Jumper & Jeans Uniform

Tuesday 31 December 2019

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Oh hi there!

I've said it before, I love a good grey jumper. Or a black one at that. This is good because I now have a loose dress code for work which comprises of black, white and grey upper half and similar coloured bottoms including blue or black jeans. Hallelujah! And a fancy apron from The Stitch Society which has lovely nubuck leather straps (I'm all about the details). I pretty much landed on my feet uniform wise as I'm literally wearing what I normally wear anyway. I'm also a creature of comfort and ease. I don't do tugging up and tugging down and readjusting continuously just to make sure things are just so. No, I like the ease and comfort of a good neutral coloured jumper worn slightly slouchy over a pair of jeans and somehow, this always makes me feel put together. It's not like I don't like colour, I do but I like it in short sharp doses. Once a fortnight I might get the urge to go  all colourful and then for the next thirteen days, I want to don my dark materials yet again. That's me.

My two absolute favourites are just plain grey wool crew neck jumpers. One is a Gap grey cashmere jumper which is worn all year round and is probably on it's fifth year or thereabouts. I sized up to a medium when I bought it and I'm glad I did because I do throw it in the washing machine when it needs a spruce up and I think it has shrunk a touch over the years. Or I've got bigger. Or more likely - a combination of both. The other grey jumper is from COS and joined the wardrobe about two years back. It's a rough wool - almost like a donegal but I found the cut extremely flattering and I like the flecks running through it. Both are the perfect size and shape for fitting under coats and jackets without too much fuss. I constantly browse eBay to see if any of these turn up as I'd like backups for both as they are getting more than their fair share of wear in the jumper stakes now that I've incorporated them in to my uniform.

Me most days.

Grey Topshop Jumper (old)
Gap Girlfriend Jeans (old)
Primark Coat (maybe still in store)

I also have a black cashmere crew neck from M&S. I bought this with one of their twenty percent off family and friends discount codes the other year and I sized up not one but two sizes for the perfect slouchy comfort fit. I do really like a black jumper but I'm so picky about fluff that I have to lint roller them every time before I wear it which is why I favour grey more because you don't see the fluff. 

Anyway the below two jumpers are the most recent additions to my monochrome grey and black jumper brigade. Both are oversized knits from H&M. The pale grey one I've had for a while and have already worn quite a lot but the darker one is fairly new in to store and to me. My main requirement when I buy any jumper is that it looks like I can de-pill it or shave it to bring it back to new. I get that all knits be it pure wool or acrylic will pill to some degree but some are easier to maintain than others. In my experience, a flat stocking stitch are the best candidates for a round with a razor or my electric clothes shaver. And did you spot that the "black" jumper is actually a black marl? See how I got round the fluff situation? Clever eh?


Last Note :

  • On my online travels, I spotted that the latest Grenson Nanettes in the leopard print hair hide have 20% off here.
  • Can I also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has stuck with me and my blog all these years. Thank you for reading - it means a lot.
  • And a Happy 2020 to you all - I'm hoping it will be a good one! 


Saturday 28 December 2019

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New year, new resolutions, new blog. Ta dah!

No, sack that. Well new year isn't till next week and I don't do resolutions and every time I say I will be back here on the blog writing more, it never happens and that's frankly quite annoying don't you think? So we'll work on it being a New Year and we'll take it as it comes. Blog looks a little more spruced up though don't you think?

Anything new happen out there since I last tapped keyboard with you guys? Well I started that little job that I mentioned previously. It's been interesting as I've entered commuting life and that's weird. I used to commute but always by car and now it's by train and I'm learning the joys of trains not arriving on time or cancelling all together. Luckily there are warm waiting rooms and I take a Kindle with me everyday so I do actually have something to do. You'd think that after all these years, I would be tired of Solitaire but no, I'm still there for the daily challenge. Go me.

So I was thinking if there was any point in still writing a blog and the thing is when I started, it was fun and people joined in the banter just like they do on IG but you never felt quite as "judged". You never felt that you had a really rubbish outfit on because there really wasn't a like button on the blog for that kind of thing. You could tap away in blind oblivion and there really is something in that saying that "ignorance is bliss". Now whether people care to admit it or not, if you post on Instagram and your post doesn't get many likes, you feel a bit pants. That's no way to live. So I think for my own mental health and sanity, I should just come back full circle to the blog and tap away happily like a pig in muck about random gumph. It's how I started and I think that's what I should end up going back to. 

Even tapping this little post this morning feels quite cathartic. I'll keep things brief and reasonably shallow - I'm not one of those persons who like to divulge heart, soul, personal stuff and bedroom decor on here. I always think, I've seen your bedroom, that's where you have rumpy pumpy. 😉


Last Note :
  • I nabbed my Grenson Nanettes in the Black Friday sale at Shopatanna but they're back at full price again now. I ummed and ahhed over them for a long time as I couldn't decide between the tan and black and then decided that I could live without them until I saw Nicky in a black pair and fell for them big time. And then with starting work, I thought they may be the perfect stomping boots to get me through the winter commute. I ordered them from Selfridges on the Black Friday weekend in the black to have the order cancelled on me the following day. The very same day, the tan version went in to the Black Friday offers for Shop at Anna. I took it as a sign.
  • I also bought that big bunch of foliage of Eucalyptus, Hypericum and Gypsophila as my Christmas flower bouquet thinking they wouldn't smell much and be nice and neutral and wouldn't conflict with my new Midwinter candle which I treated myself to. I didn't know that Hypericum leaves smelt like curry. 😱

New Gaston Luga Bag. New Adventures.

Tuesday 19 November 2019

[AD : This post contains gifted items]

Normally, I would say no. But I'm about to do something a little different for me. I'm about to start a new little job and that involves a commute ... on public transport. I can't remember when I ever did that, infact I never did because I drove myself to work even for my very first temping job in my early twenties. So I said yes. I said yes to a Gaston Luga backpack when they contacted me because I thought "actually that might be really useful".

Gaston Luga are a Swedish backpack company from Stockholm. They actually had me at the "from Stockholm" introduction as I do love a little Swedish minimalist design. Ironically, I went for the least minimal design which is their Pärlan range and also unexpectedly, I went for a burgundy one instead of traditional black which you would expect me to home in on. A change is always good and as it turns out, the burgundy tone in real life is quite beautiful.

The Pärlan design is a fairly neat size but I didn't want anything which would swamp me either. I studied the website and their Instagram feed before deciding on what felt right for me. They do have larger designs such as the Pråper which comfortably fits up to a 15" laptop but that wasn't necessary for my needs. I have to say, it is beautifully made - the stitching and finishing on the backpack is precise and my hubs first impression when he saw it was "that looks expensive" and then "Do they do any for men?". Answer to that is yes by the way as the majority of the designs are unisex. 

So what can I tell you about the backpack? The "leather" parts are made from a vegan leather and the nylon used seems sturdy but is lightweight and water resistant. Little bonus features include the way it's separated in to two reasonable size compartments, good for keeping purses, phones and keys on one side and all your junk in the other like foldup shopping bags and packets of tissues. I'm not that snotty but it's just one of life's essentials that I think you should have with you. 😊

Oh and one thing which stood out to me, the strap holders. There's two of them basically instead of one which helps keep the straps flush and in place instead of them being loose and getting bent. Little touches like that means some thought has gone into the design.

And last but not least, the cutest little feature has to be the "hidden" back pocket where you can keep things like your passport when you're travelling. Because it's in the back, there's no pickpocketing of your valuables from there, so likewise it's good for people to keep travel or work passes which they want to keep safe yet easily access. My family would like this feature in particular as they are paranoid about pickpockets and have been known to go round Hong Kong with a backpack on their front just to make sure they won't have anyone creeping up and stealing anything from behind.

So yes, as I was saying, I'm starting a little job soon helping my friend Alex at The Little Yorkshire Candle Company, in York which involves a daily commute and I'm going to enjoy using my little Pärlan backpack to bring a little colour to my daily outfits.


Last Note :

  • Currently, Gaston Luga are offering a 25% discount on all their products as part of their Black Friday promotion which also includes a free Ärlig clear travel bag. The discount is automatically applied at checkout so no code is required however this is for a limited time period so if you miss it or you might need a little time to thing things through, you can always use the code SUSIESOSO for 15% off instead.
  • If you see me wandering around in York looking a bit lost - I probably am. I have a rubbish sense of direction.

Blue and Orange - Melanie Wyse London Mohair Jumper

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Gap Girlfriend Jeans
Golden Goose Midstar Trainers
Pieces Leather Bag

Yep. I was all over it. The pink and red jumper from Wyse London. I saw it and loved it immediately. Stripes, cute and in such a funky colourway. Just the right side of slouchy, nice amount of mohair to give it a retro feel. Right, I've pre-ordered it . Now sit back, flex those fingers and wait.

And wait. And wait. And wait. 

Well that's how it felt. And then all of a sudden, the blue and orange version of the jumper popped up but I wasn't fast enough and it sold out. What??? It was like, did I miss something there? Why didn't they have that out at the same time as the pink and red? Pfft! That's because I knew that if I'd seen the blue and orange one before the pink and red, I'd have just ordered the blue and orange. Humph. And then the email came saying the pink and red one had been despatched. And I went online to have another quick nosey at it to remind myself what it looked like and I spotted the blue and orange was  back in stock. I ordered faster than you could say "express delivery".

So two jumpers turned up on the same day. And I liked them both. Gah.

For fun, I showed a picture of them both to the hubs and didn't tell him I'd ordered them. 

Me :  "What do you think?"
Hubs :  "I don't like them".
Me :  "Why?"
Hubs.  "They're too bright .... for you."
Me :  "Oh"

So a day later I showed him some more pics of the jumpers and assured him that they weren't as bright as they appeared on screen. And he raised his eyebrows at me, in that "You're not going to let this drop are you" way. 

So I told him I had them both and was trying to decide. I trotted off upstairs and brought them down. and waft, wafted them under his nose. 

"Nope - not really you". 
"Are you sure". (me being stubborn and annoying like a petulant kid who can't take no for an answer).
"Well try them on, I can't really tell if you just waft them in front of me".

So off I trotted and came back in the blue and orange jumper. And I may have floofed up my hair a bit too.

"Hmm. It looks .... quite nice on you actually. Not as bright as I thought". 

And then I showed him the pink and red.

"It's okay but I prefer the blue and orange on you". 

Which is good as I did too. And I love how if you keep at someone long enough, you can get them to come round to your way of thinking. 😉


Last Note.

  • The jumper does keep selling out online but it seems to come up on pre-order again every now and then.
  • If they did it in a black and tan - that would be my dream colour combo.
  • The blue on this jumper is not as navy as it appears but a more delicious petrol/tealy blue shade which is so hard to capture.
  • I personally don't find it itchy but then again I might have a high itch tolerance. 
  • I'm a size 10 and wearing the size S/M

Breakdown of an Outfit : Blue SIlk Jacket & Checked Scarves

Monday 14 October 2019

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Vintage Silk Jacket (Dad's)
H&M Cashmere Jumper
Pieces Leather Bag
Golden Goose Trainers
Primark Scarf

I haven't put tap tappy fingers to blog properly for quite some time now but lately, I've got the itch. I started writing a post last week but got sidetracked and lost the moment. Today, I felt that it might be nice to have a little witter on here about what I was wearing. Just like I used to. Humour me ....

I was at my mum's house last year and one of the things I found when rummaging around was my dad's old Chinese silk wadded jacket. I swooped on the jacket even though no one was fighting me for it exactly. My mum and my sister also offered me some naff vintage C&A jumpers but I left those behind - you would too if you saw them. There's good vintage and bad. And there's really naff. Anyway, I've been looking on and off on eBay for one of these jackets for years and had even asked my sister in the past to look for one for me in Hong Kong. The thing is, there are lots of modern reproductions of these kind of jackets (Monsoon are good at this) but this one is a vintage silk one. and not the rayon fake silk stuff. And it's lovely because it did belong to my dad and he brought it over from Hong Kong in the sixties/seventies.

Vintage Silk Jacket (my dad's)

Anyway, due to the overwhelming aroma of mothballs (my family are rather partial to these things), I threw it in the wash. Please don't tell my mum and sister I did that as they actually told me not to do that because of the silk wadding which could clump together. But I don't listen and I'm a chancer. And this chancer got away with it just. 

Some thing you may or may not have noted. This jacket belonged to my dad and it fits me and I'm a size 10. My dad was not a big man. I'm not sure if I shrunk it a fraction but I know I didn't shrink it that much. The sleeves are an inch too short but I can live with that because it is actually a really nice warm little jacket with a bit of history.

Now I threw it on today over a cashmere jumper and westernised the look with a checked scarf and some mid top trainers. The checked scarf was one of my best buys from Primark last year for one solitary pound. I know with all the current talk about about fast fashion that Primark is generally frowned upon but I have to say that some of my best buys have been from there. Sometimes they nail it with a few good pieces - you just have to be savvy and conscious when shopping and not pick out the glaringly obvious on trend pieces that you can spot a mile off and decide to offload after a season. This scarf is proving to be one of those good finds.

The Pieces leather bag is a homage to the Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi bag but at a more palatable price and it helped me scratch that very expensive itch. It really is the softest leather and I've had that a couple of years now and I don't seem to be tiring of it - it works for me and my casual style.

And last but not least - the Golden Goose. These are the mid top style trainers. I can't do a full high top style - I have tried with Converse and had the sore ankles to prove it. However, these mid tops are perfect for my short little stumps. GG's have that little hidden wedge which is done ever so subtly and has the benefits of leg lengthening without the surgery.

So it wasn't a major blog post or anything but I forgot how nice it is to come on here to my little space just to have a chunner about something and nothing. I have to say I've missed it. I hope not to leave it too long before I'm back again.


Recreating a similar look ...

September September

Sunday 22 September 2019

#AD - Paid Collaboration with VeryUk

So how are you all? I can't believe we're best part of the way through September already and despite the odd bit of sun, the days are definitely getting shorter and have that distinct autumn edge to them. Time to get the jumpers out of storage! And joining them will be a few new knits which have come along courtesy of Very. 

Starting with this black striped Topshop number. Did you know that Very now stock Topshop? This is a slightly chunky knit and has that slightly oversized fit which I like. There's nothing nautical about it at all despite the stripes - this one is pure French girl. Or a little beatnik if you like to have that sixties vibe instead. The jumper feels almost like a cotton knit in texture and has a nice weight to it.

I've paired it with some faux leather cigarette pants which I knew would be the perfect companion with the knit and besides which leather is definitely having a bit of a moment. I've kept the look quite soft here despite all the black with adding the pink velvet ballerinas. A bit of yin and yang.

I do like a little fashion update to make me feel like I'm still hanging on to my fashion thread and these faux leather pants are going to be great with all the other knits I have waiting their turn. By the way did I mention they have pockets? They have pockets.

Errr .... what's this? Another jumper? But hear me out, it's a grey jumper! It's a wardrobe essential. Like some people swear by a good white tee, the perfect cut jeans, a fabulous trench, I swear by a grey jumper to get me through the winter months. It is the perfect neutral to go under my vast selection of coats for which I make no apology. I have a basic uniform of grey jumper and jeans and then let my coats do the talking as basically that's all people see when you're out and about. So no, I'm not going to pass up the addition of another grey jumper, because they're all different you know! Slim ones, chunky ones, warm ones, cotton ones, wool ones, cashmere ones. Like I said, they're all different!

This one is a soft cosy one and as Jenny (ex Head of Buying for Topshop) said, this is in their best selling yarn which comes out every year in different styles and is super soft and cosy and machine washable to boot. I took my usual size in this (size small) and again it's just how I like it - just loose enough but not swamping me.

And then I fell a little in love with this cute little Kurt Geiger bag. I think it was the jewel encrusted Eagle head which did it for me. And it had to be the white one. It also comes in black which is classic but the white spoke to me this time - it just gave it the edge.

It's just the perfect size for when you don't want to carry much - a phone, a bunch of keys and even fits a few poo bags in when you're walking your friend's new pooch!

And the cooler days require some cosy comfiness. In the form of new slippers! After everything I said about not being big on leopard, I went for some leopard Ugg slippers. My friend has a pair of these and I have always liked them on HIM. Obviously he was wearing a plain brown pair which did not have a smattering of leopard spots on them.

They're kind of clompy looking which I like but they are actually really light and quite substantial which means they're not the cheapest but these are definitely going to last. This is one of those items which you might want to pop on that "Christmas List" or even treat yourself - because you're worth it.

And that little off the shoulder jumper - I admit I have a soft spot for these despite never having owned one till now. They give me all the Jennifer Beale Flashdance vibes - remember that infamous shot with her grey off the shoulder sweatshirt - and who didn't want to be her when they were in their teens. I spent hours watching that audition dance trying to make out the guy who was her sub for the more athletic moves. Turns out he was a member of the Rock Steady Crew dance group and he was only 16 at the time and had to shave and squeeze himself in to a leotard! My brain holds a wealth of useless wonder.

Anyway, this jumper finishes off the last of my jumper pics. It's in a classic black so it's suitable even for an evening out dressed up but I like the idea of this mixed with the faux leather pants and a pair of high/mid tops to bring the look right back down to my level. There are a couple of these off the shoulder jumpers on Very but I chose this one as it's a looser fit.

So I'm definitely sorted on the jumper front this winter and you can safely say I like a jumper or three!

* This is part of my paid collaboration with VeryUk

My August Very Picks

Friday 30 August 2019

#AD - Paid Collaboration with VeryUk

It's August. The beginning of the end of lazy hazy summer and the prelude to autumn. I did a few picks for Very with this in mind - easy transitional pieces which will take me through the last few days of summer and in to the cooler days of September. I like to think ahead and I like transitional pieces - I'm not really a summer girl, I like to be covered up generally.

First up, the Flora blouse from Monsoon. 

This is a light airy blouse which is perfect for holidays abroad when you just want a little coverage from the sun without looking too Amish and you just want to pop out in the evenings looking put together but not too much. You know - that relaxed French girl vibe I love so much! The feather embroidery is a sweet touch - I've never been too much for one for stars but feathers - they have a certain charm.

I've also always liked a sleeved top when it's quite hot as I just prefer long sleeves to a ton of suncream for reducing the burn factor. Teamed with a pair of denim shorts, you get all the holiday vibes. However, it will take you happily in to September as a general everyday wear piece with a pair of jeans. You just look like you've tried a bit because the feather detail is just so pretty. And look, it's perfect for a night out too!

Link for blouse - teamed with own accessories.

Next up, I picked my favourite kind of dress. A #buffetdress. Grazia calls them tent dresses but buffet dress is my favoured term and I know that name has been affectionately adopted by many. 

Link for dress here
Link for Converse here

Now this is technically a midi dress if you're 5ft 6. I'm 5ft 1 so it's a maxi on me - no biggie. It just means it works on tall girls and small. The autumnal shades in the print are perfect for now - soft hues which I offset with candy pink Converse. Not quite a perfect match and I like it that way. I don't like too matchy matchy.

The dress comes with a removable slip - I quite often give up on dresses where I have a full on body fight trying to wrestle myself in to the right armhole of a dress with one of these slips which are sewn in to place. It's not funny and it's not clever. However what I did with this dress is use my own slip which is a touch shorter and comes to the knee. And then I get the lovely Princess Di effect when the sun's behind you. I'm just a hussy! 😜

Link for dress here
Link for Converse here

But if you like the full on prim and proper look, you can get that too with this dress, just do up the neck ties and you can come over all ladylike! One of the things I like to do is get to the hairdressers early to read their mags - my hairdresser has good mags - Tatler and Harpers Bazaar. Browsing through, gothic glam is coming through strong this season and this dress with it's black floral print would be perfect for this trend. I'd pair with a black velvet blazer and lace up heeled boots.

Link for dress here

Last picks now. Can I be honest here - I'm not a big leopard fan. I have a dabble but I'm not a fully fledged Bet and nor do I want to be. However, I can do leopard if it doesn't scream leopard in the usual way - like if it's blue leopard spots! 

Link for skirt here.

This Whistles skirt is just such a summery looking skirt worn with a tee or cami top for hot days. I have to say I'm a bit of a sucker for a Whistles skirt, the fabrics chosen for the designs are always just so and they hang beautifully. This one is a wrap skirt - I prefer these because you can always adjust them to fit rather than with a fixed waistband. Just a bit snug - move the buttonhole a fraction. It's not hard but it can make all the difference. 

And did you spot the Birkies? The white Birkies? I had a pair from about four or five years back which are pretty worn in, very tired and not so white so I couldn't resist upgrading to a new pair. I always size down in Birkenstocks. That doesn't mean to say you should - it's just a lot of people do and then again a lot of people don't. My last pair I sized down and this pair I did too. I did try some in my regular size in a store just to make sure that I needed the size down and they were basically like boats. Stylish boats but boats for sure. So I size down. And why white? Because white is always fresh. Black is edgy but I never reach for black footwear, the way I do with white so I wanted something in my shoedrobe that I would wear. Interestingly, these didn't actually take any breaking in which my original ones did. And I have both the Arizona and Madrid styles. The Madrid is pretty and leg lengthening but the Arizona - I like the extra support of that top strap - there's just a little less toe gripping going on.

And come September, stick on that jumper or sweatshirt with it and you have a perfect running around outfit. See!

Link for skirt here

Onwards to September! 

Friday Five : 14th June 2019

Friday 14 June 2019

Hello, hello. You all okay? I'm okay - got a pesky cough but I'm okay. Friday Five anyone?

Friday Five (1 of 5) Shoe Fever 1

All in store.

Did I ever tell you how much I like shoes? I really like shoes. Really really like shoes. And I haven't been in to Leeds or ventured in to a proper clothes shop for a couple of weeks so I was all like "Ooh that's new, not seen that before, ooh I like that, ooh got to try that!" And that's kind of good with a place like Primark because it's good to go in with fresh eyes and spot any little gems that are a little under the radar. And what did I spot? Those pretty little espadrilles up there. I couldn't decide on the colour so bought both pairs. I'm going to be honest, they don't stay on well on my feet as I seem to flop out of the backs a little even when I've tied them up around the ankles so they may not be keepers! Such a shame but still worth a look because if you have no problems with them - they're beauts! Oh err yeah - I bought the little white cord bag too. Cross body, good size, smacks of summer. Tie a scarf on it to jazz it up, jobs a good un.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Flipz

CoOp, Tesco, Sainsburys, everywhere.

See that innocuous looking snack pack up there? Warning - they're like crack. I was given a free pack of dark chocolate Flipz recently and refused to try them as they smelt too chocolatey. Yes I'm weird like that but if I say, I don't have a very sweet tooth, that might go some way to explaining my adversion. The hubs ate the whole pack and said they're really good - the little bit of salt from the pretzel versus the sweetness of the chocolate is a good match. Pfft, I thought. But I'm nice so I bought him another pack, this time of the milk chocolate version and I tried one ... and he was right. And so I didn't give him the pack and ate them all myself. Then I saw the white fudge ones and I had to try those too. And they're like crack too (never had crack but you get the gist) and now no one in the house is allowed to touch them. Because I'm like that.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Oh Oh

MiH Lyra Dress available here and here 
Spot the tag still on - tried on fresh from the box!

Well the sales have started. And you know how they say, don't buy something if you didn't have your eye on it before and don't buy just because it's reduced? I just bought something in the sales which I never knew existed till I saw it in the sales. Ho hum. I fell for this MiH dress and there just happened to be free delivery with Matches (I fell for every marketing ploy going) and because I wanted one of their fancy boxes, I ordered twice so that I could send one back in a fancy box and keep the right sized one plus said fancy box. Tactics. Tactics. Oh yes and it's a buffet dress - hallelujah! I kept the size small and I'm a size 10. Size XS fit as well but I liked the looser fit of the small. And it's sheer and it doesn't come with a slip but I'm down with that because I love the dress.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Shoe Fever 2

Bobbed in to M&S and did see a few things but I couldn't be bothered to go in a changing room. I did however have to go past the shoes and those are always much easier to try on. These were my faves. The platform putty and snakeskin Autograph platform heels I was immediately drawn to - a gentle nod to the Terry de Havilland heels but a little less extreme. I like a block heel and a small platform - I like the clompyness as they seem to balance out the shape of my legs more. Teamed with a black cashmere rollneck or crew neck, it's an easy going out outfit teamed with a statement bag. The green strappy mules - I love the sharp colour of these. It's the second time I've been back to see these. There may be a third too as they didn't come home with me today purely on the grounds that I didn't have anywhere to go in these. And lastly, those lilac beauties! I'm not one for heels these days but I still like to look and the pretty shade of these drew me in and that curved side detail. The best bit? They're £19. So if you have a wedding or the races or an event, these are not a bad little shoe and they come in a variety of colours too. There was no size 4 in store so I tried the 4.5 and they are a touch gappy at the back so I would say they are true to size.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Everything's Rosy.

Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Oil
Pixi Rose Oil here

Or not. Because I only bought one bottle and this stuff is amazing. I spotted the Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Oil a couple of weeks ago in Aldi as part of their special buys. I kind of guessed it was a dupe of something from the Pixi range but thought nothing else of it and it turned out it was a dupe of the Pixi Rose Oil. I started using it and I'm addicted. It's the only really noticeable thing I've used on my skin in a long time where I can honestly say, I can see a difference. And why not so rosy? It's sold out and selling for double the price on Ebay! I use it mixed in with a moisturiser and it leaves skin incredibly soft.


Well that was nice to drop in for a Friday Five. I really should pull my finger out and get on top of these more often! 

Susie So So