Quick OOTD : 29/06/16 Before the Rain Came ....

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Topshop Pleated Skirt (Similar here)
Bella Freud for Sainsburys Tote (£3 now in store).

.... and I had to put a big waterproof jacket on. #rainraingoaway

My Margaret Howell Style Steal

Monday 27 June 2016

I sometimes pop in to the York Outlet and I've probably said before that my favourite shop in there is the Margaret Howell one. I rarely buy anything but I do still like to look - they have lovely things but I think I'm a foot short for a lot of the things. Okay, I don't think, I KNOW I'm a foot short for most of the things. Plus my purse is a lot short too.

There's a lovely lady who works in there (waves at lovely lady incase she's reading) who recognises me from the blog. Always impeccably turned out (all the people are, in the Margaret Howell outlet) and as I was chatting to her, I noted her rather lovely navy cotton shirt which I commented on. You know how these things haunt you? Well cue hankering for a navy cotton shirt.

Long story short, I didn't buy a Margaret Howell navy shirt. I bought a Mango one. The one below to be precise which also happens to be in the sale (woohoo!).

Loose fitting (we don't do skin tight in MH), slightly sheer light cotton and with a small nehru collar. I had high hopes which were not dashed at all. I am delighted.

Thank you for the inspro, nice Margaret Howell outlet lady! I'll have to pluck up the courage to ask you your name one day :)

Mango Shirt, F&F Culottes, Adidas Stan Smith

  • I've already got my F&F stripey trews seen here and they go well with the navy shirt but the Mango ones featured above are also nice and are currently in the sale. That waist detail adds some interest and if you're not adverse to a slim vest top or a white tee, these would look fab tucked in these trousers for a perfectly relaxed summer look.
  • I'm pretty lazy when it comes to footwear so minimal faff and comfort speaks volumes to me. These tan suede espadrille slides look to be exactly all that and the slight platform gives it a 2016 vibe.
  • I couldn't resist picking up this tote when I was in the outlet. I was going to treat myself at Christmas but all manner of things ended up being bought instead but I was delighted to spot it in the store. The hubs paid for it. He doesn't know that yet. He might do now.
  • Denim culottes. I know they can be a bit of a love hate item but I've come to love them. I had to decide between the M&S ones I posted a little while back here in May and the Florence & Fred ones featured above. I eventually opted for the F&F ones because the waist was a fraction lower and they just felt a little lighter to wear. They've practically sold out online but they seem to be available in store still but if you can't get hold of a pair, these Warehouse ones as sported by Bean are lovely and are currently reduced too.
  • Your wardrobe is not complete without a pair of white trainers. The Jigsaw trainers above are as simple and minimal as they come and the leather is soft and supple, however, I've just spotted their new slip on trainers which have come online here and they are pretty major! #hubbahubba

To Loafer or Not to Loafer?

Tuesday 21 June 2016

I'm late. I'm late. I'm late to this Loafer date. But I guess if you're a bit late, what usually ends up happening is a plethora of them end up on the high street and at lower prices than the first set of offerings.

Cue the ASOS Movement leather loafers which I've just spotted. £35. Not bad. Silver or black leather? Silver or black. 

Silver. I'm rubbish with black shoes.

Random Bag Post

Thursday 16 June 2016

Whilst I was in M&S the other day, I spotted the above bag. Nice one M&S. Real suede, useful size, magnetic fastening and a little bit retro in design. I'm also liking the canvas strap. Not as dark as seen on the website but a nice mid shade so not too heavy for summer or going into autumn (I'm wishing the summer away aren't I?). 

That's it. Nice bag :o) 


Last Note :

  • Just realised why I was so drawn to it! It has a whiff of Gucci about it! #ohyes

Monday Musings 13/06/16

Monday 13 June 2016

Monday Musings 1. M&S Beauty Box

I ended up in M&S today with the intention of checking out school uniforms for the boys as they currently have 20% off. I wanted to check the sizing before putting in an online order. And I wanted to see if I could add the school uniforms on to anything else I might want to order to make the value up to £40. You see, you spend £40 and you can purchase the beauty box worth up £120 for £10. Yes - £10!!!! I've never been tempted before but I had a quick nosey at the contents and I was interested in the UltraSun Face Protection cream which would have probably cost me a cool £24 alone so I thought it was worth a punt. But before I got to the uniforms, I saw the above sandals ....

.... and I tried them on and they were lovely and comfy and so it came to be I got my beauty box :)

Monday Musings 2. Stripy Trews

You find the darnedest things in Tesco that you're not looking for sometimes. Like these stripy linen blend trousers. I think these are going to be a joy to wear on hot summer days when you don't want anything clinging to you. I love them! I saw them in store and decided to check if they did a short length in my size. They did! They also do them in medium and long too. But be quick, I think they're starting to sell out quickly like all good things do! And brace yourself for the pyjama jokes. They're inevitable.

Monday Musings 3. Slugs & Snails.

Got my garden cane frames all neat and orderly :)

I'm in gardening mode at the moment. The garden's been a little unloved for the last couple of years and we've just started to put a little effort into making it all come back to life. And we've been plagued by snails. Darned slimy critters. They started a while back having a Pansy fest and now they're currently munching on the Petunias but I could never find them during the day when I was looking through the plants whilst deadheading them (yes I am that suburban and normal). Yesterday, I planted some garden peas (at the boys' request) and climbing beans. And I popped a little pic on IG and I was warned about the snails and what to do. Don't you just love IG? I love the little comments and helpful hints and ideas that come around from everyone. Special shoutout to Becky who turns out to be a bit of a gardening guru! Anyway, Mission Slug Pellets has been deployed now and for anyone who wants to find them .... they like to come out in the evenings for their supper (7pm to 8pm is noshing time). But they don't like salt with their meals (cue evil cackle).

Monday Musings 4. Peonies.


Peony Season has commenced. I snaffled some from mum's garden.

But I've just noticed that they've just started coming in to store at Aldi! Just £3 for a bunch of 5 and lots of pink loveliness to come!

Monday Musings 5. Churros.

Churros with cinnamon sugar. Yum!

I was a Churros virgin till last Saturday. And the verdict? They're delicious!


Last Note :

  • Update at 21:43pm. I'm changing the black sandals for the taupe version in the same colour. I just don't like myself in black footwear that much :o(
  • I actually bought the sandals in a size 4.5 instead of my usual size 4. Both sizes are tagged the same green in store. Which means it's probably better to "size up" :o)

Blue, Blue and a Bit More Blue and a Smidgeon of Grey

Saturday 11 June 2016

H&M Shirt (old but similar here)
H&M Linen Jumper (sold out but similar here)
Primark Culottes (instore but similar here and here)

School sports day the other day. And what a glorious day we had for it. Yes the morning started off a little cloudy hence the jumper in some of the pics but the sun burnt through by the afternoon so the jumper was left languishing in the car. And I'm having a bit of a blue thing going on at the moment - I can't seem to stop wearing it or buying it but I'm glad to say, I did manage to break up the whole look a little with the pale grey flatform sandals. Those sandal things on my feet were something I spotted on the H&M website and was inexplicably drawn to and as they were far from expensive, I ordered them just to check them out. And when I tried them on, I loved them. I did nearly go for these leather espadrille flatforms which are fabulous for the price and I spent a week dithering over the two but at the last minute, the grey ones won as I liked their slightly more modern vibe. They are actually very light and I also thought they were actually too big when I got them but on a hot day like today when your feet are all warm and puffy from the heat, they turned out to be just perfect. 

Anyway, I had a lovely time at the Sports Day. Can you tell? :)

I've got this sports day thing sussed now! :o)

Quick OOTD : 08/06/16 First Wear

Thursday 9 June 2016

Topshop Hercules Sandals (sold out but similar here)

The sun's gone in but it's still warm out there. And the Zara dress is getting it's first outing. Woohoo. 

That's it.


Last Note :

  • I'm wearing a medium in this dress and I'm a size 10. It's loose but it's meant to be.
  • For people taller than me and interested in the dress, it's 96cm long approx. Measurement taken from the back of the collar to the hem.
  • After a day's wear, I can report that it wears well and doesn't crease much. That picture was taken after 5 hours wear.
  • I'm all over dresses at the moment - this one is nice too :

Birthday Suit

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Cecilie Copenhagen V Top & Shorts

I ordered the Cecilie Copenhagen top and matching shorts way back in February in time for my birthday in March. So this is me in my birthday suit ;)

I've tried with so many jumpsuits and playsuits over the last few years and basically I've had no joy. The trials and tribulations of being a titch. I usually end up with some weird overhang around the middle where the body part is too long or alternatively, I get some kind of strange drop crotch thing. Either way, it's not good. However, I kind of worked around the problem by buying myself a set of co-ords to make it look a little like I'm wearing a one piece. And guess what? This is so much easier when the call of nature comes a calling. 

Cecilie Copenhagen V Top & Shorts, Primark Bag, Park Lane Sandals

Anyway, Cecilie Copenhagen have just launched a new range and the UK stockists have released their latest batch of offerings. I don't think it will be long before they're gone!


Last Note :

  • Or if you're canny, you could go for this one which is a fraction of the price which the delightful Chloe alerted me to a little while back. Only limited sizes left so go go go!

Susie So So