Leopards and Cheetahs

Friday 27 September 2013

This is a leopard.

This is a cheetah.

Both gorgeous and both will have you for lunch if you don't run fast enough. But go back and have another look at the difference in spots. One has holey spots and one has solid spots. But the fashion industry rarely differentiates and lumps them under the one and same. As do I normally but I needed something to write about in this post so here I am making this up as I go along. Besides do you ever hear anyone going around mumbling about cheetah print? It's all about the leopard and you've got to give the cheetah, it's dues - it's pretty magnificent too. But they work alongside each other pretty well here don't you think? 

H&M jumper, Falmer chinos, Freebie bag, Next cheetah pumps.

The leopard bag by Alice Temperley helps lift another classic non descript outfit and was a cute freebie which I bought Harpers Bazzar magazine for (yes I am that sad). Some days are pretty full on with two pack ups, two school bags, 2 P.E. bags and 2 coats and 2 jumpers to bring home on the school run so a big bag is required. The getting the boys to carry their own stuff is not quite working as planned.

Just call me Muggins.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Cool H&M Evening Jackets

Thursday 26 September 2013

What madness and badness have I spotted now?

H&M Silver Fur Jacket

This is a little off the wall for me but I like it. I like it a lot. It's like someone spray painted a fur coat silver and then tried to madly dab the paint off. I tried it on and I put it back and said I will buy it at home with the 25% discount code (0747) and the £5 off code (1304) which you can use to make it an utter bargain. This will see me through those chilly winter nights when the Christmas parties come a calling. It will be fun and I will be warm :o)

Pah! Sold out.

And remember when I said I don't do angora knitwear because it tickles my nose. The cardigan below doesn't count. Yes it's angora but because you don't pull it on over your head, it doesn't tickle your nose and so it's okay to like this (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it). It is actually really really really lovely and looks so much more expensive than its £49.99 price tag and ten times better than the stock photo they provide. Wear this over an ivory silk shirt and some black skinnies and highest badass heels you can manage. Yum yum. 

They didn't have it in my size in store.

And neither do they have it in my size online. Infact they just sold out. Pah!

Party poopers :o(


Last Note :

  • There is always a discount code to be had with H&M online.
  • They allow you to apply two discount codes at a time.
  • They probably won't thank me for telling you that.
  • If you're lucky, you might still find one in store. If you're lucky ....

Indian Summer in Baby Bootcuts

Wednesday 25 September 2013

I had a moment. 

I had a moment where I was feeling all kind of seventies boho which was brought on by the unexpected Indian summer which happened over the weekend. Which promptly inspired a flirtation with some mini bootcut jeans. The Oasis Eva bootcuts to be precise. I had a previous dalliance earlier on in the year too with some old Wranglers. Remember?

On the Sunday I wore this to a small thing birthday party :

Isabel Marant blouse, Oasis jeans, Krimble sandals

And on the Monday I wore this :

French Connection top, Oasis Jeans, Krimble sandals

Notice the "I'm a little teapot" stance I have to adopt to show you the bootcuts. Hmm. 

On the Sunday, I felt okay wearing the boot cuts sitting in a kiddies soft play centre but on the Monday whilst standing in Zara amongst the young trendies in their skinnies, I felt distinctly old fashioned and a little mumsy. And then it dawned on me that I had done this look 8 years ago albeit with slightly different shoes. And even worse than that ... that I looked like I probably hadn't moved on from 8 years ago. Aargh! Part of me wonders if the addition of a nice seventies inspired bag like the below might have added a little ironic conviction to the whole ensemble ...

And part of me thinks .... probably not.

Part of me thinks why don't I look like this? All kind of laid back and cool.

And then I realise ...

Ahh ... it's because I don't have the hat. Drat!

Ahh ... I'm not Jessica Alba. Drat!


Last Note :

  • This doesn't mean you won't see me in these again. Unless you slate them to death.

Whistles Joy Sweater

Saturday 21 September 2013

... or the Joy Textured Side Split Knit as it is known on the website. Not really that exciting but that's a bit like most of my knitwear - plainish but versatile. And it caught the eye of Eve from All Worn Out too so it can't be that be bad and she's pretty funky (compared to me).

Whistles Joy Textured Side Split Knit

Let's start with the composition - you know this sort of thing floats my boat. The jumper is a predominantly cotton mix (71%) and the rest is 29% polyethelene (plastic!!) which is somewhat unusual but I think it's what helps give the jumper it's texture and helps it hold its shape and not crease. So that little 29% is working hard there to make sure the jumper behaves itself. And what made me get it rather than any of the other twenty or so jumpers I've tried on recently? The fit. I put it on, the sleeves were right (helps they are three/quarters anyway), the drape was flattering - skims the bagel belly - and it looked like I said before ... versatile. Oh and let's not forget, it didn't make me look a chunky monkey :o)

Whistles Joy Sweater, H&M Jeans, Zara Espadrilles

This is how I wore it running around yesterday. A somewhat subdued palate but we all have days like that don't we? Oh yes and those are the Zara silver leather espadrilles I was beating myself up about not so long ago for not buying them online in the Zara sale when I should have and then they sold out. Well ... I found a pair in store for £9.99. Beam, beam, beam. 

I suppose I could bling the jumper  up with a statement necklace. This is really the only one I have got .... 

Topshop necklace (old)

... but it's a beaut!. This one makes me feel like She-ra, Princess of Power. And it weighs a tonne. You know how you pick up these huge necklaces sometimes and they are actually as light as a feather? This one's not. That woman with her face in her plate of food? That's me when my neck can't support the weight of this necklace anymore. I found this a couple of years ago on the Topshop website reduced from £75 to £10. How could I resist? The intention was to wear it at the time with a bright yellow jumper that I had but I never got round to it. Two statements in one outfit and I would have fainted from the effort of being that fashionable.

So back to something simpler, just black courts and skinny jeans. Which just happens to be what Whistles is recommending on their website for what to wear it with for an easy evening look. I just pushed the boat out a bit with the necklace to make it look like I tried for once.

Topshop necklace, H&M courts, H&M jeans

But I think it's really a day jumper, which I will enjoy wearing with an assortment of existing coats and footwear ...

Coat 1.

Primark parka (eons old), Office Namesake boots (old)

Coat 2.

Gap trench, Russell & Bromley flats, Hobbs NW3 bag (all old)

Coat 3.

Maison Scotch coat, Mulberry bag (all old)

Honestly, in the autumn, winter months, it's going to be all about the coats which is why I have quite a collection and that's okay because that's all people really see on the school run. But that little Joy jumper and a pair of black jeans is the perfect foil for all the different coats isn't it? Translated, that means I was too lazy to change in to another pair of jeans.

And did anyone notice that little bracelet I wore at the top of the post? It just so happened that I ordered Joy on the day that Whistles were offering a free London Fashion Week goodie bag with all orders. In my goodie bag, I received this rose gold coloured bracelet ...

So happy to receive bling (even if it's only tiny not real bling)

 ... as well as a bottle of Revlon's Cool Beige polish. It's luvverley. 

Just imagine the milkiest weakest latte ever. That's the colour!

Beam. Beam. Beam.


Last Note :

  • There you go Eve! I've shown you mine. Let's see yours. Oooh err.

How To Hem Your Jeans Nicely

Wednesday 18 September 2013

I wish I had slightly longer legs. About an inch or two or would be good, then this would eliminate my main denim woe - jeans which are too long for me. Even the shorter lengths can be too long ... like this pair of H&M jeans. This is the 30" length which is the shortest length they do. I don't mind an inch too long but these are actually 4" too long.

I can do wrinkly but not that wrinkly.

Years ago, I took a pair to be altered and I was really surprised when they asked me if I would like the original hem leaving on which I didn't know was possible. I said "yes please" of course. That's because most jeans (apart from the solid colour ones) have some kind of distressing along the hems which tends to get lost if you take them up the normal way. 

We need to keep this distressed hem. Honest we do.

And from having that one pair of jeans hemmed, I learnt to do my own (I learnt to make a roman blind as well from taking one apart but that's by the by). I do mine by hand as I am too lazy to get the machine out and thread it up but I'm sure it's quite easy to do by machine if you are a sewer (unlike me).

For all the short legged people out there or the long legged ones who do sometimes face the same problem of too-long jeans, here's how to hem your jeans nicely. 


Start by looking at yourself in the mirror with the jeans on and decide on how long you want your jeans to be. I personally think it's important to get this visual. Don't go with the thought that you have a 28" inside leg and just measuring accordingly - it's important to get it right and pinned to where you want them to sit. You also need to do this with the shoes on that you want to wear your jeans predominantly with. Remember also that you will have an extra cm or thereabouts to be added on to this length which is the length of the hem which you will be "re-attaching".

See why you need to keep the distressed hem? Looks rubbish when just turned under.

Turn your jeans inside out. Measure the length that you will be shortening your jeans by ....

4" I tell you!!!

And repeat for the other leg.

Make sure they match!

And iron sharp creases in. Remember to take photo after ironing and not during or else you get a steamy photo (not that kind).


Turn your jeans back to the right way. And tug the hem in to position ....

It's all falling in to place now isn't it?

Pin in to place ....

Make sure your side seams align.

Sew the hem down.

Sorry, I don't know what this stitch is called. I kind of just go with it.

When it's finished, it should look a bit like this but don't blame me if it doesn't.

And this is one leg done and one not done. You can now see why I would want to keep the original hem.

One hem done. One hem not done.

Now you will have some excess fabric on the inside. Depending on how much there is, you might want to cut away the excess and hem the raw edge.

I think that's blanket stitch.

Anyway repeat all steps for the other leg and then you're done. 

Ta dah!

Well that initial alteration cost me £7 about 7 years ago but I have probably saved myself £100 or more in learning this trick. Its also very easy by machine which my friend L prefers now she knows this trick. 

And one last thing. Just to prove that I don't really sew and all that gumph, here's my sewing case. It's not good is it? Would a real seamstress have a sewing case like this?

A little messy I know.

Who's dying to get their hands on this to sort it out?


Last Note :

  • Sorry for the rubbish post title. I couldn't think of anything witty or clever :o(

Persian Red & Ecru in a Marant Stacey Blouse.

Saturday 14 September 2013

Persian red and ecru. Here we go again. Nooooo!

Actually, I was a bit more successful this time. Because there were no stripes involved. Or weird sizing.

I put the (Persian red and ecru) Isabel Marant Stacey blouse on my wishlist in January - 8/9 long months ago. And every now and then I'd see it pop up on the odd blog looking lovely and I'd go and visit on NAP and think ... "no, not just yet". "No, not just yet" eventually became "right this very minute" on the first day of the NAP summer sale.

Now why did I play the waiting game? Apart from the fact that I have clothes a plenty, this red in my eyes is a little autumnal. I thought it would be quite challenging to wear in the summer even though Net a Porter styled it with white jeans to bring in the summer theme. I tried it with white jeans - I looked dreadful. The model looks great. I repeat I looked dreadful  - so no pics. However, with the black jeans, it all falls in to place for me. 

Can you now see where my autumnal reasoning comes in to play?

Picture Credit : Net a Porter &  Matches

The black jeans feel twenty times more me. End of.

Three basics. Blouse, jeans, boots.

Shirt untucked

Obligatory fashion half tuck

Add a bag and fluffy hair. And we're done.

Blue jeans don't go bad either.

New Look Jeans, Krimble Sandals (all old)

But the most peculiar colour pairing with this blouse? Green pants. As demonstrated by Isla Fisher.

Picture Credit : Coolspotters.com

Now credit where credit's due for the most unusual combination and I really didn't rate this until I tried it myself. Honestly, if you look at something enough times ... it all starts to look right ... even if it's a little wrong. Anyway, it kind of grew on me. 

Gap Skinny Mini Skimmer Khakis, Monsoon Sandals

A bit madness and badness and a little Christmassy in colours too. Oh my - did I really say Christmas?


Last Note :

  • You're right Louise. It's lovely. It makes me smile when I put it on :o)

Susie So So