Lumberjack Chic

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Zara Parka (old but similar here)
Uniqlo Plaid Shirt (old but similar here)
Zara Jeans (old)
Sorel Caribou Leather Boots (old but still available here)

Footie season is in full flow and this week, I decided to go for a little bit of lumberjack chic whilst cheering the little one on. The old parka came out, the Sorels came out and I was as snug as a bug in an old parka and a pair of Sorels.

And we won! Hoorah!


I do get quite a few queries about the Sorels and whether they are worth the money and true to size and everything. I did a post on them when I first got them here and I have to say, having had them through a couple of winters - I wouldn't be without. However, they are not the cheapest or the lightest boots on the block so I've had a scout round to see what other options there might be. I have included a few pairs of Sorels in there (I do like the styling) and a good dupe for around £50.

There is 30% off these boots this weekend. These are a great looking alternative to the Sorels I have and considerably lighter. I did have a lovely reader get in touch with me to say that she had tried the Sorels but they weren't for her but the Crocs versions were a surprise hit. And I have to say, I did do a double take when I saw these in a store last year and had to nip in to look at them properly. They are really nice.

These are the nubuck leather version of the ones I have. 

Quite utilitarian in design and reasonably priced. Insulated and waterproof - should do the job nicely.

Because I know there will be a few of you out there who will love the pom pom details and the ivory shade.

Are these not the most fabulous dupe of the Sorel Caribous? And at half the price too.

In anthracite. With tan trims. Class.

The one thing to notice with all these - the front of the toe is well protected in rubber. I've walked through "dewy" fields many a time to find my regular leather boots getting soaked through at the toes, so the rubber protection at the front is a godsend in my eyes. You also need thick soles - protection from the cold cold damp ground!

Witchypoo Shoes

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sezane Breton (past season), Jack Wills Jeans (old), Mango Jacket (old), Office Shoes (old)

It's autumn. Time to bust out the witchy bad boys again. I did think about getting a pair of ghillie Riverdance lace up ones now that the summer sandal period is over but then I remembered I had these buckle ones which I got in the Office sale last year. Now if I remember correctly around about this time last year, I also said I wasn't getting any ghillie lace up shoes because I had these. At least I'm consistent.

Last year, they were a bit rare. I remember some Zara ones, some Hobbs ones and my Office ones. This year they appear to be back which is good for those who like witchypoo shoes with different prices so something to suit everyone.

Office have done another version this time in mock crock and with a zip at the back to make them easier to put on and take off. To be honest, I don't really struggle with mine - I only have to do do up one buckle on each shoe and that is infinitely quicker than lacing up a ghillie number.

Zara have their version too. None leather but a good price for a fashion fix.

Mango had a more streamlined pair late last year which is still available on their outlet. This is a suedette and I believe the lovely Annmarie at Fashionmumof40 has a pair of these. These are a little more refined than the three strap variety which are a little more "hardcore".

And now Topshop are onboard too with their leather version which look almost identical to mine.

So do you fancy getting taking the mick out of for wearing withchy poo shoes or have you gone with the Riverdance ones? Or both even!

Bag Lady

Friday, 18 September 2015

Primark Leopard Print Bucket Bag (in store)

I popped the top pic on Instagram the other day and commented that I wasn't sure it was a keeper or not. The general comments were very favourable and you have to concede that at £9, it was a steal from gold old Primarni. Fact is, I didn't set off out to look for a bag like this, I just thought I'd have a nosey to see if they had any cute little bags which might work with an outfit I had in mind. But I just happened to come across this and it looked interesting. It reminded me of this one actually. But a whole lot cheaper.

And which Mango may have something rather similar to as well and which I prefer actually.

Anyway, I popped the bag across me and looked in the store mirror and thought, not too bad. We'll hang on to that for the time being and slung it over my arm and carried on my way.

Now, did anyone pay attention to the Rebecca Minkoff autumn/winter 2015 collection? Did it pass you by as you were looking at the usual big name suspects instead? It passed me by but then again most of the collections do anyway - I just wait to be told what's coming in by my weekly Grazia and I'm good. And in one of the recent editions, I was led to a Rebecca Minkoff bag with a strap of wonder and serious tassel overkill.

I LOVE IT! (though you can only fit your keys and a bit of loose change and a packet of tissues in).

And then as I dug around to find out more about this wonderful bag, I happened on more fabulous pics from the Rebecca Minkoff show and the one thing I really paid attention to was the straps on the bag. They are FAB.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I spotted this tan number in Primark resplendent with fancy strap and tassels. Excited and happy to the point where I may have danced a little happy dance (but only in my head and not on the shop floor).

Primark Fancy Strap Bag (in store)

And do you know what doubled my excitement and happiness? Finding that they also do it in black.

I think this is what the Chinese dub as "double happiness"

The bags are obviously faux leather but at around £10 they are very well made and the finish is good. The size is erring on generous (for reference, it fits in a regular sized iPad) and it is light and has a magnetic fastening.  With nothing in it, it's almost too light but then again the strap is not a heavy duty one so I would say try not to fit your whole life in the bag and it should do you just fine. My wobble with these two bags is that I love them for the strap but the strap is just a little bit flimsy - it's basically a pretty woven fat ribbon. Regardless, I popped them both over my arm and carried on my way round the bag section.

Around the corner, I came across this little beauty.

Gap Cashmere Jumper (similar here), Jack Wills Jeans (old)

Primark Snakekin Bag (in store)

This one is a real goody. It's well made for the price and well finished. It looks a lot more expensive than it's £7 price tag - just look at the raised ridge detail on the snakeskin flap which just takes it up a notch. It's not the biggest bag on the block but neither was the little white one I also picked up from Primark earlier this year but that one proved to be a useful little bag and added a nice little bit of interest to my mostly monochrome summer outfits. This berry coloured one is going to do the same but for the autumn winter. One thing to bear in mind - the strap is very long. And with no adjustment. What you can do is, from the left, take the strap under the flap and do the same with the strap on the right so they cross each other under the flap. This shortens it to a much better length or if you're tall - you're sorted :o)

Obviously, I popped this over my arm too and at this point, looking rather like a real life bag lady, I went and paid.

So ... what have I concluded, having had all the bags at home now to assess which ones are the real goodies. Well :

The little berry snakeskin number is a no brainer. They also have it in black which I may have to go back for.
The leopard one is not for me as the finish isn't quite there and I really want the Mango one - I prefer the cheetah print but that is dependent on how good it is in real life. I was hugely disappointed with the Sofia Coppola LV lookalike that they did earlier this year when I finally got to see it in real life in store. The finish was very poor. Very poor.
The guitar strap bags. I was going to return them. But I keep trying them with different outfits and they joosh things up a bit. At the time of writing ... they are still with me.

Any take your fancy up there?


Monday, 14 September 2015

The old faithful Office Namesake boots are on.

Office Namesake Boots (old but similar here)

And it's official, I've transitioned. I've gone well and truly over to the dark side.

H&M Jumper, H&M Scarf, Jack Wills Jeans, Office Namesake Boots (all old)

A little whiff of mist in the morning, a couple of degrees drop in temperature and the black stuff comes out. It didn't take much.


I've been asked about whether my Office boots are still available - alas no. Mine were bought in 2012 at the height of the Marant Mania when all bowed to her Dicker boot shrine. Mine are a tribute to those without looking too lookalikey. But this type of boot has gone the distance and each year, similar versions come out all the time. 

I came across these New Look boots though which are very similar in detailing and colour and come with a heel which is slightly lower than mine which makes them even more wearable during the day. 


These Next Boots are also a good dupe for mine with a similar shaped heel and height to my Office boots. Although my Office ones are not overly high, I really don't like to spend a whole day in them as the soles can be quite hard underneath. What I do to overcome this a little is put a fleecy insole in my pair which adds a bit of cushioning and also a bit of warmth in the winter months.

These ones from M&S are more of a stone grey and probably my favourite colour wise. They seem to be popular with everyone else as they seem to be selling out fast online. There's less detailing across the front but I do actually like the simplicity of these and the shape of the toe is not too blunt - a little more elegant. The colour is a lot more neutral and easy to work. Oh yes, they also have "stain away" protection so get jumping in those puddles #justjoking

And I seem to have developed a sudden fondness for my big black scarf. I don't feature scarves a lot on my blog which is quite surprising considering when I worked, I was known for always having something wrapped round my neck. I was a bit of a pashmina queen when pashminas were having their moment. We've moved on since and my black scarf is a cheapy I picked up from the H&M mens section a year or two back. Not expensive but very light and also very long and very big. And very plain.

This is also where I admit to my (now not so) secret Olsen twins scarf addiction hence the big wafty scarf.

To misquote old Will Shakespeare : "Though they be but little, they be fierce ... in the scarf stakes".

I want them all!

Big Cardi

Sunday, 13 September 2015

A : That's going to be MASSIVE on you!
Me : Nooo!  it will be fine.
A : I tell you, it's going to be massive.
Me : Trust me, I think it will be alright.

Thirty seconds later.

Me : What do you think?
A : But it looked huge on the hanger! How come it doesn't look huge on you on! I like it! It's good! Buy it!

 J Crew Tee (similar here), H&M Distressed Jeans (old but similar here)

To be honest. It did look huge on the hanger so A had a point. I saw it earlier in the week and picked up the size small, tried it on and decided the pockets weren't particularly good on that one so I put it back. This time round, there was no size small and only one size medium. The pockets were straight and even, I tried it and it was good. Bought it.

It wasn't all luck you know. I knew that cardigan rang a bell with me - I'd spotted something similar before :

That's Mija Flatau in her Acne Raya cardigan. 

I'm not daft. A cardi with shades of the Acne Raya cardigan about it at a fraction of the price. Done deal. And it's perfect for the school run with blue jeans ....

Primark Cardigan (instore), J Crew Linen Tee (old but similar here), New Look Jeans (old), Converse

or with black. Especially with a bit of Olsen big scarf inspiration.

Primark Cardigan, H&M Mens Scarf (old but similar here), H&M Distressed Jeans similar here, Next Skate Pumps (old but similar here)

My cardi is from Primark and cost me the princely sum of £14. And I'm pretty happy with it. Its quite warm and could double up as a light coat quite easily. I bought myself a chunky grey cardi from there last year and I'm still wearing it this year - it seems to have gone the distance and not ended up as cat bedding which I said it might. So I have high hopes for this. 

So two scores from Primark this season ... a camel coat and a camel cardigan. I wonder what's next?


I spotted these which also look good :

The Hush Nina cardigan seems to be getting the love from a lot of blogs out there and should be supersoft as it has a touch of cashmere in it. Nice for those who want a little touch of luxe in their knitwear :

This Warehouse one is a little cooler toned for those who can't wear the stronger camel shades and is the most similar to the one I have in texture and style. I actually really like the colour on this one ... best described as "oatmeal" to me.

Last but not least, a little easier on the pocket is the one below from good old H&M in a nice mid camel shade.

I thought a camel shade would make a nice change from grey. Go me (mime fist bump)!

Quick OOTD : 11/09/15 Summer Sun

Friday, 11 September 2015

H&M Dress, Van Gogh Museum Tote, Converse

I'm not actually saluting you, you know. It was just a little sunny out there this morning. 

Ahhh ... that's better!

I guess that's what they invented shades for.


Last Note :

The dress was hanging up and I was just about to reach for the jeans and I thought I may not actually get another chance this year to wear the dress bare legged so let's just go with it. And I definitely made the right choice. Comfy, comfy, comfy. #old

Back to School

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Boy Treasure

Ahh it's been a long seven weeks but I've enjoyed the lazy mornings, the lounging in pj's and the no agenda days. But now it's back to school. And to show solidarity and empathy to my boys situation today, I donned my A.P.C. sweatshirt today as I felt it had an appropriately scholarly vibe.

Zara coat (old), APC sweatshirt (old), Zara jeans (old), Converse (old but still available here)

I will miss the precious time we had over the summer my lovely boys .... 

I ....

... smell ....

... FREE ...

... DOM!

but frankly by the seventh week you were both doing my head in! 


Last Note :

I like this one too.

Susie So So