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Sunday 22 September 2019

#AD - Paid Collaboration with VeryUk

So how are you all? I can't believe we're best part of the way through September already and despite the odd bit of sun, the days are definitely getting shorter and have that distinct autumn edge to them. Time to get the jumpers out of storage! And joining them will be a few new knits which have come along courtesy of Very. 

Starting with this black striped Topshop number. Did you know that Very now stock Topshop? This is a slightly chunky knit and has that slightly oversized fit which I like. There's nothing nautical about it at all despite the stripes - this one is pure French girl. Or a little beatnik if you like to have that sixties vibe instead. The jumper feels almost like a cotton knit in texture and has a nice weight to it.

I've paired it with some faux leather cigarette pants which I knew would be the perfect companion with the knit and besides which leather is definitely having a bit of a moment. I've kept the look quite soft here despite all the black with adding the pink velvet ballerinas. A bit of yin and yang.

I do like a little fashion update to make me feel like I'm still hanging on to my fashion thread and these faux leather pants are going to be great with all the other knits I have waiting their turn. By the way did I mention they have pockets? They have pockets.

Errr .... what's this? Another jumper? But hear me out, it's a grey jumper! It's a wardrobe essential. Like some people swear by a good white tee, the perfect cut jeans, a fabulous trench, I swear by a grey jumper to get me through the winter months. It is the perfect neutral to go under my vast selection of coats for which I make no apology. I have a basic uniform of grey jumper and jeans and then let my coats do the talking as basically that's all people see when you're out and about. So no, I'm not going to pass up the addition of another grey jumper, because they're all different you know! Slim ones, chunky ones, warm ones, cotton ones, wool ones, cashmere ones. Like I said, they're all different!

This one is a soft cosy one and as Jenny (ex Head of Buying for Topshop) said, this is in their best selling yarn which comes out every year in different styles and is super soft and cosy and machine washable to boot. I took my usual size in this (size small) and again it's just how I like it - just loose enough but not swamping me.

And then I fell a little in love with this cute little Kurt Geiger bag. I think it was the jewel encrusted Eagle head which did it for me. And it had to be the white one. It also comes in black which is classic but the white spoke to me this time - it just gave it the edge.

It's just the perfect size for when you don't want to carry much - a phone, a bunch of keys and even fits a few poo bags in when you're walking your friend's new pooch!

And the cooler days require some cosy comfiness. In the form of new slippers! After everything I said about not being big on leopard, I went for some leopard Ugg slippers. My friend has a pair of these and I have always liked them on HIM. Obviously he was wearing a plain brown pair which did not have a smattering of leopard spots on them.

They're kind of clompy looking which I like but they are actually really light and quite substantial which means they're not the cheapest but these are definitely going to last. This is one of those items which you might want to pop on that "Christmas List" or even treat yourself - because you're worth it.

And that little off the shoulder jumper - I admit I have a soft spot for these despite never having owned one till now. They give me all the Jennifer Beale Flashdance vibes - remember that infamous shot with her grey off the shoulder sweatshirt - and who didn't want to be her when they were in their teens. I spent hours watching that audition dance trying to make out the guy who was her sub for the more athletic moves. Turns out he was a member of the Rock Steady Crew dance group and he was only 16 at the time and had to shave and squeeze himself in to a leotard! My brain holds a wealth of useless wonder.

Anyway, this jumper finishes off the last of my jumper pics. It's in a classic black so it's suitable even for an evening out dressed up but I like the idea of this mixed with the faux leather pants and a pair of high/mid tops to bring the look right back down to my level. There are a couple of these off the shoulder jumpers on Very but I chose this one as it's a looser fit.

So I'm definitely sorted on the jumper front this winter and you can safely say I like a jumper or three!

* This is part of my paid collaboration with VeryUk

Susie So So