No Christmas Tree but Got a Nice Jumper

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

New Balance Heritage 620s (old but I love these)
Zara Jeans (old)
Toast Bag (old but this St Leonards one is lush)
Aldi British Apple (comes in a pack of 4) :o)

That's a catchy heading isn't it? But sometimes you have days where there are no witty headings to hand so you pop up anything that comes in to your head.

Anyway, can I show you my latest bargain? This lovely mohair funnel neck jumper from Matalan!

Next Teddy Coat (old)

I was in Matalan looking for a hanging branch Christmas tree but alas, there was none on the shop floor. I should have ordered online when I had the chance but no, I thought I'd go and check them out instore so I could find the best made one. I'm picky like that. Because if you order online, you might  just get a really lopsided one but in store I can pick through the batch. Anyway they sold out.  #yousnoozeyoulose

So no tree, but one lovely funnel neck mohair jumper. Happy days.

And I know this has been pinned a gazillion times on Pinterest by a gazillion people but don't you just love it when you find that high street dupe for the grand sum of £18?

I do :)


Last Note :

  • The jumper has a nice weight to it so it hangs well. This is a thickish (but not chunky) knit and holds it shape quite well. Stick a heattech underneath and you'll be real toasty.
  • I bought a size small and I'm a UK 10. I did take a medium in as well but that proved unnecessary.
  • The funnel neck is fab as I don't do roll necks well. Somehow roll necks serve to emphasise my hamster cheeks and bestow extra chins upon me. 
  • So no hanging Christmas tree in Matalan and they seem to be sold out online but I found this one in John Lewis which I have just ordered. And a bargain to boot! I'm not getting caught out a second time!


  1. Lovely, snuggly jumper! I'm all for bargain hunting - love it (yes, I've pinned that too, but it's a great look). I do love that toast bag, really gorgeous.

    Good luck with your Christmas tree branch, you have to grab stuff like that when you see it, but I would have spent ages choosing the nicest one too :).

    1. I hope I like the one that gets delivered. I can't keep ordering and sending them back! If nothing else, I will make sure it works. I have plans for some eucalyptus to go on it for a calm pared back feel. Totally at odds with my world currently!


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