Merry Christmas

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Grumps & George

A very merry Christmas to you all.


Gone Brogue

Sunday, 22 December 2013

How's the Christmas shopping going? Mine hasn't quite gone to plan. It was going really well - I'd made a list, earmarked what I wanted and needed to buy and was blindsided by the naughty Christmas elves throwing nice clothes and shoes at me left, right and centre. However, now that the Christmas fairy dust has settled, I'm taking it all back with the exception of these (I think).

Brogues. Yes really! The ever elusive brogues. The brogues which never seem to suit me or should that be -  never suit me  and are within my budget.

I was in Waitrose the other day and I stopped in my tracks when I saw someone in the most fabulous navy peacoat, almost skinny dark jeans and some tan brogues. The epitome of cool. The epitome of cool is someone who is very confident in their own look and is not stomping up and down in the latest fads but somehow looks impeccable and extremely comfortable and stylish in their own skin. She also had a short pixie crop, librarian glasses on and a fashionable male companion to boot. They looked like they had walked out of an A.P.C. lookbook. This sort of look gets me in a way that so many other OTT looks can't. 

I stalked her up and down the aisles and huffed when I couldn't get a sneaky picture of her (to show you guys) whilst the Grumps merrily threw in all the naughty food stuffs in to the trolley which we don't normally buy at any other time of year (Heston - you have a lot to answer for!).

So I was very happy when I stumbled on these brogues because (1) I wasn't looking for them as I was resigned to the fact that I can't do brogues (2) they were affordable as in not wallet crunching expensive (3) they didn't crucify my legs when I put them on and (4) they were just there waiting for me.

I have ummed and aahed over whether these are keepers as I was thinking I wanted a lighter coloured pair of brogues but I also thought that these might be a good test the waters type pair and more suited to the winter months.  What do you think?

Gap cashmere jumper, H&M coat, H&M scarf (old), H&M jeans (old),

That's my take on what I saw the lady in Waitrose was wearing. But she was taller, skinnier and younger :o( and she had no gold buttons on her peacoat - which reminds me - I did mention previously that I was thinking of changing the buttons on this jacket and this has helped that decision along.

Or what about the addition of a scarf and a change of coat?

Topshop coat (old)

Are the brogues working? This is the closest I've got to a pair since the Russell & Bromley pair I had in my twenties and that was twenty years ago. Infact, taking a peek at Russell & Bromley, I spotted their Jeeves pair which are remarkably similar to the pair I just picked up but considerably dearer.

I must mention that these have a soft crepey sole and heel so you can bounce along in these. Good and bad. Good that you can bounce along like Tigger. Bad because they don' have that satisfying "knock knock" sound which you get with a solid wood heel when it makes contact with the pavement. They do not pinch my toes but they are stiffish leather which is what I imagine a pair of mens brogues to be like anyway, waiting to be gently broken in. And why do I think this particular pair of brogues are possibly working for me than the other twenty pairs I have tried on prior to these? They are a more substantial shoe i.e. not too lightweight. They are tan - I can't seem to do black brogues - a little too heavy looking in my eyes for me. I also can't do the jazz shoe style ones which are just a little too refined for my legs and I need the slight heaviness of this style to balance out my legs. And at £20 approx, I think they are pretty good. Much nicer than the usual cheap brogue offerings I've seen out there like these which are somewhat lacking.

Can you guess where they are from?

They are from Marks and Spencers. Boys section. Currently discounted between £19.60 - £21 on line. Full price at £28-30 which is not really robbing for a pair of solid leather shoes is it? Note - they come up big, I'm wearing a size 3 instead of my usual 4. And they go all the way up to size 7 which actually means a size 8 in this instance. I've got to keep them haven't I? £19.60 for a pair of tan leather brogues? Yeah!


Last Note :

  • I like the odd shoe bargain from the kiddies section. The trick to buying shoes from the kids section is to make sure it doesn't look like it came from the kids section though. The toe area for kids shoes tends to be a little rounder and wider to ensure young tootsies have ample wiggle room so some of the girls ballet pumps for instance are a little bit dud looking and if you can bring yourself to cut off the usually naff bows - do. However, the brogues I've picked out translate quite well for adults as they do not look "childish in their design. Well done me :o)  #smug

No Sweat(shirt) And A Bit of Fashion Maths

Monday, 16 December 2013

I have a grey Gap sweatshirt which I'm actually quite happy with in terms of fit and look. My only gripe is that the inside is not that soft fleecy inner. It's a woven cotton and more a spring/summer weight . Other than that, there's nothing wrong with it and it doesn't need replacing with another.

Gap Sweatshirt

But I still went and ordered the plain grey sweatshirt from the recent Isabel Marant for H&M collaboration. Grey sweatshirts are a wardrobe staple - there is always room for another. I was quite lucky. I didn't waste any time waiting in a queue to buy in store and I didn't waste any time going on line trying to order on the first day of the collection launch when the systems crashed. When I logged on the first day and I came up against the error screen, I merely shrugged my shoulders and thought "C'est la vie, not meant to be" and went on my merry way.

It just so happened I logged on the next day and saw the Isabel Marant tag and clicked on it and lo and behold - lots of stuff still available. So I ordered a few pieces. The sweatshirt being one.

My order took more than two weeks to arrive. Ho hum.

Anyway, I shook it out and guess what? lt had that nice soft fleecy inner that I was talking about :o) 

Gap - woven inner

H&M Marant - fleecy inner

Looks okay on doesn't it?

Isabel Marant for H&M Sweatshirt

And it had little fashion details like the tight cuffs and the shorter body length. However, when I tried it on, something felt wrong. The fit was fine, the sleeves were okay, the fleecy inner was lovely. What was wrong? The v on the sweatshirt was not central. Gah! 

Definitely not central

A little bit off ....

I think this was meant to be an isosceles or even an equilateral triangle. Fact is - it's a scalene triangle. My fashion maths says this is wrong!

You know how these things wind me up. It wasn't extreme but it was enough to niggle me and once you notice something like that, it stays in your head. So it had to go on the returns pile. Shame.

And guess what, by chance I managed to order the red sweatshirt a week or so later - I saw too many pics of people looking nice in theirs so I wanted one. And guess what? Same problem!

This triange looks more isosceles but  is definitely a few cm off centre.

I hope everyone who went and bought one of these sweatshirts had more luck than me especially if they did a smash and grab in store but in the meantime I've had a lot of fun googling pics of people in their sweatshirts to see if their v's are central or not :o) I've not spotted any yet.

Must just have been me who was not destined not to have one.


Last Note :

  • I should apologise for the lack of posts in the last week - Christmas life gets in the way and it's probably going to get worse. Meanwhile, I am on Instagram if you want to know if I am still alive. Follow me here.
  • Err yes - the IM for HM collection happened last month and has been covered to death by every other blogger going. I'm only a month behind but I blame it on the H&M delivery times rather than my my general blogging tardiness.


Friday, 6 December 2013

It's maths week and I was going to help out in Ben's class with their math's treasure hunt and they had asked for volunteers. I turned up ... on the wrong day. Ho hum. I obviously wasn't listening or paying attention when the teacher was talking :o(  But not wanting to waste a resource, the school allocated me to George's class instead. Lots of very small people with glue and glitter in abundance making Christmas decorations. Oh! Had I anticipated some glue sticks and paint action, I would not have worn this.

Uniqlo cashmere cardigan, French Connection dress, Medwind Boots

Cashmere cardigans and sticky fingers - not a match made in heaven I can tell you. When they said "go get some aprons" I thought "phew!" and then realised they meant for the small people and not me :o(  Instead I played a bit of glue hands dodgeball and nearly got stabbed in the process with a pair of safety scissors by the child loitering behind my shoulder. 

Anyway, this was my take on a "teaching assistant" type outfit. I was trying to blend in and I also thought I'd leave the distressed boyfriend jeans at home because I know what my small people are like with things like this. They look at things like distressed jeans and say "Why do you have holes in your jeans?" My usual response is "Because I am poor and I can't afford new jeans - tell daddy to buy mummy some new jeans". George (4) still buys it though lately, Ben has started with the quizzical "I'm not sure I totally believe you" look and I think he knows I'm taking the proverbial P :o)

So that's me in a dress for the first time since the summer and as it has been worn, it gets to stay in my wardrobe another year. It's last outing was for my girls Christmas do seen here. The tights (how exciting!) are 80 denier boot tights from Primark last year and are quite interesting as the foot area is a little more substantial and sock like to make wearing a little bit more pleasant. And who's seen the fur lined tights they've done this year? I bought a pair so I could sneak them on under a pair of jeans when hanging around being a soccer mom because unless you have legs like Bambi, they make your legs look really bad. By the way, they are very "tight" (no pun intended) around the waistband - just letting you know for all those who want to dash out and get a pair because furry lined tights sound awesome right?

Oh and the title "Respect". BIG respect to the teachers - they have so much patience and such fabulous negotiating skills with small people - think of the wars which could have been avoided if the world's  political leaders could have had a day session in nursery school. It's not a job for me as the OCD part comes out to the fore. I started getting stressed by the mess on the table when I was relegated to cutting shapes out of Christmas cards to make "bauble like" decorations. I found an old cereal box  and a minion (small child) who had taken a shine to me and together we sought to make the classroom a better place i.e. I told him to put all the little bits of card he could find on the floor (he was on floor duty) and to put them in the box. 

Cunning eh? 


Last note.

  • I was going to add a link to the grey Uniqlo cashmere cardigan but the one they have this year is a pretty vile grey so I can't recommend. It's a really "flat" colour for some reason. But I found a nice alternative from Woolovers which is very similar in style in cashmere and merino. It's better than mine in that it has pockets and you know how I lurrrve pockets.

  • I had a look on the French Connection site to see what this year's version of my dress looked like and do you know what? This is the year, they've stopped doing this style. They used to throw out this design in a different print from season to season and I can understand why - it's the perfect flattering throw it on dress and nips you in in the right places. However this one caught my eye!

(Anybody want to invite me to a wedding so I can wear this?)

Love, love, love, love! Gosh - wear a dress for a day and it's made me go all soft. Pah!

Black Friday Update

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Gosh - Wednesday already. Time to tell you what I ordered following on from my Black Friday post. And you know something? You guys know me pretty well though I did try to lead you up the garden path a little. The majority of you went with the New Balance and guess what? You're right!

I think these are just what the Clothes Doctor ordered - a little bit of girly colour to cut a swathe through the ocean of masculine greys and blues which dominate my wardrobe. 

I'm also still experimenting with how to wear these and which jeans work best with them. The pic below is me experimenting. These NB's fall in to the "trainers" camp. A whole different shoe game for me. Converse - I classify as sneakers. A different shoe game again but one which I can and am used to playing. I've yet to work out the rules of wearing the NB's ... but I'll get there.

Gap sweatshirt, Zara jeans, New Balance 410s

Oh yes and as to the winner of the competition who guessed I'd ordered the NB's. That will be ..... 


Hannah (who left the helpful comment about the APC sweatshirt) - could you get in touch with me via my email address at the top of the page :o) and we can chat about your prize.

Oh and how did I decide - I wrote the names of everybody who guessed correctly. Wrote a number next to them and asked Ben to shout out a number between x and y. 

I am so technical :o)


Last Note :

Sorry Helen - it wasn't the loafers. You can roll your eyes all you like at my choice :o)

The more it snows ...

Monday, 2 December 2013

The more it 
Snows-tiddely pom,
The more it 
Goes-tiddely pom,
The more it 

And nobody 
Knows-tiddely pom,
How cold my 
Head-tiddely pom,

And the colder it 
Gets-tiddely pom,
Requires a hat 
For my head-tiddely pom,

I've plagiarised poor AA Milnes' poem just so I could show you my pom pom hat ;o)

Om, tiddely om pom - POM POM !

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Forgive me. 

If you're going to wear a hat this winter, apparently it needs a pom pom on it. One of the best I've seen is a handmade one by Emma from Allwornout.  She even provides you with some instructions and tells you where to source your furry pom poms. I however do not wear hats very often and I also have the best Kenny hood ever on my parka so I am making do with my cheap and cheerful grey marl Matalan one. From the mens section of course. 

Because there are days when I might just want to wear a pom pom on my head :o)

Susie So So