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Thursday 29 September 2016

I've said before that I don't wear things straight away. It's just the way I am. But today, I must have been in a good mood as the sun was was shining and it wasn't too cold. I felt I should brave a skirt whilst I could still get the bare legs out. And whilst I was flicking through the contents of the wardrobe, I pulled out a sweatshirt which had yet to see the light of day. For the record, I've only had the skirt (one month) and the sweatshirt (3 months). 

Now let me fess up about this sweatshirt. Way back in May when Whistles last had a promotion, I bought a dress. I bought the Lola dress seen here in this post. The dress was lovely but I never reached for it. As the time got nearer and nearer to the end of the returns date, I decided that it just wasn't the kind of thing I would wear as a SAHM. It was just a little too formal for me. So I took it back to store and exchanged it for this sweatshirt. And then hung it up in my wardrobe till now. Because I am like that.

Well with Whistles having another one of their 25% off promotions, it reminded me that I had this little sweatshirt and I really should give it some love. 

Today was it's day! :)

Whistles Hummingbird Sweatshirt (here and here)
Hobbs NW3 Bag (Old)
Zara Leopard Skirt (sold out but put yourself on the mailing list here)
Or this is a nice alternative.


Last Note :

  • Grazia are running a promotion with 25% off currently. WH25AW16 is the code online.
  • Unfortunately, my sweatshirt is now sold out online on the Whistles site though there may be the odd one in store. Sorry, sorry, sorry!
  • If you are after birds on your chest, this one looks rather lovely.

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