Blue and Orange - Melanie Wyse London Mohair Jumper

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Gap Girlfriend Jeans
Golden Goose Midstar Trainers
Pieces Leather Bag

Yep. I was all over it. The pink and red jumper from Wyse London. I saw it and loved it immediately. Stripes, cute and in such a funky colourway. Just the right side of slouchy, nice amount of mohair to give it a retro feel. Right, I've pre-ordered it . Now sit back, flex those fingers and wait.

And wait. And wait. And wait. 

Well that's how it felt. And then all of a sudden, the blue and orange version of the jumper popped up but I wasn't fast enough and it sold out. What??? It was like, did I miss something there? Why didn't they have that out at the same time as the pink and red? Pfft! That's because I knew that if I'd seen the blue and orange one before the pink and red, I'd have just ordered the blue and orange. Humph. And then the email came saying the pink and red one had been despatched. And I went online to have another quick nosey at it to remind myself what it looked like and I spotted the blue and orange was  back in stock. I ordered faster than you could say "express delivery".

So two jumpers turned up on the same day. And I liked them both. Gah.

For fun, I showed a picture of them both to the hubs and didn't tell him I'd ordered them. 

Me :  "What do you think?"
Hubs :  "I don't like them".
Me :  "Why?"
Hubs.  "They're too bright .... for you."
Me :  "Oh"

So a day later I showed him some more pics of the jumpers and assured him that they weren't as bright as they appeared on screen. And he raised his eyebrows at me, in that "You're not going to let this drop are you" way. 

So I told him I had them both and was trying to decide. I trotted off upstairs and brought them down. and waft, wafted them under his nose. 

"Nope - not really you". 
"Are you sure". (me being stubborn and annoying like a petulant kid who can't take no for an answer).
"Well try them on, I can't really tell if you just waft them in front of me".

So off I trotted and came back in the blue and orange jumper. And I may have floofed up my hair a bit too.

"Hmm. It looks .... quite nice on you actually. Not as bright as I thought". 

And then I showed him the pink and red.

"It's okay but I prefer the blue and orange on you". 

Which is good as I did too. And I love how if you keep at someone long enough, you can get them to come round to your way of thinking. 😉


Last Note.

  • The jumper does keep selling out online but it seems to come up on pre-order again every now and then.
  • If they did it in a black and tan - that would be my dream colour combo.
  • The blue on this jumper is not as navy as it appears but a more delicious petrol/tealy blue shade which is so hard to capture.
  • I personally don't find it itchy but then again I might have a high itch tolerance. 
  • I'm a size 10 and wearing the size S/M

Breakdown of an Outfit : Blue SIlk Jacket & Checked Scarves

Monday 14 October 2019

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Vintage Silk Jacket (Dad's)
H&M Cashmere Jumper
Pieces Leather Bag
Golden Goose Trainers
Primark Scarf

I haven't put tap tappy fingers to blog properly for quite some time now but lately, I've got the itch. I started writing a post last week but got sidetracked and lost the moment. Today, I felt that it might be nice to have a little witter on here about what I was wearing. Just like I used to. Humour me ....

I was at my mum's house last year and one of the things I found when rummaging around was my dad's old Chinese silk wadded jacket. I swooped on the jacket even though no one was fighting me for it exactly. My mum and my sister also offered me some naff vintage C&A jumpers but I left those behind - you would too if you saw them. There's good vintage and bad. And there's really naff. Anyway, I've been looking on and off on eBay for one of these jackets for years and had even asked my sister in the past to look for one for me in Hong Kong. The thing is, there are lots of modern reproductions of these kind of jackets (Monsoon are good at this) but this one is a vintage silk one. and not the rayon fake silk stuff. And it's lovely because it did belong to my dad and he brought it over from Hong Kong in the sixties/seventies.

Vintage Silk Jacket (my dad's)

Anyway, due to the overwhelming aroma of mothballs (my family are rather partial to these things), I threw it in the wash. Please don't tell my mum and sister I did that as they actually told me not to do that because of the silk wadding which could clump together. But I don't listen and I'm a chancer. And this chancer got away with it just. 

Some thing you may or may not have noted. This jacket belonged to my dad and it fits me and I'm a size 10. My dad was not a big man. I'm not sure if I shrunk it a fraction but I know I didn't shrink it that much. The sleeves are an inch too short but I can live with that because it is actually a really nice warm little jacket with a bit of history.

Now I threw it on today over a cashmere jumper and westernised the look with a checked scarf and some mid top trainers. The checked scarf was one of my best buys from Primark last year for one solitary pound. I know with all the current talk about about fast fashion that Primark is generally frowned upon but I have to say that some of my best buys have been from there. Sometimes they nail it with a few good pieces - you just have to be savvy and conscious when shopping and not pick out the glaringly obvious on trend pieces that you can spot a mile off and decide to offload after a season. This scarf is proving to be one of those good finds.

The Pieces leather bag is a homage to the Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi bag but at a more palatable price and it helped me scratch that very expensive itch. It really is the softest leather and I've had that a couple of years now and I don't seem to be tiring of it - it works for me and my casual style.

And last but not least - the Golden Goose. These are the mid top style trainers. I can't do a full high top style - I have tried with Converse and had the sore ankles to prove it. However, these mid tops are perfect for my short little stumps. GG's have that little hidden wedge which is done ever so subtly and has the benefits of leg lengthening without the surgery.

So it wasn't a major blog post or anything but I forgot how nice it is to come on here to my little space just to have a chunner about something and nothing. I have to say I've missed it. I hope not to leave it too long before I'm back again.


Recreating a similar look ...

Susie So So