Just B'COS

Thursday 28 August 2014

I like COS and just b'COS they have some lovely things, I thought I'd tell you what is floating my boat in there currently.

Kimono Sleeve Coat

This coat. The deep red is gorgeous and sultry. A lovely muted rather than a slap in your face kind of red which is a little more forgiving on the old winter pasty palettes. Some reds are a bit primary, this is a grown up red. I like the texture and the fabric as well - the marled effect is good - it hides dirt well :o) Do you think it has a touch of Little Red Riding Hood about it? I do. 

Hmm, the cropped sleeves. This will probably put some of you off as cropped sleeves in the winter always seems like a bad idea. They're probably not cropped on me though but full length (yay - no alterations). A true fashionista would happily wear this coat and freeze her wrists off but I'm not a true fashionista. I do however have a pair of long leather gloves so if they were still a little short on me, I could still manage this coat. But would I then look like a true drama queen when I swan in to the school playground with my kinky leather gloves and my divine red coat. Yes? Oh good!

Soft Leather Backpack


And backpacks are still happening aren't they? Most of the ones being mentioned at the moment seem to be black which I don't have a problem with but isn't this grey one rather nice for a a slightly softer take? It would probably go very nice against all those powder blue coats which seem to be the fashion colour for coats this season. It looks more grown up than some of the other offerings out there and I like how very simple it is - there is no hardware on show so it doesn't stress those people out who have to match their hardware on their belts to their jewellery to the buckles on their shoes.

This top is good and I would actually have this as a going out top. To me, that's dressing up. It's also in a polyester crepe which means you are going to look as lovely in this at the end of the evening as you did at the beginning. I like the simple woven shell tops which have been floating around for the last year and this is a nice take on them with a small detail but doesn't detract from the overall simplicity of the styling. (I would however totally ignore the styling on the COS site for the top - I think it's awful and I don't often make a comment like that). I'm  also inclined to go with gold jewellery for more impact like this simple cuff bracelet.


Now this jumper is a little bit different from all the usual grey jumper offerings out there. It looks like a cardigan, but is a jumper and you don't have to mess around with putting all the flaps in to place. And it's a little more sophisticated - a de-grunged Allsaints type of top.

I would say that if I was working and allowed to wear jumpers in the work place, I would probably buy this. And I would actually like to continue the grey theme with something like these charcoal grey wool trousers on the bottom rather than black. Because sometimes black is too obvious and I've never got on with black trousers for some reason. And burgundy suede shoes like these that you can walk in. How very buttoned up and sombre and sexy. But I'm not, so jeans it is for me ... again. Ah well ... I can't complain, I used to dream of the days when I was getting dressed for work and wished it was a mufti day.

It's getting colder and gloomy and I need a bit of colour. Something to remind me of the sunshine that was and besides I did once say here that yellow is my favourite other colour after grey, black, white, beige and navy. Sometimes you need a shot of colour like this peeking out from under your sombre dark winter coat to perk up the soul. The weave on this jumper is nice - a bit of texture without adding bulk which some cable knits can do. And the colour looks a bit sharper and brighter on the website than it does here. It's also a cotton mix - less pilling - hurrah!

And some days, I'm a bit of a prissy missy and this top appeals on that level. I have something similar which I scored in the January sales and I have to say, I've really enjoyed wearing it this summer. It is a little strange though with it being a crisp cotton poplin, you can hear yourself move. It rustles. I would say this was a more autumn colour way than mine and the neckline detailing is different too - more interesting. I will be keeping an eye out for it in the sales. I regard this kind of a top as a nice to have but not urgent. 

So just a few things which took my fancy whilst I was having a browse through the COS site. Everyone is doing Hush and Boden at the moment and you must have seen the same things so many times over so I thought I'd give you a little COS love just b'COS ..... 

..... it deserves it.

I'm Spinning Around ....

Tuesday 26 August 2014

I'm spinning around,
Move out of my way,
I know you're feeling me, cuz  you like it like this
I'm breakin' it down
I'm not the same
I know you're feeling me, cuz you like it like this!

Go on - you know you want to have a bop! Go whack a bit of Kylie on or whatever gets your disco groove on!

I was on the Yoox site and a new shoe drop must have just arrived. I love it when you're there at the right place at the right time and you can pick up some little bargains. I ordered 3 pairs but when the starting price is £18 for one of the pairs of shoes I picked up and there is a further 10% off your order, I figured I could live a little and order 3 pairs. Besides what are the chances of me keeping 3 pairs? Slim! - I'm only keeping 2!

Anyway, want to see what I got?

C Petula Disco Shoes (I named them that)

Teal and copper. What a combination eh? Crazy aren't they? A bit disco? A bit Scissor Sisters? A bit Ladyboys of Bangkok? See how I put them in a very un-disco like setting to give them some level of acceptance and normality? I luuurve them! I know some of you are recoiling in horror and wondering whether the sensible shoe fairy has gone on holiday, well yes it did! It needed a holiday. And the kick ass shoe fairy has come to stay for a while. Okay?

Looking at them, makes me smile. Putting them on, makes me feel tall (well with that heel what did you expect) and there's a little bit of something magical about them which makes you want to get your boogie on and feel alive and a little fun. I'm all for investing in classics and usually go for something a little more "tasteful" (some would insert the word "boring" here) but tasteful and boring doesn't always make me smile and these shoes do. So in my world - that's truly a good thing.

Now, I was just wondering when the hot pants fairy is coming to stay?


Sunday 24 August 2014

Sometimes I get a little bored being a plain Sue and I remember the days when I used to dress up more and put on a necklace in the morning and a pair of heels and go to work. So what do I do when when I get bored? I jump in to the dress up wardrobe and see what I can unearth and do you want to know what I came up with today?

A gold necklace, a sparkly boho bag and a pair of gold espadrilles!

The necklace and bag are from days of old. Things which I still like but don't see the light of day very often but don't get rid of as I think they have their uses. I confess I'm not sure about the bag - it was a £4 impulse buy and it's probably the handles putting me off but I feel a style hack coming on with this. 

The minimalist part of me wants to unpick all the beading but that would be tantamount to stupidity. But never say never.

It may resurface as a clutch - what do you think? Or I could add straps somehow and make it a shoulder bag! And the gold Gaimo espadrilles were an impulse TK Maxx last year which I still love. The squidge factor on the leather is amazing.

And the basics? The navy jumper is a men's Uniqlo cotton linen crew neck from their spring summer range. I bought this in a size XS earlier on in the year and it is on the right side of loose without being overly baggy on me. I tried on some of the womens' knits but didn't get on with them as they tend to make them more fitted around the waist and I don't like anything which clings to the mid section so I started to look in the mens' section instead and bingo - lots of lovely cotton linen knits there to be found. I do have a fondness for cotton/linen knits - I like the slight slubby weave and texture. 

And we have to have jeans. A pair of boyfriend jeans today. I'm wearing the MIH Tomboy jeans. A slightly more fitted boyfriend style jean - a slim skinny should I say and these are in the New Original wash. So those are my two basics.

And when I've finished reminiscing - I go back to this ...

Uniqlo Mens Crew Neck, MIH Tomboy Jeans, Pieces Slides

The plainest combination on earth? It's the kind of look a million women out there pull on day in, day out. The stuff that normality is built on. The stuff that my wardrobe is built on actually.


Last Note :

  • I will get round to sorting out the geraniums. 
  • The MIH Tomboy jeans are available on Matches in the same wash as mine but with limited sizes.  The new season colour seems to be this but more expensive :(
  • The Next Relaxed Skinny are probably the nearest high street equivalent to the MIH's. Donna has done a brilliant review on them here

Sales Dregs

Friday 15 August 2014

I knew I was going to kick myself if I didn't order this little jacket just to check it out. It's technically in the dregs of the Zara sale but I thought it had potential.

And I was right! 

I took a chance and ordered the size small though I'm usually a medium in Zara sizes. I kind of figured that it wasn't too fitted and being short in stature, I needed to keep the proportions small on top and neat on the shoulders or else I start looking a bit Spongebob Squarepants.

F21 t-shirt, Clarks shoes, New Look Jeans, APC bag

And the fabric is lovely. 55% linen. 45% cotton, with a nice texture and weave. Just what you need in a lightish jacket to see you through the last few weeks of summer.

The other perfect thing - it was only £19.99 and for that price, I get a jacket which fits, is comfortable and needs no alterations and it's not every day that happens!

Yes, I know the geraniums need tending to.

Have you had any good sales bargains?

Well It Would Be Rude Not To ....

Tuesday 12 August 2014

.... purchase this little number for this silly price, right? £8. Seriously.

I've been looking at these embroidered peasant tops for the last couple of months and never managed to hit the button on one yet. I've not liked the embroidery on some, some sleeves have been too poofy, some have been too long but I think I might get on with this one. We shall see ...

Oh and let's not forget! Apparently code 2134 gets you 10% off your whole order. Seriously.

Denim Jackets Revisited

Monday 11 August 2014

So following on from this post where I declared I would be getting to grips with a denim jacket this year, I bought two.

First in the bag was a little H&M one. I bought it at full price (£24.99) and then noticed that it was on special offer a week or so later online for around half the price. The sales girl I spoke to in store said the online stuff is a separate operation and they do their own thing hence the different pricing online to in store. Well they shouldn't because it's just plain annoying to find different pricing for the same product in the same shop and to make it only available online which means you then have to wait a month before it lands on your doorstep .... if you can be bothered. Ranty ramblings over.

 H&M denim jacket, Whistles Ailsa dress

Something which I didn't pay much attention to originally when I bought this jacket was the shorter back as I was so busy checking that the distressing was even and not patchy. The back of it is higher than the front which gives it a slightly cropped effect which I personally am not so keen on. The front is the perfect length, the back is not. I think that sometimes when jackets are cropped up the back, they emphasise your bottom - which is good if that is what you want but I spend a good amount of time hiding mine from the world and a cropped back would have served to emphasise the width of mine. Thank you AnnMarie for alerting me to this. But other than that, it was a good fit, colour and price. Drat.

The next jacket? The WIT denim jacket. I had to ring up and down the country for this one as it sold out after being featured on Laura's blog. I originally went to try it on in store in Leeds to be told that the last one had just been sold to to a fellow blogger Claire. Pipped at the post! So I tracked one down to a London store where I spoke to a charming lady where I asked if they had this denim jacket and in a size 8. She replied "oh yes we do - we have just the one left and it's in my hand". And I asked, is it reserved or anything? And she said "yes ... for you!" Now that's what I call a clever saleslady!

Well I have to say, I liked this one too. It has a slightly ombred effect with it being darker near the shoulders and fading down the body but ever so subtly. In some pictures I've seen, the effect looks quite stark but in real life the effect is much more gradual. Again - a lovely fit, a lovely colour but not so nice as a price as the H&M one. And there was no short back which was a huge bonus.

Me trying it on with different things and having a play

And I kept trying them both on and then I also tried on my old original one and do you know what? There wasn't actually that much in it with respect to the fit. I think I was being a little bit harsh on my poor old jacket. So I decided ....

..... to return both the new jackets and stick with the old. After all, I still don't think I really get on with them and if I've managed for 10 years not worrying about them so I think I can do another 10 years with the one I've got. It's a lot cheaper anyway ... polish denim halo!


Last Note :

  • The Jigsaw collarless denim jacket goes in and out of stock so keep checking back if you are interested or alternatively, ring round a few stores. They are super helpful at tracking down items.
  • I bought the Jigsaw jacket in a size 8 rather than a 10 though I am usually a size 10 in clothing. The 8 was a perfect fit across the shoulders and flattering through the body but I couldn't fasten it comfortably. I personally don't have a problem with this as it would have been unlikely for me to wear it fastened anyway and I find that some jackets when bought in the slightly larger size, lose their shape and make me look boxy. Sounds silly but it all makes perfect sense to me. 

A Quick Trip to Anglesey

Monday 4 August 2014

Menai Strait

The only greeting I know in Welsh is "bore da". Which means "good morning". I've asked Welsh friends before what "hello" is in Welsh but there seems to be no definitive answer, just like there is no proper "hello" in Chinese. When people ask me what "hello" is in Chinese", I kind of shrug my shoulders and say "har-lo" in a Chinesey kind of way and they seem happy with that. What they're not happy with is when I say there is no real "hello" - that get's them all in a tizzy and then they need to argue it out with me. Big sigh.

Moving on ....

Our friends arranged for us to go for a surfing lesson in Rhosneigr in Wales. Or should I say, they arranged for the Grumps and Ben to go for a surfing lesson and put me on child watch for George. Not that I was complaining one jot. I can't swim for a start.

So it was a literal jump on the motorway on a Friday afternoon, to make an early dinner booking at Dylans restaurant in Menai Bridge, a popular restaurant with fab food and lovely terrace views. 

Photo Credit : The Grumps

Did you know you can use an empty mussel shell as "pincers" to pinch out mussels from their shells?

Views from the restaurant terrace.

Followed by a little evening walk to watch the world go by. 

The Grumps taking videos to for his little "movie" of our trip.

Me - happy and well fed.

And the next day at Rhosneigre ....


And being unprepared for George's decision that he wanted to go in the sea (I thought I would be sitting in a nice cafe with him enjoying a cup of Earl Grey), I had to kit out the young boy.

Fat face shoes £7. Fat face shorts £14. Bucket & Spade £6. Total cost £27.

Little boy's joy. Priceless :o))


Last Note :

  • Thank you for all the lovely recommendations from everyone who follow me on Instagram and realised I was in Wales heading towards Anglesey. Keep the suggestions coming, I've a few more visits planned that way!

Susie So So