 8 December 2015

When tissue pom poms go wrong, we turn them in to flowers. See!

Sometimes things don't go quite to plan. Like when I decided I was going to make tissue pom poms as I wanted to decorate the house with them this Christmas. A bit like this :

So I looked up tissue pom poms on Pinterest. Cast a glance over a few pics, ignored the instructions and then went off to look for my tissue paper, a pair of scissors and some string. And set too.

My first attempt was a tiny scrunched up ball thing. It looked like a little flower rather than a lovely airy fairy tissue pom pom. But I persevered and a couple of pom poms appeared  ...

Proof that I made pom poms!

... and then I decided I wasn't a pom pom girl anyway. But the little screwed up flower thing ... I looked at that again and thought, that has potential. It had the potential to become a little flower garland. So if you'd like to read some instructions on how to make a flower garland - read on. Or if you want to cast a glance over the pics like I would ... glance on!

For each flower, you need 3 sheets of white tissue paper - size 12cm x15cm

Put the three sheets of tissue paper together and making sure the paper is at its widest, make concertina folds (about 1 cm apart) to the end.

Make a fold in the middle

And cut in half so you can make two flowers at a time.

Round off the edges of the paper on all the ends.

Make another fold in the middle.

Cut off a small piece of string and tie around the middle of the paper.

Pull the folds out into a fan shape.

And then separate the layers of tissue carefully.

And you should be left with something like this.

Do the same with the other half of the paper. Fan open and then pull the tissue sheets gently apart.

Faff (it's a technical term) and shape them a little so they look like little flower shapes.

Cut off the excess cord and you should have a little tissue flower. Make as many as you like and then tie them to a piece of string and voila... a flower garland!

Ta dah!

Depending on how long your garland is, you might be there a while. Make sure you have a snack to keep you going.

Add to your Christmas tree, wrap around a curtain rail, dangle around a picture, intertwine between some fairy lights for extra prettiness - your choice :o)

Party On!

Friday 4 December 2015

Got the shoes! Where's the party?

Susie So So