Friday 23 October 2015

M&S Altered Coat, H&M Jumper, H&M Pleather Leggings (similar here), Next Skate Pumps (similar here)

Normally I take a while to wear something new. Like a few months and in some cases, it has been known to be a year or so. I like to give myself time to think just incase I should go off something, find there's something wrong with it or find that I actually have no need for it whatsoever and it was a on the spur of the moment purchase. So I surprised myself by pulling the tags off this grey jumper a couple of days after I got it and actually wearing it out.

It's the pale grey version of the natural white H&M one I featured in this post here. I spotted that they did it in a pale grey version too and took it upon myself to bring that home with me so I could "quality check" it at home. The one I have on, passed the test.

So being from H&M, mine's a cheap and cheerful and the 20% off Glamour magazine discount code on top made it that bit sweeter. Now this is one of those jumpers which is actually dah dah dah ... wool free. It's an acrylic cotton mix and very soft. This is great for those people where wool garments prove to be more foe than friend. I don't have any particular allegiance to wool or acrylic - both can be wonderful and both can be terrible. I have had £70 wool jumpers in the past which pilled on me on the first wear. Did I weep. Oh yes.

Anyway, time will tell how this number wears and fares. But for today - it held it's shape well, it's lovely and soft and it's a nice little high street bargain. The neckline is perfect for me who wants the look of something a little higher but without the strangulation factor. 

I'm happy.


The jumper comes in natural white  and dark grey :

And pale grey which is the colour I'm wearing and which is obviously not online as that would be too easy! But there seemed to be plenty in store.

But if you are looking for a luxe looking and feeling jumper in a similar vein, I popped in to Jigsaw today and this one is lovely but there were none in my size to try on  :o(   This is a nice dense knit, very gorgeous and going on my Christmas list!

And it also comes in the most delicious biscuity camel colour too :

I'm actually torn between the two colours!

Quick OOTD : 22/10/15 Red

Thursday 22 October 2015

Maje Guillaume Sweatshirt, Zara Jeans (old), Adidas Stan Smiths, Uniqlo Fleece Jacket (old)

Day 22 of the #mystylephotochallenge on Instagram and the theme is Red. I think I pulled that one off with my framboise red Maje sweatshirt I picked up earlier in the year! :o)

And I got home before the rain.


Last Note :

  • If anyone is interested, I've spotted that the sweatshirt is still available on The Outnet here

Out and About

Saturday 17 October 2015

I actually wore a jacket at the beginning of this week when the weather was still nice'ish and pulled out one of my American Vintage Patherson jackets. It's one of those jackets which when you put it on, you feel good in it. The cut is flattering and the arms are slim cut but don't feel too tight. I'm really quite sold on it so I have no idea why I don't wear it more apart from I seem to go from summer to winter wear basically because I am so nesh.

A friend saw me at the school gates and said "Nice Jacket" and had a feel of it. "It's lovely - is it new?" "Newish" I replied in that I've had it a few months though it was the first time I'd worn it, so I guess that's kind of truthful :o)

And for moseying around shopping, I swapped out the boots for the Next felt skate pumps from last year. They're fleece lined too #bliss

As above but Next Skate Pumps (old) and Mulberry Bag (old)

And I have to say this has been one of my favourite outfits for a while. Shame I left it so late and the weather is too cold now to wear this ongoing. Brrr.


Anyway, this is me having a play in the H&M changing rooms. Only a few pics but I think they had a drop of new stock this week.

This is a brilliant little viscose blouse for the price of £12.99, with a nice embroidered trim. Not too fussy and a simple pop it on style. I'm wearing a size 8 here though I am normally a ten. You can size down in this. 

There were some new jumpers in .... first up is this black and white mix one. I quite liked the feel of this one as it is a cotton mix one which I find usually wash quite well. I'm wearing a size small in this and I think it's on the right side of slouchy. Its not the most exciting of jumpers but it will probably make a good wardrobe staple. It's the kind of jumper I reach for and I'm not precious about. Pop a black shirt underneath and some leather/pleather leggings to jazz it up a bit. Footwear - your choice.

And then there is the mohair mix looking one (£49.99), I didn't check the composition. I bought a very similar jumper last year in grey which had a mock shirt tail attached which sounds strange but looks better than you think. I didn't keep it as I thought it was too long for me. They brought it back out in a black this year but no pic available as the black didn't show up well. Anyway, this grey jumper is very similar except no mock shirt tail and with big dolman type sleeves. 

Mohair Type Jumper (Available in Store)

And I've already had a discussion about this one on Instagram with a few people. This jumper comes in three different colour ways, this natural white colour, pale grey and charcoal grey. All nice in their own way. I just looked online and this natural white colour seems to have just sold out online but the charcoal one is still available! It's very soft and an acrylic cotton mix (a bit cotton wool like in feel and texture). I really liked the neckline on this as it's not tight and therefore doesn't give me a double chin which most rollneck/poloneck jumpers tend to do if they are tight around the neck. 

H&M Polo Neck Jumper (charcoal one here)

One thing to note - check the side seams - one jumper which I picked up was very bad. However, the rest appeared to be okay. Just something to be aware of. 


And last but not least in H&M. I tried a hat. For the heck of it. I was tempted to buy it to park it with the other hats that I don't wear but thought better of it.

Me in my own get up and a pure new wool trilby (£19.99).

So a short and sweet try on. Nothing to break the bank or excite the fashion loins too much but a few little hardworking gems which might be worth a look at. 


Last Note :

This roll neck jumper is a lovely soft cotton rather than an itchy wool. It's worth a look and you can take your pick from navy or pale grey. It fits true to size (size small was perfect on me) and is not too long in the body (no booty cover in this).

I particularly love the way they paired the navy one with grey trousers.


Friday 16 October 2015

H&M Scarf, Uniqlo Breton (old), Jack Wills Jeans (old), Office Shoes (old), Primark Coat (in store)

It was very cold yesterday and I was a total scruffy moo. Today, I smartened up a little because (1) it was warmer and (2) sometimes that's what you have to do even if you don't feel like it and all you want to do is hibernate under a cocoon parka. It just makes you feel better. As does lip gloss ;o)

Petite Bateau in Noir and Avalanche. Black and beige to you and me. Woohoo - Petite Bateau have finally launched a black stripe version of their iconic Breton. I think it's finally time for me to invest!

In teal but the grey which they also have is lush too. Just to lend a little colour into this monochromatic world we seem to live in. Huge and warm and can be used as a shawl too.

Because it's winter and you need a pair of classic black skinny jeans.

It is what it says and I particularly like this clean simple understated design. Falls in line with the minimalist styles I like looking at so much.

Mine's a cheap and cheerful but if I was still working, I would be looking at this coat. It has excellent reviews (I love reading reviews - more shops should have a section for reviews to help the customers) and can so easily be dressed up and down.

I was going to stick a pair of trainers on but thought there isn't much opportunity left to get a pair of shoes like this out now so let's go for it. My witchypoo shoes are from Office from last year but Topshop do a brilliant dupe this year.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Shoe Dupe Dream Land

Thursday 15 October 2015

I couldn't sleep so I made myself a drink and had a browse and let myself get swept away to the Net-A-Porter Land of Dream Shoes.

That Jill Sander pair? Adorable. So very seventies and reminds me of my own little pair of Disco magic here. So very now. So very like these ones from M&S actually :o)

I actually saw the black version in store a few weeks back and tried those on but felt they were a touch heavy looking in the black - but if they had had them in the berry way - I could have been dancing out of the store in them. I love a blocky heel - helps with the whole staying upright and walking around business.

And on the same page, there's a definite party feel with those shoes, especially with the velvet and gold touches. They're all very fun and a little bit decadent aren't they? I think this pair from ASOS is the perfect amalgamation of all them.

And when I came across this page and spotted the Isabel Marant Boots. Apart from drooling ....

.....  I thought they reminded me of a pair I'd seen on my online travels on the Mango site :


Anyway, I've finished my tea. I'm back off to bed. A girl needs her beauty sleep you know!

Nike Roshe One

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Question : How hard can it be trying to find a pair of black trainers?

Answer : Quite hard actually.

My head has been basically doing this for the last few weeks.

Black Gazelles? Black Nike Roshe? Black Gazelles? Black Nike Roshe? Black Gazelles? Black Nike Roshe? x Gazillion.

My brain said old skool - the Gazelles were classic and would go the distance. So I bought a pair and tried them on at home and I decided ... I didn't like them on me. The thing is, I looked at the navy ones before the black ones and in the navy, they do a junior version and I prefer the shape of the toe on the junior version to the womens design. The women's style (here) is narrower and more tapered at the front and doesn't suit my legs (strange but true). The junior version (here) is a little rounder at the toe and just work better on me. It's horses for courses - it's up to you what you like.

So I've gone with the Nike Roshe. They are plain as plain can be. The white soles help lift the whole design a little - all black and it all looks too heavy on me. The shape of the toe is wider than on my old New Balance 410's which I didn't get on with as they were too narrow at the front for me as well.  If my footwear is a touch wider at the front, it helps balance out the carrot legs. And I like the black and white laces - it breaks up the mass of black. Little deets. Little deets.

They are also the lightest footwear around - they're like the Maltesers of the shoe world. Light as a feather and some people might not like them when they first get them as they are also very thin and may seem a little insubstantial. If you prefer something with a little more to it - the Nike Air Max Theas might be the ones for you. Oh and the inside sole is ribbed which feels a little strange but guess what? I stuck my fleecy insoles in and I was sorted. I took them out for the first time today for a 4 hour out and about stint and they were just fine with no breaking in issues.

Anyway, I hope I haven't got this wrong. I know what I'm like with black footwear.

Which are you? Old skool or new school?


Last Note :

The Nike Roshe One used to be known as the Nike Roshe Run. Just incase there's any confusion when you're looking around.

Oh and I thought I'd throw in a little bit of visual encouragement here so you can see why I plumped for these. Just ignore the fact that my legs are a foot shorter than everyone else featured :(


Looking at those pics, I think I'm going to be wearing a lot of black this winter #blackisback

The C Word

Friday 9 October 2015

That will be C for Christmas then :o)

And I really didn't think I would be muttering anything about Christmas till December 1st but hey, it's what hit me when I popped in to Matalan the other week.

Now I actually have a soft spot for Christmas paraphernalia at Matalan. It all punches above it's weight in terms of price. Last year I was spotting baubles in there which wouldn't have looked out of place in Anthropologie but at a third of the price. Only thing ... I was too late for the ones I really wanted. But this year, I'm starting early.

So I bring you Christmas in October. Sorry. But you'll thank me later. And this is nothing about clothes so you can stop reading now if you want. But if you like decorations  .... read on!

The first thing that really grabbed me. Really really grabbed me. The wall stickers. The one below is not online so I can't show you a stock picture of how it would look on a wall but I love the Christmas tree design on this. All kind of scribbly and all kind of Quentin Blake'y. You get two sheets as well so double the fun. This is more than perfect for those persons who have little room space and can't fit a tree in but might have a blank wall which is crying for a little something. I actually have a wall which is perfect for one of these .... so I've bagged a set!

They also do a more traditional styled one which is online :

And these are the ones they do have online currently which are £8:

Oh yes, we also have baubles. Big baubles. They are £3-4 a pop but these are weighty numbers. If you're the kind of person, who likes to buy a new bauble each year to add to the tree, you would do well to look here. I just took a few pics of the ones I saw in store :

But there are plenty more unusual and contemporary ones online which are worth a look :

Fan Bauble Decoration and Geometric Star Decoration

Mosaic Bauble Decoration and Alphabet Hanging decoration

There are more traditional styled ones too but those above are the ones which jump out at me for being a little more unusual.

I know there are a few ladies out there who like a more gentle homely look and the soft greys in this felt garland is pretty : 

And although not strictly Christmas, I was rather drawn to these cushions and the throw. Matalan have definitely gone big on the neutrals and alphabet items this year and I'm loving it.

And anyone like these big letters? I do. Only £3 each. Anyone got a shelf to spell out XMAS on? 

A wander through the gift wrap section yielded these rather cool gift tags, paper bows, washi tape and raffia and twine!

Another item worthy of a mention are the alphabet wine bags.

Now I didn't see these online but I bought something similar a few years back. I love that you can get a 45 pack of these snowflakes for £6. Don't restrict them to the tree - tie them on your presents as an extra finishing touch.

In a similar vein, these are rather different for the tree or tied to a present.

And because I'm a mum, I like the look of these for the little ones. The packaging is rather cool :

And then I was running out of time because I spent too long in the candles section. I found these lovely initialed candle holders and I spent way too long faffing trying to make my name in them but alas, no matching E!

.... but I'm not a quitter.

So Christmas in October - sounds daft but I know there's a few of you who like to start early and if you start early, you can pick up some goodies now before they sell out. Because Christmas is only 77 sleeps away! You have been warned!

Susie So So