Dior Nail Glow

Friday, 29 March 2013

I have a new nail polish. So what? I have lots of nail polishes as I have shown in a previous post. But this is the only nail polish that I (and the Grumps) deem good enough to sit on the old finger nails (I never do polish on my hands normally). Polish is wasted on my hands - they are ravaged by too much hand washing (not of an OCD but of a compulsory nature) and I can't do a decent paint job with the left hand anyway.

I came across this polish when I was reading Emily-Jane's Monday's Child's blog just last week and it sounded totally up my street. I like Emily Jane's blog - she does short but sweet posts and she has a pair of the Kooples boots which I wanted so badly. That's how I found her - via the boots. That's how I found Clare at A Life Less Ordinary - via her sandals. I'm weird like that and I really shouldn't be confessing to these weird stalkerish quirks. I just like to see how other people wear things I have or want. 

Anyway, it's a varnish which gives a sheer sweep of colour in the most natural way. Lovely.

I hunted it down at the Dior counter. Tried it on a couple of fingers and went home. I needed to see if it would pass the Grumps test. And what is the Grumps test ? The Grumps test is that he doesn't hate it on sight and he doesn't do the childish retching face. It passed the test and so I bought it whilst there was a 10% off offer on cosmetics at Debenhams.  A saving of £1.80. You do the maths.

And for your delectation - here's what it looks like on three nails starting from the left. The nail on the right has been left unpainted so you can see the difference. 

See - there is a difference!

You could argue that I could have saved myself some money and just put a clear polish on and achieved a similar effect but honestly, it does have a little something about it - it just glows! Hence it's name! It has the slightest pinkish tint and it makes my hands look that little bit nicer and my nails that little bit more finished. They look healthy! See!

Pretty in Pink!

So it's not often that I actually talk about anything remotely beauty like but I like this Dior polish a lot. I'm not saying it's everyone's cup of tea - a bit too pale and uninteresting for a lot of people but for a girl who doesn't wear polish, this is a nice gentle way to ease in to it. And if it starts to chip or anything, no one will really notice. And if I paint it on badly - you won't really be able to tell either. Brilliant.

But now I really must stop admiring my lovely pale rose hued nails and get a life.

Happy Easter everyone.


Last Note :

  • If you google Dior Nail Glow - you will find loads of pictures from people who have done a better job of painting their nails with this polish than me and you will get a better idea of the pink glow. I noticed it also has a touch of the lilac about it when outside in natural daylight. Cool.
  • The Grumps conceded that my nails looked better with the Dior Nail Glow on than without. Yuuusss!  Get in there!

Zara Jacket Three - The White Jacquard Cardi one.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Okay - ding ding - round three. The last Zara jacket in the series is this one :

Not quite what you were expecting was it? I bought this jacket the day after it hit the website.  Probably about two to three weeks ago. I just knew I liked this jacket. Just like I knew I liked all the other jackets but this one is a definite keeper .... I think.

Zara Scarf, Aubin & Wills Jumper, Jack Wills Jeans, H&M Shoes

Rather unassuming isn't it? Easy to pass by without so much as a second look? There's no floral patterns, no biker details, no Marant'ish braid detailing. Nothing that much to tickle you but I love it for all the things it isn't.  I know I said I loved the other ones too but honestly, I love this one ... the most.

So no great shakes here and you must have the measure of me by now and what I like to wear. I'm just going to wear it with a tee and jeans. Because that's the look I like and that's the look I'm comfortable with.

River Island Necklace, Splendid Tee, Dorothy Perkins Belt, Jack Wills Jeans, Zara Sandals

Mixed all my metals here but I don't mind. Hope you don't.

As you can tell, this is not a school run jacket. No no no! This is not a daytime jacket with the kids. No no no! This is a grown up going out in the evening jacket when there are no small people near to touch the divine whiteness.

I've wanted a white/ivory jacket for a while now but this is the first one that fits how I like and is relaxed and comfortable enough for me not to feel too stuffy in it. Oh yes and the sleeves are not tight like the previous two jackets ... and I had to size down. Bonus.

And white goes with everything doesn't it? Just like black goes with everything but a white jacket does feel kind of fresher and more appropriate for the lighter days.

James Perse Tee, New Look Jeans, Krimble Sandals

Why wear 1 bracelet when you can wear 4? All my own designs.

If I had a pound for every time I wore a pair of ripped jeans and the Krimble sandals, I would have myself a nice new Longchamp bag by now!

And just to throw a curveball - how about a dress with the jacket?

H&M Jersey dress, Monsoon Belt, Susie Ho bracelet

I'm just off to a meeting to discuss the latest edition of Vogue!

Sorry that the photos were a little hazy at this point - this was late in the afternoon when the sun (yes sun) was slowly ebbing away as I was frantically trying to get a few last shots for the post. But I'm kind of glad because you won't be able to see too clearly my cheap and cheerful £7 black jersey H&M (not Lang or Wang) dress used soley for the purpose of saying - look you can wear this jacket with a dress! I spent a lot of last summer in this dress. If you lose the jacket and shoes, keep the belt and stick on some flip flops - you are holiday ready.

So I think I'm finally done with Zara jackets for this season and you're probably tired of seeing them too. We had the red floral biker, the blue Marant'ish one and now this white number. 

Do you have a favourite out of the three? Mine is the white one. As if you hadn't guessed.

Trending! Blankets.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

A more weather appropriate post today.

Garance Dore says blankets are trending. Honest - she does! But she does also mention clothes which are inspired by blankets so you don't have to take it so literally and take the blanket off your bed and wrap it around your good self (but you can do if you want - your choice).

Mulling this over in my little head - I thought I have something like this (a little little bit - squint hard and use lots of imagination).

Almost identical (when viewed with a glass of wine in hand)

I saw this on a school mom two years ago and hunted one down and never wore it. And then I dug it out recently to Ebay and saw the Garance video. And do you know what? I'm going to sit on my sofa at night in this and be all snuggly and give George his Ben 10 fleece blanket back ....

----- or then again I might Ebay it :o). I'm not really all that "trending".

Snow, CDG Stripe Tee and Defiance

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snow. I spit on you. PAH! I laugh in your white face and will not acknowledge that you are lurking outside my front door. All four inches of you. I will ignore you and PRETEND that the real March has not been abducted by January and that the buds are budding and the leaves are forming and the daffs have sprung. And in my make believe spring world, I am wearing the following :

CDG Play Tee, H&M Denim Skirt, Gap Trench, Swedish Hasbeens for H&M

(no toes were harmed in the making of this post)
(today I went out in wellies and snow gear because I am not that loony)


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I know, I know. It's rather bright isn't it? It's stonkingly bright actually. Almost Atlantic Pacific bright?

Next Coat (very old)
Boden Must Have Jumper (last year)
Susie Ho Necklace (my design)

This is actually a very old work coat of mine circa 1997/8. Yes - I keep things a long time. I've had this coat longer than the Grumps.

H&M Low (not very) Skinny Jeans
Primark Ivory Sneakers

Actually I didn't store this one and I think I did actually manage to wear it within one month of buying it - see! I've not always been a lost cause. I remember there was a black version of the coat as well in the Next Directory but who wants boring black when you can have brilliant fuchsia? 

Keeping it simple

I have to say, on the first day of wearing the coat - I didn't actually wear it. I carried it in to work. It seemed so bright against the dreariness of the workplace and I thought it looked terribly out of place. The thing that made it all alright? When a colleague walked past and said what a fabulous colour it was. Sometimes you just need a little reassurance to know that you weren't off your rocker when you decided to order a bright pink coat.

Grey silk scarf from China (snaffled from the Grumps)
I persuaded him he needed this and then procured it for my own use.

Right, I'm off to the supermarket - the oldies ain't gonna miss me wearing this number!

Watch out, watch out, there's a bright Sue about!

Getting Lucky in a T by Alexander Wang Blazer

Monday, 18 March 2013

Okay, The Outnet had a flash sale last week. Who bought something then? I'm fairly new to The Outnet and didn't really know what to expect but hey, the savings are good! That's not to say I went mad and bought myself a whole new designer wardrobe or anything but I managed to pick up this T by Alexander Wang blazer for £27.75 down from £185 (sold out now so no link)

Me happy? Nah. Me ecstatic? Yeah!

My new blazer (she proudly announces)

I'd had my eye on it previously - I nearly ordered it when I ordered the Splendid shirt a little while back but I held back and I'm so pleased I did because I now have a nice new blazer for a paupers sum. The sleeves are ridiculously long. I think they were designed with Mr Tickle in mind but hey - nothing that can't be fixed with a pair of scissors and a needle and thread. Failing that, I will shrug them up. In addition, something I didn't expect was that the jacket is actually made in a lovely thick loopback cotton which makes it less prone to creasing. I was expecting something a little thinner and stretchier. Either way, I would have been happy.

Lovely thick densely woven jersey.

I was wearing my Primark snakeskin print jeans when the jacket arrived and surprisingly, it actually works with the jeans. If I hadn't been wearing them, I wouldn't have thought to pair them with the jacket. This is as badass as I get okay? Which is not very badass at all. When I think about this more, it's kind of badass in a White Company way. Like I said, not very badass at all.

Oooh a bit of snake print!

The colour is described as pale grey on the Outnet but I would definitely call it "greige". The perfect blend of grey and beige. Which makes it good for Spring when you want to start wearing lighter colours but not keen to break out in to anything too loud or too bright ... just yet.

And I know most people would shy away from a double breasted jacket because they can "widen" you but this one is cut cleverly to sit like a single breasted jacket which means there isn't any excess fabric flapping around your chest which is a no go for more top heavy ladies. However there is no way I could fasten the buttons on this without looking shrink wrapped but then again I wouldn't fasten this anyway.

Double breasted but in a single breasted kind of way.

And I'm liking the versatility of this jacket. I don't actually have much in the way of blazer style jackets so these are a bit of a new thing for me. I think once I came out of the office workplace, I basically turned my back on anything suit like as I felt they didn't fit in with my SAHM status. I definitely think I've been missing a trick somewhere along the way.

So my initial plays with the jacket yielded the following :

Outfit 1. 

Zara linen tee, Primark necklace, CK snakesking bag/clutch, Gap ankle Boots

I think this is okay for a night out though I'm not overly keen on being so body con in the skinny jeans.I think the whole tight skinny jean thing plus snakeskin print makes me a bit self conscious though the boots do help tone it down. I actually look like I tried. Heaven forbid.

Outfit 2.

Dorothy Perkins Necklace, White Converse, Falmer Chinos

Can you hear the blissful sigh as I changed out of the snakeskin skinnies and in to the chinos? I feel much better in this. Relaxed and easy. And you don't need to just do Converse with this look - Ash wedge sneakers, Superga's, New Balance - take your pick. But look what happens when you change the shoes .... 

Outfit 3.

Only changed the Converse for some Nine West heels.

Swapping out the Converse for a pair of high bronze coloured heels ramps it up a bit and still feels like me. Isn't it surprising what a difference a pair of shoes can make to a whole outfit? Looking at this - do you think this has a touch of the office about it or maybe a relaxed evening out? Well it's good to know I have something to fall back on for inspro when work rears it's ugly head. Oh yes - I also feel really grown up in this look. Eeek.

Outfit 4.

Whistles pumps, Kew scarf.

Aaah. The ladies who lunch outfit. Flat pumps and a smartish scarf. In a pale colourway. Obviously no kids in tow. Just need an expensive handbag and I'm good to go.

That's just a few initial ideas using the blazer and the same white tee (I was too lazy to change) but you can take this jacket whichever way you want. You probably have lots of different ways to wear it to me but it's versatile isn't it? I think this might be a good £27.75 spent. What do you think? Did I get lucky with this little purchase? 

Did anyone else hit the Outnet flash sale and what did you get?

Another Zara Jacket - The Boho Jacquard One This Time

Thursday, 14 March 2013

This jacket came on the website and taunted me with it's loveliness and mocked me by it's unavailability. How dare they put it up for two weeks and torment me by declaring it "coming soon". I checked daily in the evenings to see if the status had changed and the sizes had miraculously appeared. I checked in the mornings too. I checked at lunchtimes and whenever I was passing the laptop. I was starting to get antsy and then just by chance Tracey from AllWornOut declared it was available. Hallelujah! I hit the button and waited for my new love.

The nice delivery man arrived at the backdoor with my box. He doesn't bother with the front door. He knows to come to the back door - he knows it's where I hang out. It's very sad and very telling that he actually knows that about me. It means he has been before (many times). I hold my hand up and announce to all and sundry "My name is Sue and I love online shopping".

I opened the box and pounced on my new jacket ..... and of course I had to have a play. Because we have to know if this is going to work in my wardrobe or not don't we?

Red, white and blue, the boys love you
They take you to a picture show and undress you.
Remember this rhyme?

If I'm honest - I'm not very experimental. I have in my mind that I will wear it with a tee and jeans in the summer. What colour tee is one thing and which pair of jeans is another. But I like to keep it simple and this is my staple uniform - a pair of jeans and a top. I'm not going to accessorise with scarves - it will be summer - it will be warm. I'm not going to wear a necklace - I know I will end up taking it off when it annoys me after the first 5 minutes. And besides this jacket is snug. I have the medium and bearing in mind it only goes to up to a large - you could not get this jacket if you were above a size 12. And one other gripe - will they stop cutting the arms so tight. Okay, I've got fat arms but there is no need to punish me over them.

Which shoes will be another matter. If it ever stops snowing, I might put on the sandals. And if it stops snowing but is cold, I'll put on a pair of ankle boots. And then maybe a scarf. And switch out the tee for a thin jumper. If it stops snowing!!!!

Big difference. Not.

And despite the jacket looking like it's lightly quilted, it is as Zara says, a jacquard fabric actually and woven to look like it's quilted - so lighter and thinner than you would imagine. 

Not quilted at all.

And here's me doing my best Tiffany Wendel impersonation - have you seen this woman's blog? I love it and have quite a big blog crush on this woman. Granted that she is a stylist to celebrities but I like her relaxed take on wearing some rather divine clothes. Not styled in quite the same high maintenance manner of some of the high fashion blogs out there but infinitely more wearable and lots of ideas to take away from it (hence my Golden Goose trainer fixation at the moment).

Doing side shots like this is harder than it looks actually.
Crick in neck is a potential hazard.

And this winds the Grumps up - when I have my fringe too long. I come back from the hairdressers usually looking like I've not had a haircut at all and with my fringe still in my eyes and it drives him potty. He complains he can't see me and I tell him "It's meant to be like that darling! It's fashion!".

Honest guv, it's meant to look like this!
(though admittedly I could do with a 1mm trim)

And I even did my version of the Zara model with the denim chambray shirt and some rather challenging white jeans. 

I'm not a great lover of white jeans on me. I've seen them look amazing on other people but they are a bit scary Mary for a woman who has small people with grubby hands.

See what I mean? 
"Show me the hands child!"

I refuse to do the shirt tucking in bit over white jeans - the less of the white jeans you can see on me, the better, I find. And no one wants to see a big white bottom - white jeans have bottom maximising potential I find. This might be the last time you see them on here this year.

And keeping on the theme of blue and white, I changed to the cornflower blue tee for a more streamlined look.

Change of top - that's as exciting as it gets here!
You've got the wrong blog for exciting.

Honestly, I have to get my head round white jeans because the other thing I also think is "Do my thighs look big in these" in that way that everybody asks "Does my bum look big in this?".

So back to plain old comfortable me and this is probably how I would have channelled it .......

Now you see him!    Now you don't!

He's the White Power Ranger. I'm the Blue One! Incase you hadn't guessed.

..... if I hadn't decided to return it.

Now tell me - did I make a mistake or should I have kept it?

Susie So So