Friday Five : 30th April 2021

Friday 30 April 2021


Quick Friday Five. Got to keep my hand in. 

Friday Five (1 of 5) Oysho

I love a little browse round the Oysho website. They do lovely pyjamas (I have a navy pinstripe flannel pair which are lush in the cold months) and I seem to have racked up a few of their dresses too  over time which I hadn't realised till now. I just had a nosey to see what was coming in for spring/summer and they are doing lovely stuff for energetic people who do things like yoga and running (not me) and pretty stuff for people who want to lounge looking all serene and stuff (me). Oh and there's a couple of nice dresses which caught my eye too. And guess what, Oysho are on to the fact that us ladies like our pockets in our dresses! Here's just a few of my favourite picks.

Quite a few picks actually as I got a bit carried away! 

The (1) Cotton Printed Dress is beautiful - lots of fabric in it and the pockets are a joy. The Indian block print is just perfect too. I know, I have it. It sold out once but they've restocked since. It does come up a little long on me (5ft 1'ish) but I'm a dab hand at taking up a hem these days so perfect for taller ladies too. 

I like the (3) smaller gingham check on this blouse which makes it less twee - perfect with a pair of black culottes and jeans or wear as a co-ord with the matching pants. I'm a bit rubbish with co-ords but when done right, they can look amazing on some people.

The (6) mauve co-ord set - imagine it with a golden tan when the sun finally plays ball!

The (13) green satin kaftan is such a beautiful shade. I've noticed that Oysho love their green satin dresses and have brought one out for the last three years in different styles. 

I can't swim and when presented with a swimming pool, I literally just put my toes in so it doesn't warrant a new swimsuit and my bikini days are well and truly over (you do you and I'll do me) but isn't that (9) green swimsuit just da bomb? And that (10) bikini is just too cute. Oh to be young again.

And I did order that pale blue sweatshirt (14) and it is the softest comfiest thing to put on but I didn't keep - it's just not quite the right shade of blue and kind of died on me but I did try hard to make it work but decided to be sensible and return. But if it's your blue - it's a good un.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Flip Flops

I have some little brown Havaiana flip flops. I've had them for years and decided that I wanted to wear them this summer so I got them out and tried them on and thought "They've shrunk!". Well actually, they were always just on the cusp as Havaianas do weird sizing. They do a size 35-36 which is a 3-4 UK size so I compared them to another pair of regular UK size 4 flip flops and the Havaianas definitely are much smaller. So I ordered the next size up 37-38 and they are way bigger. - too big if truth be told. Havaianas - why the weird sizing?

Friday Five (3 of 5) Italian Sausage Ragu

Italian Sausage Ragu (Anna's pic, not mine)

If you're in M&S Foodhall, pick up a couple of pack of their Italian Sausages because they are fab in this easy peasy AnnasFamilyKitchen recipe. It's easy peasy and I'm all about the easy peasy.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Loves Me A Pretty Blouse

It's white'ish, it's pretty. It's got a bit of embroidery, it's light and airy and it's also very me. If you like what you like, you like what you like and I like a pretty white blouse for the summer months. I don't buy much from Zara to be honest but it's a hard habit to break so I still look and then I end up with another pretty blouse. Ho Hum.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Upcycling


The hubs took delivery of a load of Allstars Cricket kit for the local cricket club and was sorting it out when he asked did we have anything we could separate all the different types of balls in to. Why yes indeed - all my handbag bags! There's a reason why I keep everything for years and years! Eventually everything will have a use and purpose!

Checks, Chops and Changes.

Tuesday 27 April 2021


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So I bought this dress in January .....

... with the express intention of turning it into a skirt. There was no way I was wearing it with that cutout back! 

The idea was I was going to chop off the body of the dress and with the spare fabric, fashion myself some pockets and maybe make a few hair scrunchies with what was left. Go me!

So I started making some changes to it in February, made some more changes not long after and took some pictures of the finished item in March with the express intention of blogging the process and guess what - it's now April. End of April even - I took my time doing this one didn't I? Time is not of the essence where I am concerned. 

So if we backtrack to February, I chopped off the top ....

Then I unpicked the part of the waistband where I had cut - removed the excess fabric, reduced the width of the elastic as it was making the waistband pucker and sewed up the waistband again (below pic) by hand. 

Then I decided I couldn't live with the bad check alignment on the back seam so unpicked it all and realigned it and sewed it back up. I figured that I could make a slight adjustment to the hem to accommodate anything that was a bit out of sorts. Before and after pics below.



Then I turned my hand to the pockets. I made a pattern for the pockets and cut them out of the spare fabric I had. 

And sewed them in following this nice and easy Youtube tutorial

And here we are!

Everlane Square Cut Silk Shirt (Old but still available)
Belt (Ebay)
Zara Shoes (Old)

Converse (Ebay)

I think it turned out alright and I like the Toast vibes of the fabric pattern. I also took a little check inspo from these lovely ladies Caroline and Bean with their simple monochromatic looks :

With the exception of the sandals which are the more on trend item but you do sometimes need that little fashion injection in your wardrobes to update existing pieces, the other items should see you from year to year without fail. I have the little basket bag but in a yellow colourway which has come out each summer for the last few years and you can never go wrong with a good simple navy cashmere jumper. I favour navy over grey in the summer as it just feels right when I want something classic and clean. I'll be keeping an eye out for the Toast skirt in the sales (fingers crossed) but to throw a wildcard in the mix .....

..... I love this red check print from Hannoh Wessel! A little different from all the gingham around currently but so sharp. Big love.

Skirt thankfully sold out not that I can afford it.

Anyway, that's my little chop and change story for my skirt. Yes I could probably have bought myself a similar check skirt but consequently, I have now mastered putting pockets in my skirts and dresses  so that's no bad thing!

Quick OOTD : 20/05/21 Too Late

Tuesday 20 April 2021


Primark Shirt (Old) Similar Here
Levis 501
Margaret Howell Tote (Old) Still Available Here
Navy Mary Janes Available Here

I missed the date for returning these little Mary Janes as I dithered so long whether to keep or not.

So it looks like I'm keeping and wearing then.


Last Note :

  • I bought the Drogheria Crivellini ones as well to compare and they were beautiful and came in a lovely little box and everything but my feet didn't suit them as much as the ones I ended up keeping. On the plus side, I saved a few pounds.

Susie So So