Jumper & Jeans Uniform

Tuesday 31 December 2019

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Oh hi there!

I've said it before, I love a good grey jumper. Or a black one at that. This is good because I now have a loose dress code for work which comprises of black, white and grey upper half and similar coloured bottoms including blue or black jeans. Hallelujah! And a fancy apron from The Stitch Society which has lovely nubuck leather straps (I'm all about the details). I pretty much landed on my feet uniform wise as I'm literally wearing what I normally wear anyway. I'm also a creature of comfort and ease. I don't do tugging up and tugging down and readjusting continuously just to make sure things are just so. No, I like the ease and comfort of a good neutral coloured jumper worn slightly slouchy over a pair of jeans and somehow, this always makes me feel put together. It's not like I don't like colour, I do but I like it in short sharp doses. Once a fortnight I might get the urge to go  all colourful and then for the next thirteen days, I want to don my dark materials yet again. That's me.

My two absolute favourites are just plain grey wool crew neck jumpers. One is a Gap grey cashmere jumper which is worn all year round and is probably on it's fifth year or thereabouts. I sized up to a medium when I bought it and I'm glad I did because I do throw it in the washing machine when it needs a spruce up and I think it has shrunk a touch over the years. Or I've got bigger. Or more likely - a combination of both. The other grey jumper is from COS and joined the wardrobe about two years back. It's a rough wool - almost like a donegal but I found the cut extremely flattering and I like the flecks running through it. Both are the perfect size and shape for fitting under coats and jackets without too much fuss. I constantly browse eBay to see if any of these turn up as I'd like backups for both as they are getting more than their fair share of wear in the jumper stakes now that I've incorporated them in to my uniform.

Me most days.

Grey Topshop Jumper (old)
Gap Girlfriend Jeans (old)
Primark Coat (maybe still in store)

I also have a black cashmere crew neck from M&S. I bought this with one of their twenty percent off family and friends discount codes the other year and I sized up not one but two sizes for the perfect slouchy comfort fit. I do really like a black jumper but I'm so picky about fluff that I have to lint roller them every time before I wear it which is why I favour grey more because you don't see the fluff. 

Anyway the below two jumpers are the most recent additions to my monochrome grey and black jumper brigade. Both are oversized knits from H&M. The pale grey one I've had for a while and have already worn quite a lot but the darker one is fairly new in to store and to me. My main requirement when I buy any jumper is that it looks like I can de-pill it or shave it to bring it back to new. I get that all knits be it pure wool or acrylic will pill to some degree but some are easier to maintain than others. In my experience, a flat stocking stitch are the best candidates for a round with a razor or my electric clothes shaver. And did you spot that the "black" jumper is actually a black marl? See how I got round the fluff situation? Clever eh?


Last Note :

  • On my online travels, I spotted that the latest Grenson Nanettes in the leopard print hair hide have 20% off here.
  • Can I also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has stuck with me and my blog all these years. Thank you for reading - it means a lot.
  • And a Happy 2020 to you all - I'm hoping it will be a good one! 


Saturday 28 December 2019

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New year, new resolutions, new blog. Ta dah!

No, sack that. Well new year isn't till next week and I don't do resolutions and every time I say I will be back here on the blog writing more, it never happens and that's frankly quite annoying don't you think? So we'll work on it being a New Year and we'll take it as it comes. Blog looks a little more spruced up though don't you think?

Anything new happen out there since I last tapped keyboard with you guys? Well I started that little job that I mentioned previously. It's been interesting as I've entered commuting life and that's weird. I used to commute but always by car and now it's by train and I'm learning the joys of trains not arriving on time or cancelling all together. Luckily there are warm waiting rooms and I take a Kindle with me everyday so I do actually have something to do. You'd think that after all these years, I would be tired of Solitaire but no, I'm still there for the daily challenge. Go me.

So I was thinking if there was any point in still writing a blog and the thing is when I started, it was fun and people joined in the banter just like they do on IG but you never felt quite as "judged". You never felt that you had a really rubbish outfit on because there really wasn't a like button on the blog for that kind of thing. You could tap away in blind oblivion and there really is something in that saying that "ignorance is bliss". Now whether people care to admit it or not, if you post on Instagram and your post doesn't get many likes, you feel a bit pants. That's no way to live. So I think for my own mental health and sanity, I should just come back full circle to the blog and tap away happily like a pig in muck about random gumph. It's how I started and I think that's what I should end up going back to. 

Even tapping this little post this morning feels quite cathartic. I'll keep things brief and reasonably shallow - I'm not one of those persons who like to divulge heart, soul, personal stuff and bedroom decor on here. I always think, I've seen your bedroom, that's where you have rumpy pumpy. 😉


Last Note :
  • I nabbed my Grenson Nanettes in the Black Friday sale at Shopatanna but they're back at full price again now. I ummed and ahhed over them for a long time as I couldn't decide between the tan and black and then decided that I could live without them until I saw Nicky in a black pair and fell for them big time. And then with starting work, I thought they may be the perfect stomping boots to get me through the winter commute. I ordered them from Selfridges on the Black Friday weekend in the black to have the order cancelled on me the following day. The very same day, the tan version went in to the Black Friday offers for Shop at Anna. I took it as a sign.
  • I also bought that big bunch of foliage of Eucalyptus, Hypericum and Gypsophila as my Christmas flower bouquet thinking they wouldn't smell much and be nice and neutral and wouldn't conflict with my new Midwinter candle which I treated myself to. I didn't know that Hypericum leaves smelt like curry. 😱

Susie So So