About Me

Hi, I'm Sue, mum to Ben & George living in suburbia with the Grump Meister somewhere in North Yorkshire. England.

I started Susie SoSo - a chronicle of my fashion adventures as a bit of fun and just so I could voice an opinion in to the ether and hope that one day someone would want to talk back.

I like grey jumpers, Earl Grey tea, coats, peonies, hydrangeas and wardrobe culling (not mine) and you've guessed it - clothes.

If you think you have anything in common - leave me a comment or drop me a line at Princesstingting1@hotmail.com.

I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Hmmm this isn't going to be good for my bank account...I just came across a pic of yours when I was googling images of the Office Namesake boots (which I have bought in black- after seeing how gorgeous your tan ones were!). I took a snoop through your old posts and saw we have quite some clothes in common- also I am about to order Gap's skinny khakis thanks to you! I LOVE how you dress, just my taste! I think we're probably also a similar size (can I ask if you're a petite lady like myself?I'm 5'2)It's lovely to see a blogger I can relate to for once! Beautiful outfits, you've inspired some new mixes in my closet- oh, and maybe some new additions! ;) x

    1. Hi Lir, I am indeed another petite lady. Infact you have half an inch on me as I'm only 5ft 1.5. Glad you like the blog and don't worry too much about your budget - I'm pretty much a high street girl (budgets dictate) so I think you'll be just fine. The Office Namesake boots have been my go to boot for just about everything though they are having a rest at the moment with it being the summer months and we actually seem to be having a bit of a summer this year. And the Gap skinny khakis - I've lived in my green ones. I may also have a pair of the grey ones lurking somewhere too - you can't have too much of a good thing can you now?

      And thanks for stopping past and leaving a comment :o)


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