Thursday 30 May 2013

Margot   : Hi, I'm Margot and I'm new round here. What's your name?

Krimble  : Krimble.

Margot   :  Pleased to meet you Krimble.... so what's the owner like then?

Krimble  : A bit dipsy, a bit la la but on the whole not too weird. She has nice feet though.

Margot   : Oh yeah - she's got that weird perfect nail polish thing going hasn't she?

Krimble  : Yup! (rolls non existent eyes).

Margot   : Yup! ( rolls non existent eyes too).

Krimble  : Do you know - you look a bit like me but brown!

Margot   : Yeah - now that you've mentioned it, you look a bit like me but tan!

Krimble  : You have the same heels as me!

Margot   : No - you have the same heels as me!

Sandals at Dawn!

Krimble :  Anyway where are you from?

Margot   : Kurt Geiger. Where are you from?

Krimble  : Kurt Geiger.

Margot   : Spooky man!

Krimble  : Yeah, well spooky man!

If sandals could speak.

I saw the Margot's on the Kurt Geiger website way back in January/February but it was too soon to think seriously about sandals when all around were in boots and the temperatures in single digits. But we had a couple of warm days recently and armed with a discount code for 25% off - I thought it was time to pull the trigger. Besides, I'd tried on numerous pairs in between which hadn't quite cut the mustard in one way or another. Part of me says, I'm being disloyal to my Krimbles but part of me says, the Krimbles will last longer if I don't wear them all the time and I divide my time between the two. Good argument eh? And you've got to love a sandal with the name of Margot don't you? Remember Margo from The Good Life in the seventies? I could just see her in a pair.

The fact that the base of the sandal is identical on both pairs is not lost on me which equates with nice comfy wearing. Because at the end of the day, if the feet ain't happy - I'm not happy.


Last note :

As far as I'm aware - the F&FKG25 code is working on the Kurt Geiger site if anyone is holding out for anything on there at the moment. Seek and ye shall find discount code!

Pale and Interesting in a White Zara Patterned Tee and a Little Bit of Jewellery.

Monday 27 May 2013

Bet you didn't spot this on the Zara website. Have a look online - not very eye catching is it? Blink and you'll miss it. I did. But luckily for me I was in the shop and I didn't miss it even though it was a little tucked out of the way. I'm beady eyed Sue, I am! And a sucker for a pretty print on a tee. And when you get a pretty tee like this, it does all the work for you. 

It even makes a boring grey cardigan look okay and less granddad.

Uniqlo Cashmere Cardigan (old) & New Look Jeans (old)

Add a little pair of girly cream shoes ......

And the simplest of bracelets and you're good to go. 

Err ... did I mention that you can get the bracelet in my little tictail shop? I finally got my act together and created a little shop. I've popped in a little selection of goodies but will be adding other pieces over the coming days and weeks. Keep popping in to see if there is anything new. And every now and then, I might even model a piece for you  ......... :o)  

And any queries you might have about anything - just drop me an email!

If At First You Don't Succeed ....

Thursday 23 May 2013

.... get a tripod.

I was more than a little impressed with Marlene's Lil L's photography skills. Have a gander here. Not bad for a 7 year old eh? So I thought, let's get my 7 year old Ben in on the act and test out his skills too. Hmmm.

Like his dad, he seems rather focused on my chest.

As you can see. He needs a little more practice. Hopes veritably dashed for my own willing photographer who doesn't roll his eyes when asked to take a photo (yes I'm talking about you - Grumps).

Anyway, I thought I'd give the tripod a go. The tripod I got several months ago, took out of it's box, set it up, played with it for about 10 minutes and then abandoned in the dining room because I'm just plain lazy and it's much easy to take a photo infront of your mirror. I've been doing this mirror photo thing for a year now so I can honestly say, I'm a dab hand at mirror photos. But not so much at the tripod thing. But I gave it a shot and it wasn't all bad. Yes, of course I had to have a bit of a mess around but you would too wouldn't you?

Tentative first photo - posing comes naturally - NOT.                  
It's much easier if you lark around. Ta-dah! 

Yeah baby!

And then the wind picked up ....

and it got windier ....

.... and windier

... and really cold and so I headed back in.

So I have to say, it wasn't too bad. It was in focus. And as you can see from that distance, you can't see the grey's in the hair or the wrinkles. Bonus. Now where is that wide angle lens function on my camera which Marlene is always on about which helps you drop a dress size? And is there another function which helps you grow about a foot? Or am I asking too much here?


For the beady eyed amongst you, you may have noticed that I seem to have lost my tabs at the top of my page which I seem to have bogged up when trying to set up a link to a new page. It will be back soon. I hope.

Update : It's fixed. Hurrah.

Childminding My Way And A Simple Topshop Parka

Saturday 18 May 2013

I have two parkas. A winterweight one - with a fur trimmed hood and all that gumph. And a summer one which is my Topshop Simple Parka. That's the description that it was sold under and I have to say, I couldn't have named it better myself. 

Topshop parka, Splendid shirt, H&M jeans, Primark sandals, Susie Ho bracelet (all old)

I bought it last year. It sold out early in the season and I cursed myself for missing the boat. Anyway as  I walked through Topshop one day and past the "Last chance to buy" section, I spied it out of the corner of my eye. I held my breath and guess what - it was my size. Let's be having ya!

I like it for it's plain Jane looks and it's little nod to simple APC styling. All good with me and a better price point.

Topshop Simple Parka 2012

To me, this is a perfect little spring/summer coat. It's made in a nice soft washed cotton and finished really well. It's also unlined, so not too warm but just gives you a little bit of protection for those nippy mornings when doing the school run. Oh yes, it also has really big pockets too for all manner of things. Snot rags, keys and phones spring to mind. I could fit a Nintendo DS in them as well .... if I really had to.

Anyway, I wore it the day I offered to look after George's friend in return for a lift in to Leeds whilst N had to nip somewhere for an hour. She advised me of child friendly museums and places I could take small people to occupy them and I said "don't worry - I'll think of something!".

So I took them through the Victoria Quarter like sane people do with small people. I thought I'd make it educational starting off with drama lessons (facial expressions were the order of the day).

One ....

Two ....

Three! GURN!

My turn to have photo taken. Grin and bear it.

Picture taken by George's friend. Might have to appoint him as my new photographer!

I then decided I could give them a bit of a nature lesson about fish and coral reefs by taking them to the Creme de la Mer counter in Harvey Nicks. Just thought I'd let you know there is a fish in there called Stan (the man). A whopper of a fish. Well Stan the man has gone AWOL. How a fish disappears from an tank in the middle of Harvey Nicks is beyond me. But he's gone. And no one knows where. If anyone has any information, drop me a line. There is no reward.

Where's Stan the Man?

Then I thought we'd carry on the nature lesson but focussing this time on insects on the mens' fashion floor.

Wow - big metal bugs!

Then we had a lesson on cloud formations in ladies wear. I think this is what we could describe as "cumulous" if I remember correctly from my 5th year geography lessons.

Head in the clouds - literally!

After that, we went outside for a music lesson.

Rapt audience for Wheels on the Bus. Just joking.

See how educational all that was? And did you notice how subtly I incorporated and merged my interests with the young people's interests? 

Anyway, that's childminding, the Sue way. Eye opening, imaginative and educational :o)

Oh yes ... and Topshop are doing an almost identical parka this year but with an extra pocket ....

Which brings me back to - what's your current go to coat in this wonderful transtional seasonal flux? Because it's really not that warm is it now? I've had to go and put the heating back on!


Last note :

You know how you get "view from the loo" where people take snaps of themselves in the loo?

I prefer "feet on the street".

Feet on the Street. Catchy eh? Or has that already been done?

I Don't Want No Scrubs

Wednesday 15 May 2013

I had this absolute thing going for this blouse on the Toast website.

I loved the colour. I loved the sea green, aqua foaminess of it all. They actually call it "light shadow blue". You can sell anything to me if you call it something sufficiently poncey. It was perfect, perfect, perfect. I even liked the quirky flap detailing on the front. I thought it lent it a certain something. 

It came, the colour was lovely, the cotton was lovely. The fit was good. The flap was weird. I pulled it this way and that and told myself that the off centre neckline and the flap was all part of the quirky Toast detailing. But in the back of my mind I had my doubts. So what did I do? I went to see the Grumps.

Now where's my gloves and surgical mask?

"What do you think?" I asked.

He looked at the top and he flapped the flap and then he sat back in his chair, folded his arms and said "it's a bit hospital scrubs isn't it?" and proceeded to sing TLC's "I don't want no scrubs" at me.

Love that man. Tell's it like it is. So I thought I'd tell Toast like it is too.

Being helpful.

Did I tell you that they also do it in a lovely blue fabric which is not so scrubs like?


Last note.

  • Super fast ordering and next day delivery with Toast even when opting for standard delivery
  • Super fast returns. Posted on Saturday. Received on Monday. Money back Tuesday. That's good!

Blue, White, Grey and a Smidgeon of Green.

Saturday 11 May 2013

It's been lovely the last few days. It didn't last of course. That would be asking too much of the English weather. But last Saturday, before the really good weather hit, I wore this :

H&M Scarf, Zara Jacket, Gap Jeans,  Boden Jumper, Zatchels Bag, Susie So So Bracelet, New Look Pumps

For a trip to the Wetherby Whaler. For fish and chips. The food of choice of my Ben. Could be worse - we could have been heading for a Maccy D's. This, believe it or not is the first outing for my white Zara jacket. I am nothing if not slow off the mark. Quick to buy, slow to wear. I know I said this was not a jacket for wearing around the kids but hey, if not with the kids - when? I don't get out that much. And besides, it's had it's first outing now which means it's not sacred anymore. I'm kind of getting behind this navy and white grey thing as well - it's kind of clean and crisp looking. I like. Oh yes, and the green wrap bracelet - this is my new favourite colour.  Sea green, sea foam, bluey aqua tones. I just like the way, green works against blue. So I made myself a bracelet. Useful when you know how.

Verdict on the white jacket. Love. Makes me feel really pulled together and it just lifts everything you wear.

Verdict on the Zatchels bag. Lovely design, hardwearing leather but would love a fake magnetic fastening to make it really easy to use. The size small is compact and doesn't fit my regular purse in but then again my regular purse is the size of a small bag - it needs to be, to hold all the receipts for all my returns. Seriously. 

Anyway, if anyone likes anything, here's similar or the same as what I'm wearing (on a budget) ......

.... or for those who like a more kerching version! 

Well it's good to dream isn't it? Both nice though eh?

Making Your Mind Up.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

I'm one of those persons who knows what they want till they have what they want and then they don't want it any more. You with me? I just have to scratch the proverbial itch.

If I thought about what I have had from Zara this year, it goes along the lines of :

1 x floral biker jacket. Bought and returned. Too distinctive. Tight sleeves.
1 x blue jacquard jacket. Bought and returned. Too Marantish. Tight sleeves.
1 x khaki/leather linen jacket. Bought and returned. Dreadful on. Dreadful off.
1 x white jacquard jacket. Bought and kept. Versatile and flattering. Immediately felt right.
1 x oriental print tee. Bought and returned. Front seam was wonky. Not flattering. But gorgeous print.
1 x denim shirt. Bought and kept. Love the colour and softness. Just felt right. Useful wardrobe staple.
1 x white sandals. Bought and returned. Back of heel gaped. See below picture.
1 x silver/black shoes. Bought and returned. Feet too fat. Feet need to go on a diet.
1 x white shoes. Bought and returned. Ouch and cheap looking.
1 x raw denim jeans. Bought and returned. Didn't need them. How good am I?
1 x porcelain print tee. Bought and returned. Too sheer and front too low.
1 x star print blouse. Bought and returned. Very sheer plus found a tiny smudge in the print on the back.
1 x check blouse. Bought and returned. Didn't sit right.
1 x tan boots. Bought and returned. Looked a dork in them. And an eighties throwback. Third time these came home with me actually - got to love a trier.

Zara must hate me. They're not actually making any money out of me are they?

However, H&M have fared a little better.

1 x white cotton jumper. Bought and kept. 100% cotton, simple shape and flattering.
1 x porcelain print tee. Bought and returned. Better than Zara's version but decided didn't need.
1 x cream lace top. Bought and kept. Versatile and easy to look after.
1 x black crepe jacket/blazer. Bought and kept. Good fit. Quality and finish excellent.
1 x grey linen chinos. Bought and returned. Don't need. But fitted excellent. Still hankering after.
1 x low skinny jeans. Bought and kept. Love these. Current favourite jeans.
1 x boyfriend jeans. Bought and kept. Comfy, good colour and no rips to put my toes through.
1 x fan print cotton scarf. Bought and kept. Lovely. Perfect for summer scarf wearing.
1 x blue marl sweatshirt. Bought and kept. Lovely fit. Horrible composition. Pilled to high boogery.
1 x cream Victorian style top. Bought and returned. Strangled by neckline.
1 x cream Victorian style top. Bought and kept. Sized up. Death by blouse strangulation averted.
1 x mint silk shirt. Bought and returned. Daytime silk not practical but mint/sea green is my new favourite colour. Might come back with me again.

That's what I can remember off the top off my head and from my online order summarys. I told you I was good friends with the postman! But the surprising thing is that despite the fact that I thought I liked Zara more than H&M, I have had much better success with H&M. Some of it might be down to the fact that I am quite a plain dresser and most of the things I've bought from H&M are basic wardrobe staples and cheapy numbers but I also have to say, despite the immediate rabbit in the headlight effect of the Zara clothes, some of the things just don't fit or are that well made for the price. And don't get me started on the subject of Zara shoes. Some people can live with that small gap at the back .... I'm not most people. 

Mind the gap!

So having fessed up about my shopping here ... what kind of shopper are you? Careful, well thought out considered purchases, no returns. Or raving returns queen like me? And where do you actually shop versus where you think you shop?

I surprised myself here. I thought I had gone a bit mad in Zara this year but it appears not. Not a bad thing - it's good to spread ourselves around the many shops out there or else it would get a bit boring wouldn't it?


Friday 3 May 2013

Last night's attire.

H&M Lace top, Gaimo Gold Espadrilles, H&M Boyfriend Jeans, Susie Ho Sample Bracelet

Night out with the girls for an Italian except we detoured along the way and ended up at a different Italian to the one planned. Just go with the flow. That includes the wine. All two glasses of it. Hic. 

I was keeping it simple with the H&M cream lace top and some jeans. Wearing anything lacy is an event for me anyway so I felt I'd made some effort. Add the gold espadrilles and an old vintagey looking Jigsaw bag and I'm really pushing the boat out! 

Old Jigsaw Bag

I quite like my H&M lacy top. I sized up in it so it didn't cling and it means it sits more comfortably over any layers I want to wear underneath. For going out and to make it a little more peekaboo looking, I put on a skin toned vest underneath. 

Peekaboo                                                            Sizing Up

Too laid back for you? Here's an alternative sweet and simple evening look ....

Jigsaw necklace (old), Jack Wills Black Jeans (old)

Add a nice jacket/blazer - good to go.

But for day, a thin cream top would make a good base layer and gives it a more casual look (plus it's warmer for the nesh amongst us). There doesn't seem to be any good reason why lace can't be worn as daywear really ....

Converse for me but swap shoes to suit your style .. ballet pumps? boots? sandals?

Versatile isn't it? For £19.99. It doesn't crease and even better, it comes in black too!


Last Note :

  • I chopped the sleeves down on mine to make them bracelet length. So that I can show off my arm candy.
  • I chopped the length of the body down a fraction too - only because I'm short but I could have got away with not doing it. If I'd left it long, it would have been nice to use this as a base layer under a jumper and just have the lace showing as a hem detail. 
  • I think I'm trying to say - it's good for tall people too!

Susie So So