My August Very Picks

Friday 30 August 2019

#AD - Paid Collaboration with VeryUk

It's August. The beginning of the end of lazy hazy summer and the prelude to autumn. I did a few picks for Very with this in mind - easy transitional pieces which will take me through the last few days of summer and in to the cooler days of September. I like to think ahead and I like transitional pieces - I'm not really a summer girl, I like to be covered up generally.

First up, the Flora blouse from Monsoon. 

This is a light airy blouse which is perfect for holidays abroad when you just want a little coverage from the sun without looking too Amish and you just want to pop out in the evenings looking put together but not too much. You know - that relaxed French girl vibe I love so much! The feather embroidery is a sweet touch - I've never been too much for one for stars but feathers - they have a certain charm.

I've also always liked a sleeved top when it's quite hot as I just prefer long sleeves to a ton of suncream for reducing the burn factor. Teamed with a pair of denim shorts, you get all the holiday vibes. However, it will take you happily in to September as a general everyday wear piece with a pair of jeans. You just look like you've tried a bit because the feather detail is just so pretty. And look, it's perfect for a night out too!

Link for blouse - teamed with own accessories.

Next up, I picked my favourite kind of dress. A #buffetdress. Grazia calls them tent dresses but buffet dress is my favoured term and I know that name has been affectionately adopted by many. 

Link for dress here
Link for Converse here

Now this is technically a midi dress if you're 5ft 6. I'm 5ft 1 so it's a maxi on me - no biggie. It just means it works on tall girls and small. The autumnal shades in the print are perfect for now - soft hues which I offset with candy pink Converse. Not quite a perfect match and I like it that way. I don't like too matchy matchy.

The dress comes with a removable slip - I quite often give up on dresses where I have a full on body fight trying to wrestle myself in to the right armhole of a dress with one of these slips which are sewn in to place. It's not funny and it's not clever. However what I did with this dress is use my own slip which is a touch shorter and comes to the knee. And then I get the lovely Princess Di effect when the sun's behind you. I'm just a hussy! 😜

Link for dress here
Link for Converse here

But if you like the full on prim and proper look, you can get that too with this dress, just do up the neck ties and you can come over all ladylike! One of the things I like to do is get to the hairdressers early to read their mags - my hairdresser has good mags - Tatler and Harpers Bazaar. Browsing through, gothic glam is coming through strong this season and this dress with it's black floral print would be perfect for this trend. I'd pair with a black velvet blazer and lace up heeled boots.

Link for dress here

Last picks now. Can I be honest here - I'm not a big leopard fan. I have a dabble but I'm not a fully fledged Bet and nor do I want to be. However, I can do leopard if it doesn't scream leopard in the usual way - like if it's blue leopard spots! 

Link for skirt here.

This Whistles skirt is just such a summery looking skirt worn with a tee or cami top for hot days. I have to say I'm a bit of a sucker for a Whistles skirt, the fabrics chosen for the designs are always just so and they hang beautifully. This one is a wrap skirt - I prefer these because you can always adjust them to fit rather than with a fixed waistband. Just a bit snug - move the buttonhole a fraction. It's not hard but it can make all the difference. 

And did you spot the Birkies? The white Birkies? I had a pair from about four or five years back which are pretty worn in, very tired and not so white so I couldn't resist upgrading to a new pair. I always size down in Birkenstocks. That doesn't mean to say you should - it's just a lot of people do and then again a lot of people don't. My last pair I sized down and this pair I did too. I did try some in my regular size in a store just to make sure that I needed the size down and they were basically like boats. Stylish boats but boats for sure. So I size down. And why white? Because white is always fresh. Black is edgy but I never reach for black footwear, the way I do with white so I wanted something in my shoedrobe that I would wear. Interestingly, these didn't actually take any breaking in which my original ones did. And I have both the Arizona and Madrid styles. The Madrid is pretty and leg lengthening but the Arizona - I like the extra support of that top strap - there's just a little less toe gripping going on.

And come September, stick on that jumper or sweatshirt with it and you have a perfect running around outfit. See!

Link for skirt here

Onwards to September! 

Susie So So