Saturday 30 January 2016

It's funny how it all comes back to you even though it's been a good thirty years since I last picked up a pair of knitting needles. It's like riding a bike - you don't forget.

And what started me back on this? Well basically I'm going away for a few days with some friends and we're staying somewhere where there's practically no wifi. My friend said she was going to take some knitting with her and I thought I'll take some books to read, but then I thought, knitting sounds like more fun. I want to play!

So I picked myself up a big ball of chunky wool in the brightest cheery pink I could find from a little local shop and pair of knitting needles (after being guided as to the size) and set to with a little help from a couple of video tutorials from Wool and the Gang. 

And it all came flooding back. 

So currently, I'm just playing with my ball of pink wool and maybe it might turn in to something and then again, it might not. But basically it's just the starting point and it should eventually lead to this ...

I've ordered my Wool & The Gang Whistler scarf kit whilst their January sale is on to take on my mini break but hurry hurry if you want to do this ... it ends tomorrow at midnight!


Last Note :
  • It's very therapeutic and it's nice to be doing something other than flicking through Instagram.
  • Refresher videos are here.
  • Get an extra 15% off your order with code CRAZYJANSALE 


Wednesday 27 January 2016

M&S Cardigan (instore), Zara Jeans, Primark Bag

No fancy titles there. Yes, I'm talking about cardigans and yes that's a pink one I'm wearing up there. I'm not done on the pink thing yet! I have to bust this pink thing right out of the water, even if it's in form of a cardigan. To be honest, I don't mind a cardigan. Infact I quite like a cardigan worn as a jumper. It's how I used to wear them in my twenties. I didn't really wear v-neck jumpers then but I did wear cardigans buttoned up like this with a camisole underneath (it was the nineties). Makes them a little "sexier".

Now I'd love to give you a link to the cardigan I'm wearing but I can't. It's one of those that you find on the clearance rail at M&S now they've reached the tail end of their sale and basically there are no returns on it. It's a 100% merino wool cardigan that I bagged for £10. I think that's what they call a bargain. And it's a size 14 but I think it works. 

But because I feel a bit mean, can I show you a couple of other little cardigan bargains I spotted ... you'd be silly to miss these. This is a Bella Freud ... for £104. That's a bargain in Bella world. A lovely vibrant pink for those who can't do the blue toned pinks that I suit more.

Colour a bit scary? How about a couple of 100% cashmere cardigans in most people's favourite neutral shades of navy and grey. For £40. This will be a proper boyfriend fit because they are from the men's section of Uniqlo. 

And just incase the neckline is a bit low for you, let's hark back to the nineties and add one of these :

Don't say I'm not good to you.


Last Note :

  • This is a classic "shoot the stylist" moment. Apologies for the quality of the pic but it's the only one I can find on the internet which is of my cardigan. I may have to remove it from the blog shortly. It hurts my eyes.

Pretty Shoes

Tuesday 26 January 2016

If you can't do the ghillie shoes or the witchypoo shoes, have fat feet and can't walk in heels, these are the shoes for you. They're a little gem from M&S - who would have guessed? They come in this lovely nude mink colour, are a nice suede (not that rough as a doormat type), have Insolia Flex technology and Stainaway protection. 

What more do you want from a shoe?

What you want them in black? Well your wish is my command. Available (here)

Quick OOTD : 25/01/16 Big Cardi Jacket Thing

Monday 25 January 2016

Office Boots (old) Similar here with good reviews

A big cardi jacket thing found in the Zara sale. That will do nicely today for today - it's 11 degrees.


Last Note :

  • The cardi is still available here
  • I'm wearing a size small and I'm a size 10. And I'm not very tall :(
  • I don't know how it will wear in the long run - it looks like it has the potential to pill a little but hey I like it and sometimes I take a chance. 

Two Topshop Treats

Friday 22 January 2016

I had a little nosey in Topshop this week. I wanted to check a couple of items out that I had my eye on.

First one is the cute little top above from Topshop. It reminded me a lot of my CDG Play tee that I love but for a fraction of the price. The fact that the heart is black makes it a little edgier and is perfect to go with black jeans rather than blue (I wore my black jeans a lot last summer). It's a poly viscose mix which might strike fear in to some people's hearts but it actually looks more like a linen mix fabric and is quite light and drapes nicely. 

Second thing I was looking for - the grey marl pleat skirt which I'm trying the top on with. I've actually got the midi one on here but it looks like a maxi on me - story of my life, being a shortie. The good thing is if I fold over the waistband once - I do have a midi or else I can leave it as a maxi #winwin 

And I'll probably win no awards for styling here but I do think I'm good to go in this ensemble :) The comments on line says there is too much material around the top of the skirt but I didn't find this to be the case as I know some rather full pleated skirts can make you look exactly that - full. But this one seems to drape well without adding extra inches. In addition, I like the fact that I'm not in a pair of jeans - it's like getting the legs out but not really. 

The midi version of the skirt is sold out online but the maxi version is available and is probably advisable for the tall ladies out there. There seemed to be plenty in store of the midi though. It came home with me along with the top.

And this is how I'd like to be wearing these pieces if I had all the rest of the pieces ;) 

Think Pink

Thursday 21 January 2016

Source : Pinterest

Each year, I go through this thing where I decide I want to wear pink. Yes, seriously I do. I must get the January blues or something and decide that I need something a little more out there and cheery than the usual stuff. I've not really pursued it properly in previous years but I thought I'd remedy that this week by going on a pink bender.

And the two which I actually quite liked included this one from M&S :

And this one from Gap.

Well the M&S one actually made it home with me and then went back again. I bought it in a size 12 rather than my usual size 10 to add a little slouch but I couldn't get used to it being lambswool which just wasn't soft enough. I have to confess, I'm a sucker for cashmere (cheap or expensive - it doesn't matter) it just feels nicer on. But I liked the bright cheeriness of the pink. Please make it in cashmere in this exact shade of pink M&S and I'll buy it.

The second one, the GAP one is actually "lilac" but it's one of the pink shades that I can work with. Give me a pale dusky pink and it dies against my skin - give me a zingy shade like this and my skin tone laps it up. This one was a size medium and all they had left in the store and it was in the sale. I thought about taking it home, imagined myself drinking a tea at home and the hubs arriving home and saying "What have you got on? Are you feeling alright?". So I left it. 

So ... that's my adventure in pink la la land for this year actually. At least I scratched the itch. No doubt I will revisit the pink thing again next year. See you then!


Last Note :

  • I basically want the jumper in the Pinterest pic. If anybody spies anything similar - give me a holler please!
  • I did think about knitting my own from a kit from Wool and the Gang. I love this one and I want in in pink lemonade! But I haven't knitted since I was 8 so that's not happening.


Wednesday 20 January 2016

Uniqlo Silk Spot Shirt (old)

I posted the above pic on IG last year and it came up as one of my most popular pics in my #2015bestnine and there was a lot of love for the blouse and a few queries around it. Alas, my shirt is from a few years back and is no longer available but I have spotted this brilliant dupe from M&S for anyone who's interested :

I had 5 minutes spare so I took it in to the changing rooms to see what it was like on. Things to bear in mind - mine is silk, the M&S shirt is not. It is however made in a nice heavy weight viscose which doesn't seem to crumple too much. I took a size 10 in and I would say this is pretty true to size - just loose enough but still with some shape to it. And a bonus for those who have a problem with buttons popping open at inconvenient moments - this is one of M&S's no peep shirts so has some additional "hidden" buttons to keep your assets in check.

Untucked :

Tucked :

No Peep :

Verdict - if I didn't have my silk one. I would be snapping this up. And if you need any convincing, let's have a look at Ms Alexa wearing her spotty shirts. 

Source : Pinterest

She wears them well doesn't she?


Tuesday 19 January 2016

I know it's cold out there and some of you even have some snow but I'm a little bored of looking at winter stuff and my current mood is this :

Now before you start thinking it's Jigsaw and it's Jigsaw prices .... yes, some of it is Jigsaw prices but not all.

  • The ivory Henley top. That, believe it or not is £17. How often do you come across a piece in Jigsaw at that price? And you know the quality and finish is going to be there. I'm going to order one. I think it would be remiss of me not. It's a classic and I fancy a different neckline.
  • The double pouch bag. That's a new in this season but look at that colour. Do you not feel the joys of spring emanating from that bag and to edge it up a bit - the black strap finish. Respect Jigsaw (insert fist bump emoji here).
  • The wool flannel skirt. Anybody need a good staple for work? A wool skirt from Jigsaw for £29 from £98. Cheaper than M&S. Me - I'm not going to work but I do like a midi skirt and I think this would work in a really fresh way with trainers.
  • The silver trainers. In leather. Clean lines, no logos. The best designer trainers don't have their names emblazoned across everything. Just saying.
  • Black modal vest. These vests are fab - they're probably amongst the nicest softest ones out there and don't ride up and are a good length. I've mentioned them before on the blog and I've just picked one up in black for those girly days when I feel like I want to add a little something extra to an outfit with a peek of black lace. #saucy

Anyone else feeling fresh out there?

All That Glitters is Gold

Sunday 17 January 2016

I spotted this top a couple of weeks ago. One solitary piece wedged between a rail of bits and pieces. I was hoping it would be a jacket as I thought it might make a lovely throw on statement piece for those imaginary occasions which exist in my make believe party world. It wasn't. It was a top. So I left it.

The following week, I spotted it again. But this time, I picked it up and took it into the changing room with me. It's one of those pieces where you just have to scratch the itch. So I scratched it and found I loved it. But alas, those imaginary occasions are exactly that - imaginary and I have no use at all for this. But if you have a more exciting life than me and you could do with a really nice going out top - this is worth a look. 

Word of warning. This is a size 14 and I don't think this looks or feels huge on me! It's heavy - well all those sequins are bound to weigh a bit and it has NO zip. You have been warned ;o)


Monday 11 January 2016

Next Teddy Coat (A/W14), H&M Cashmere Jumper, Ebay Wool Scarf
Zara Jeans, Golden Goose Trainers available here and here, Pop Up Boutique Socks

Well I've had this teddy coat from Next a few months now but it's only just made it's first appearance today. Once a hoarder, always a hoarder. eh? And I'm glad I nabbed it last year because if I'd waited till the sale, I would have missed out - I know, I checked :)

And it was cold today. Really cold. Cold enough to make me wear socks. I saw sparkly glittery socks on France's IG feed last year and declared that I needed some but could I find a pair when I went to my branch of Primark to look for them. No. So I put out a distress call which was answered by the lovely Donna who found me some from Pop Up Boutique.  Thank you Donna! I confess now, when I got them, I wasn't loving them on me at all but today with the silver GG's, I thought they looked okay and it was cold and I needed socks.

Golden Goose Trainers, Pop Up Boutique Socks

Did I feel conspicuous in them? No not really - I think they were reasonably subtle in a kooky kind of way. Besides which - I only had to roll my hems down and no one would have been any the wiser.


Hems down!

Anyway, I have to say, the teddy coat is snuggly and warm. One of my warmest coats actually. Unfortunately, it's no longer available but the following are nice alternatives.

This Paisie one from ASOS is a warmer honey shade if you prefer something a little lighter.

And this Pheline Coat from Plumo is probably the most similar to the one I'm wearing.

And glittery socks anyone? I see Topshop are doing them now in gold and gunmetal.

Quick OOTD : 08/01/16 Bling It On

Friday 8 January 2016

Uniqlo Gingham Shirt, (old),  H&M Cashmere Jumper, H&M Jeans (old), Pull & Bear Pumps

Back to basics. But look at the bling on the shoes! 

Pull & Bear Pumps (apologies, sold out)
These are just as blingy but cost a bit more.

A Change Is As Good As A Rest

Wednesday 6 January 2016

Keep it Simple

Hello again, I hope you all had a good Christmas and a good start to the New Year! I haven't made any new year's resolutions as I know they don't work for me. Like diets. You put me on a diet and I'm raiding the cupboards. You tell me not to buy anything and I'm hitting that online button. So I'm setting my bar a little lower and I'm keeping it simple like drinking a little more water (this is harder than it sounds for me - I am the Queen of the Earl Grey scene), walking a little more (if I can drive, I will) and not overthinking things. Sometimes you can get yourself in a tizzy over nothing and it's only a big deal to you and for that moment of time. A good night's sleep and nothing ever looks as bad I think. My family always liked the fact that as a child I could stomp off to my room, slam a door (not too hard though) and fall asleep and then reappear a couple of hours later like nothing had happened. It's called moving on. 

And I've made a few little changes to the blog - a change is as good as a rest they say. Nothing too major but just a few tweaks like I've now got my Instagram feed showing on the side bar so you all know what I'm wittering on about when I'm all "IG this" and "IG that". And a blog archive should you want to try and look back on any of my old posts. I've been meaning to do this since Christmas 2014 so it's only taken me a year to get round to it and I have to give a little mention to Kotryna who helped me with this. If anybody is feeling that they would like a fresh start on their blog, do pay her a visit. 

And last but not least, I'm going to do the 365 day Penny Challenge as seen on Vikki's IG feed.

You basically get a jar, preferably a big one and on the 1st of January, you put a penny in it. On the 2nd of January, you put 2p in it. On the 3rd of January ... you get the idea. At the end ... you should be £667+ richer without feeling it too much. Last thing! Don't forget to make yourself a little chart (like this one) so you can track yourself! It will make for a nice Christmas 2016!

Susie So So