Easy Peasy Pudding

Monday 29 August 2016

I ate a lot last week. I actually ate a bit too much but I guess that's what you do on your jollies. So obviously feeling like a poisoned pup, I started looking at slightly healthier options. And I found a really easy peasy recipe for quick banana and raspberry ice cream in one of the Saturday supplements. In my words :

You need : 3 bananas and a good handful of frozen raspberries.

  • Chop the bananas into pieces and pop them in the freezer for 45 minutes so they are hard but not frozen.
  • Take the frozen banana and frozen raspberries and pop them in to a food processor.
  • Whiz to the consistency of ice cream. 

You can serve it like this if you like it soft or you can pop it back in the freezer to firm up the texture. I served mine with crushed Hobnob biscuits and some fresh raspberries and blueberries. 

Done :)


Last Note :

  • It's basically a frozen smoothie ;)
  • My boys gave it a big thumbs up and asked for more.
  • It's healthy. Apart from the Hobnob. 

Practical to the End

Thursday 18 August 2016

"Let's go to the pub and just have a catch up before we all go on our jollies!" was the message from a fellow school mum.

And so not the usual going out gear one would expect, but this, I thought was perfectly acceptable for a night out at the local for a pub quiz. 

Whistles Dress (old) but this is a good alternative
Uniqlo cashmere cardigan (old) but this H&M one looks nice too.

This is me putting on my practical head which was, it might be cold if we end up sitting outside so I need a cardigan and I'll probably be stumbling back home in the late hours so I will need to wear flats. And I need a handsfree bag incase I need to fight off any dangerous souls. Got to cover all my bases! Anyway, the green dress is my old Whistles one which has made an appearance on my blog a few times before but it's a good summer dress and it earns it's keep. The hubs said "nice dress" to me before I went out. "It's see through". 

The little bag is new on the scene and I couldn't resist it because of the sporty webbing strap. It's quite a useful size - not too small with two compartments and actually fits my mahoosive purse in which is a miracle in itself. Best bit. £14.99 :))

Anyway, we didn't win the pub quiz but we did manage to get a packet of free pork scratchings for a correct answer on a quick fire round!


Last Note :

  • H&M also have this one with a similar styled strap which I think would be great coming up to winter and if you fancy a more urban vibe to it.

When Your Wishes Come True .....

Thursday 11 August 2016

..... and that Gap discount code for full priced items comes through ... so this can wing it's way to me!

And as seen on the model :

And you know how I was saying how I haven't really looked in Gap recently - well it gave me a chance to peruse the site and there are actually a few little goodies to be nabbed on there. 

I may have slipped in a pair of these in the order (time will tell whether these work out in real life or not for me). I like the look of the Topshop ones but the colours are not for me. Navy on blue denim however are always a winner in my books. I'm not going too far out of my comfort zone with these. I felt I was pushing the boat out when I did patchwork jeans but they have been a surprising hit with me and they always seem to get a lot of love when I wear them. Not bad for a DIY job. Anyway, I'm picturing these embroidered jeans with grey cashmere coming in to autumn - it pays to think ahead. I have to say, I spotted these on a lady (Sarah) on a Facebook site and thought immediately "those are the ones!".

And I didn't go too overboard with the ordering but I hear there's a heatwave coming and this playsuit  (they call it a romper but I prefer playsuit) looked good as it has the all important arm coverage for me, a drawstring waist (not elasticated) and it's black. Non offensive easy to wear black. And it's £11.99. 

The thing is, even if there is a discount code, or a sale, you still need to bear in mind if it's going to work in your wardrobe and whether you will actually wear something. So I have had to pass up on this beauty :

... which I keep seeing looking fabulous on Michelle and I know will be coming out year after year after year :

..... purely on the grounds that I don't like getting my arms out. And I would always have to wear it with a cardi. #sadface

And that gap code? It's EMAILGAP I'm not sure if it works if you're not on the mailing list but if not, get yourself signed up!

The Random Shopping Post

Thursday 4 August 2016

Today I had kill some time shopping whilst waiting for the car to be serviced and this is what floated my boat. Do take note of the title of this post - it is random.

First stop Zara.

I was quite happy to see this in store as I had spotted it online and thought it was worth checking out. This is new season stock and it is very pretty in real life but not particularly long in the body and that's coming from me, short thing that I am. This is a cotton viscose mix and I'm wearing a size medium for reference and I am a size 10. This is best worn with higher waisted jeans but would look cute with a denim mini or shorts too

Then I popped in to Monsoon because I had spotted Frances's jacket was in the Monsoon sale and it's now half price! Sold out online but there were plenty in store when I went in. 

Monsoon Aliki Jacket sold out on Monsoon site but available here 

This is a very lightweight jacket - almost like a blouse really so it's perfect for balmy summer evenings with a cami underneath. I may have brought this home with me :) as it's such a flattering cut. Some things you put on and you feel good immediately. This is one of those things.

I had a nosey in Gap too. I don't often venture in to Gap these days and I'm not sure why. I like basic things, they do basic things and yet somehow it doesn't seem to float my boat. But then I spotted this little number. 

This is lovely. They didn't have it in store the other day in my size when I first spotted it but they did today. However, the other day, they had a 30% off full price items and today they didn't. Sod's Law. I think I'm going to hang on for another code unless anyone knows of one now to put me out of misery so I can bag this right now. Yes it's lovely and it's also very soft and comfortable. I'm wearing a size small here in the regular size and they also do it in a petite for the small ladies online. Oh yes, one thing to note - it doesn't strangle me around the neck which is my usual criticism of these blouses. #bonus

I nipped in to M&S too. Sometimes they have some little gems. Today they had this little gem!

I'm always looking at shirts and blouses with ruffles but I'm always looking for blouses and shirts which are not too ruffley. I don't want to look like Andy Pandy basically. The ruffle detail is just right for me on this one and it looks and even feels comfortable fastened up to the neck. Worn undone at the neck - it looks just as good. It's your prerogative. Oh yes, they also do this in lightweight tencel version here and I'm actually finding it difficult to decide between the two. One thing to mention, this is one of those M&S shirts which has those no peep buttons for those busty gals out there who need a little help in that department. I'm wearing a size 10 here and it's true to size.

Oh and I popped in to New Look too (the car service was supposed to take about three hours) and spotted the cutest kitsch clutch bags.

A little bit out there but I like them. I like them a lot actually. Sometimes you can't take fashion too seriously. If you could find a way to add some gold embroidery to the black one, you could turn it into a Charlotte Olympia kitty :)

And to finish off ... I thought I'd try a dress. Yes, a dress! I've seen these "cold shoulder" dresses around and they come in a variety of guises. This is a good take on some of the popular ones found in Topshop which I love but don't fit me at all.

Primark Floral Cold Shoulder Dress

The one I've got on is from Primark. And it's £13. Yup. Not my usual thing but strangely appealing for some reason. Maybe it's the £13 price tag. Well, I brought it home with me and I can decide on that later. It's a midi length and has an elasticated waist with a tie belt. It seems to sit okay and doesn't need much readjustment which is always a winner. We shall hang it up for a few days and decide later ....

So I did say it was random but I did have a few hours to kill whilst I was waiting for the car. Turns out when I went to pick it up, the service button had been incorrectly set and activated and the car didn't need to be serviced for another 10,000 miles. So see you again in 10,000 miles when I might do another random shopping post :)

Sods Law

Tuesday 2 August 2016

You buy an off the shoulder dress and what happens? The sun disappears. #sodslaw


Last Note :

  • The dress is quite comfortable around the shoulder area and stays in place reasonably well. 
  • It's true to size and has pockets. #good
  • It doesn't seem to crease too much despite it being 100% viscose. #verygood

Susie So So