Monday Musings : 15th October 2018

Monday 15 October 2018

Just can't seem to get my act together on a Friday for a Friday Five. To be honest, I just can't seem to get my act together most days. So Monday Musings it is then. Again.

Monday Musings (1 of 5) Black and Blue

H&M Long Crepe Dress (keeps selling out)*

H&M Patterned Maxi Dress (keeps selling out)*
Black or blue????

I bought that blue William Morris H&M flouncy dress a couple of weeks back. I said that I would buy it and then decide - it's what I normally do. And then guess what? They brought out the same style of dress but in a black print. Black is really more my bag so I had to order it to compare. Now I can't decide. What's a girl to do? Black or blue, black or blue? Or neither?

Monday Musings (2 of 5) Chop Chop

Revelation! Use scissors to chop the pesky bits!

Or rather cut cut. I used to strip off all the rosemary needles off the stalks and then try chopping them with a knife with varying degress of success. This week, I did something different. I didn't strip the leaves off but bunched them together a bit and cut them instead. Game changer! 

Monday Musings (3 of 5) Basics

Primark Chenille Jumper
Zara Jeans

Errrm. Hands up if you do fashion seven days of the week. I do fashion maybe three days at a push. The rest of the days when I am at home, my go to is an old burgundy fleecy scruffy sweatshirt with jeans or this navy blue chenille jumper which I picked up in Primark recently. I picked up this jumper because it fitted my criteria of a basic plain jumper, in a colour I like, which washes well, doesn't fade, doesn't pill, keeps me warm and doesn't make me look like a scabby cat on a bad day when I'm dressed for comfort. The burgundy fleecy one makes me look a scabby cat on a bad day.

You don't want to look at this sweatshirt close up.

Monday Musings (4 of 5) Old Skool

Eldest sent me a text to say I hadn't topped up his account at school so he could buy his lunch. Now I'm scared half to death that the next generation will be writing exam essays using text speak and failing! Not Gr8!

Monday Musings (5 of 5) Cold

Melissa, Joanna and Me!

It's jumper weather. Has anyone put the heating on yet?


Last Note :

  • The H&M dresses keep selling out but I've left the link there as you can always save the item in your Favourites section on the H&M website to easily check if they are back in stock.
  • Love that my son thinks I "roasted" him with my response. 

Susie So So