What's Your OTHER Favourite Colour?

Thursday 28 February 2013

Right, everyone has a favourite colour. Mine is grey. Ben knows this - he asks me quite often hoping that one day I will say something like blue which coincidentally is his favourite colour but no - I always answer grey. I took him in to Zara recently (poor boy) and showed him three coloured sweatshirts "What do you think Ben? The pink or the blue?" "Blue" he replied . I knew he would say blue - it's his favourite colour and he poo poos anything pink because he is a boy (that's his logic for the time being). "Okay Ben, blue or grey?". "Grey" replied Ben. "But I thought you would pick blue because that's your favourite colour". "No - grey is your favourite colour, you wear grey all the time - just get the grey. Can we go now?". Well that's telling me then.

So yes, I like grey (a lot) and the usual basic neutrals (black, white, taupe and navy) but I have noticed that with the exception of "fashion" colours which pop in from season to season (remember autumn/winter's berry tones?), I have another favourite colour which I have a soft spot for. Yellow. But not wishy washy pastel pale yellow. I like a nice bright yellow. Yes siree.

I think I have only become aware of this in the last year or so when I did a quick scan of the wardrobe. It started a few years back with a yellow spotty silk/cotton blouse from Whistles. Couldn't resist the colour - it was happy. Then I bought my Aubin & Wills rain jacket. Bright bright yellow. Happy, happy, happy. This was followed by a yellow striped Breton from Jack Wills and last summer brought me a bright citrus yellow Topshop jumper which in turn brought me lovely compliments but was such a boooger to wear because of the cut and length that I eventually assigned it to the charity bag. Then winter came and a lovely mohair acidy yellow H&M scarf came to live with me. Just after, a replacement yellow jumper from Aubin & Wills filled the gap of the horrid Topshop one. Whoops - nearly forgot. I also have two pairs of yellow sandals. Oh and another yellow stripe cardigan which I really did forget about.

I think that qualifies yellow as my other colour.

Whistles Blouse, Jack Wills Breton, Aubin Wills Jumper

Doing my "intelligent" specs look. Okay - running out of contacts lenses actually.
Carefully mussed up pony tail. Okay - bad hair day.

All the indicators are giving out that yellow is going to be big this year. I'm not sure I want it to be because it's my other colour but when Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton is splashing it around like no ones business, I'm just going to have to like it and lump it. Oh well - at least I don't need to spend money on this trend :o)

Louis Vuitton SS2013

So if you can't beat them, join them. Here's my yellow picks from Zatchels to start you off  :

So tell me, what's your other favourite colour?

Virtual Reality

Tuesday 26 February 2013

I went to London on Saturday - the second time in the last four months. The reason? A bloggy meet up. After my little rendezvous with Marlene from Chocolate, Cookies and Candies last November, a few of my other bloggy friends all got in touch with each other and said "We want to do that too!"

So here's a few pics of a few of us (some were in the bar ;o)) and what it looks like when you get a group of bloggy women together who have never met each other before with the exception of myself and Marlene. 

Marlene, Natalie and Avril

We felt like we knew each other from the blogs but the actual meeting of people you read about in the flesh is quite strange. Some people are exactly as you imagined them because their personalities shine through in the way they write. But the weirdest thing is listening to people talk. When you hear people talk and their accents come through, it brings a whole new slant to the way you read their blogs because whether you realise it or not, you read what other people write in your own voice and how you perceive them to be. Avril from School Gate Style actually has the most gorgeous softly spoken Irish accent, Marlene from Chocolate, Cookies and Candies has her cosmopolitan Kiwi mix, Joanna from Poppys Style hailing originally from Lancashire is a bit of English posh mixed with 11 years of Atlanta which is really unique and lovely. And me? Well I was born and bred in Yorkshire - I sound a bit flat cap and whippets to everybody outside of Yorkshire. In the nicest possible way.

Now if I were to sum up what I think some of our initial thoughts and first impressions of each other were, it went and sounded a little like this :

"Oh you're so tall" (referring to Fiona)
"How long are your legs?" (everyone about Kat)

How long?????

Natalie's legs vs Kat's pylons

"You're taller than I expected" (Marlene & Sue to Avril)
"Oh you're quieter than I thought" (probably everybody referring to me)
"Oh you sound totally different to what I thought you would!" (everyone to everyone)
"Oh, she's just so cool"(people behind Marlene's back)
"Oh you're so thin!" (referring to Joanna)
"Oh you're not quite as short as I'd thought you'd be" (someone to me but I was wearing heels)
"You're tiny "(me to Natalie)
"You're how old - never???" (me to Helen)
"Why don't you put your head on your pictures?" (in general to me)

So a curious mix of ladies but we were all bonded by the fact that (1) we all blog (2) we're all mums and (3) we all like clothes a bit (admit it Marlene ;o)).

And sorry - I couldn't resist putting in this last pic:

Handbags at Dawn!


Last Note : 

The reason why I don't put my head on most pictures?  Apart from eliminating the possibility of bog eye, any camera pointed in my direction seems to render me an awkward nervous bundle of nerves - ask the ladies! They've seen what I'm like.

A Sneak(er)y Obsession.

Friday 22 February 2013

The weather has warmed up a fraction and I have recently become reacquainted with my Converse. As a result I have become sneaker obsessed. I'm not prepared to suffer (very) cold feet in the name of fashion so sneakers seem like a good option for the time being as sock wearing is allowed.

So having experienced a little dye transfer from my jeans to my Converse, this sparked the sudden desire for a pair of dark sneakers which would disguise this happening in the future.

I already have two pairs of Converse so I thought it was time to give some love to another brand and besides a change is as good as a rest. I started off initially looking at the Adidas Gazelles in a lovely navy. But then I thought no - I want some forest green ones. They only do them in this shade of green for men, not women. I find it rather unfair that the men have oodles of colours and the very few women's colours that they have can be counted on one hand. Pah! I also admit it would not normally bother my small brain but if I'm in the market for sneakers - I want a good selection.

Definitely old school aren't they? Hence they come up under the banner of Adidas Originals. By chance, the babysitter (a nice young man) came in wearing some black Adidas Gazelles and I said to him "Are those Gola?". I like to wind the young 'uns up sometimes and I scored big time here because the nice young man looked seriously unimpressed. Thinking about it now, it was probably not a very wise thing to do seeing as how I was leaving my children in his care after having just insulted him. It also confirmed my suspicions that Gola doesn't rank in the under twenties stratosphere of coolness. Which is a shame because I rather like the Gola trainers I've seen on my travels. Something in my head says they are actually quite cool as these are a blast from the past. And I love the colours.

My favourites are the grey ones with that lovely blue detail. However the practical head says the navy ones would end all my woes with the dye transfer problem. 

Talking of traditional style sneakers - the Nike Blazers started preying on my mind. I was particularly drawn to the yellow ones for some reason but these are as practical as a chocolate fireguard with my two boys jumping on my feet and the likelihood of jean dye turning the yellow suede green around the edges. I even stalked a cherry red pair on Ebay for a few days and then suddenly awoke from the fog because I knew that if I were to have cherry red sneakers on the end of my feet, I would spend all day looking at my feet. Which means I wouldn't get anything done. So I decided not to go there.

Golden Goose trainers seeped in to my consciousness and seeped out just as fast again when I clocked the prices ....

.... and isn't it rather strange why we have to pay more for things which look knackered for want of a better word? I also looked at Ash, Onitsuka Tigers, Leather Crown and many more.

Yesterday, I did have a day out in Leeds all by myself with the Grumps blessing and I had time to go and peruse trainers till I could peruse trainers no more. I found some maroon coloured Puma's, not dissimilar to the Nike Blazers and yes - just as I thought - I couldn't stop looking at my feet. I had to leave them - I was too mesmerised by the colour. I eventually came across a dark grey pair of Blazers in Schuh which seemed to fit the bill and didn't look too alien on my feet. The idea is that they wouldn't look out of place in my wardrobe and don't make people think "they're a bit strange for Sue".

I took them home with me because they came with a 365 day returns policy which is beyond reasonable and because the nice girl who was helping me was complimentary about my age when I said they might they be a bit young for me. We played the guess my age game (she started it) and I came away good. Yay!

So I'm all in a quandary. I quite like them but I'm not sure if I suit my Converse more or maybe I'm so used to seeing them, it's hard to see yourself in something different. So I'm going to put it out there and ask what you think? Too young, too retro? Do you like them but wouldn't wear them? Like them but not the colour? Hate them - full stop. All opinions welcome.

Oh yes - and what sneakers do you wear? If you wear them?


Last Note :

  • I chose to use the more Americanised term "sneakers" as to me they are a more casual everyday type of leisure footwear.
  • Trainers sound more "hard core". Like I'm going to do the London marathon and I need some new trainers. You know what I mean - proper gym shoes!
  • The Schuh stores return policy is much better than the Office Shoes one as they will give you a refund even after 365 days. Office shoes will only allow a store credit or exchange which is very bad for people who can't make their minds up (like me). Just so you know.

Tee Shirts.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

You will probably have gathered by now, I like my clothes to look a little loved. By that I mean I like my jeans  in a distressed or antiqued finish and I like my tops and tees to look like they've had some good action with the washing machine.

So I obviously love all the expensive vintage wash tees found on some of the more pricey sites. I've been searching for good vintage wash tees in navy and cornflower blue. Cornflower blue sounds quite specific but it is a shade that I love. It works well on my skin tone and is summer skies personified. I liked this one from Splendid - perfect neckline, perfect cut, perfect shade of blue.

Imperfect price. I really don't want to spend £80 on a cornflower blue tee even if it is from Splendid, because it is only a tee after all and a very simple one at that.

So I'm delighted with my little number from Matalan which cost £6. It's a slightly paler blue but hey I can live with that if I'm saving over £70. 700 English pennies. Not to be sniffed at. 

The single review online says it is too thin and too big. I say it is just right and loose fit. It is a vintage cotton - hence the nice light weight and they've tried to achieve that softness that you would associate with an old tee which has been through a few washes and is now an old friend. Interestingly enough, Matalan have another tee (comes in marl grey) which they are labelling as the perfect tee and that is a different kettle of fish altogether - denser weave, heavier cotton, more fitted and a little bit smarter. It all depends on what you like.

And what I like as you can see is non clingy, scoop necked, plain tees. I think Ive been slowly building up a collection ....

Soft white Zara linen tee (old) with pocket

Unfortunately it seems to get shorter with each subsequent wash & there's nothing I can do about it.

Light navy Zara linen tee (old)

I liked the white, so I bought the blue.

Soft white Zara linen tee (no pocket)

And because I worried about the first one shrinking, I bought a back up.

Was actually looking for a grey marl tee but couldn't find one.

Grey marl Splendid tee

Then I found a grey marl one.

And this just happened to be next to the cornflower blue one and I did say I was looking for a navy tee!

And I'm sure you've all fallen asleep from that exciting colour palette so I thought I'd wake you up a bit with the last tee ....

Neon pink H&M Tee (old)

Can you tell I really like the pink one? Hence you get two extra pics.

Ta dah! Now doesn't that pink just make you smile? Doesn't it make you think of ice cream and summer sun? It's not all doom and gloom in my wardrobe! This pink H&M tee is my joint favourite tee (last seen here) - it holds top position with the grey Splendid one. And it only cost £3.99 which makes me really really smile :o) Especially when I think I saved another 700 English pennies not buying this one :

So do you have a particular fit or style of tee that you like? That you never thought about or realised till now?


Just for info : 

I stand corrected - I saved 7000 English pennies actually and not 700 as Caroline was kind enough to let me know. Whoops :o)

Sunday Outfit

Sunday 17 February 2013

Quicky post today. I'm off to a lovely kids birthday disco at the village hall shortly.

Gap Perfect Oxford Shirt (old)
H&M Tweed Jacket (old)
H&M Low Skinny Jeans (new)
White Converse (old)
Etienne Aigner Bag (very old)

The kids will be doing Gangnam style. I'll be the one doing the Y.M.C.A. 

I'm old school.

February 14th

Thursday 14 February 2013

February 14th. The day after the 13th and the day before the 15th. Valentines day. I don't really celebrate it but I know there are some old sops out there who really enjoy it. Maybe it's because we've been married some time now, maybe it's because we're not the romantic kind anyway, maybe we don't like the commercialism and the overpriced flowers on this day but we've mutually agreed to let this day pass by without any hoo-ha. I always say, take me out the week after or buy me flowers when I don't expect it but I prefer the gestures which come naturally rather than the ones which are forced out because someone somewhere declared that it should be so.

And what could be nicer than a lunch date on Valentines day with the Grumps today when I least expected it. I was busily entertaining George in the car showroom and taking pictures of my feet whilst waiting for my car  .....

A girl's got to amuse herself somehow.

Why play with little toys when you can play with big ones !!!!

...... when I had a text asking me where I was and did I fancy lunch? Yes why not indeed? These offers are few and far in between! George and I made our way back in to Leeds. We walked past the market car park where they were setting up the big wheel for the annual Valentines fair ....

You're not getting me on that for love .... but maybe money :o)

And I had a return to do to Zara which meant I also had to have a little nosey to see if anything else new had turned up. I've seen another quilted jacket online and I wanted to see which one was better - the one I've got or the one I haven't got. As it was, the other one wasn't in store yet but mine has finally made it's way to the shop floor (smug for at least 3 days :o))

Do I now need a red suede bag?

A boy's got to amuse himself somehow.

I'm feeling a new love for my Converse at the moment and was delighted to be able to wear them today. I was also breaking in a new pair of jeans. I spent the last month hunting down the perfect skinnys whilst everyone was hunting down the perfect boyfriend jeans. During the last month I also realised I don't suit skinny jeans so once I got my head round that, it got a whole lot easier. There's no point going there if they're not you. So what do I do? I go and get some "low skinny" jeans from H&M. They say skinny on the inside waistband but honestly do these look like skinny jeans on me? These are more like a slim straight jean as they're not overly tight round the calves which helps balance out the thighs. I also said I was breaking them in ... these have very little stretch and I wanted to see how much they would give by the end of the day. These are quite a rigid denim so if you have been spoilt by extra stretchy ones - these may not be the ones for you but I wanted them for that particular reason. Also I've always been fascinated by the raw denim APC jeans and this is my cheap cheats version of a rigid dark (almost untreated) denim to see how I would get on. If you look on the first pic with the Converse, you might just make out the stiffness of the denim. I'm no expert on raw denim but I'm sure someone somewhere will enlighten me and correct me on what raw denim is. I'm happy to learn but please put it in simpleton terms for little ol' me.

We met the Grumps at Arts Bar which is one of my favourite lunch places in Leeds. It used to be a favourite for evening drinks as well when I was younger. I believe I may have fallen out of there in a squiffy state on the odd occasion but I am now a reformed character :o)

What's your poison?

Grumps took his leave and George and I went for a nosey around the Corn Exchange. It's had a makeover in recent years and it looks gorgeous - shame there isn't more business passing through.

Gorgeous but rather empty for a lunchtime period.

Needs a tea dance to rock things up a bit.

Little black dresses

Little small people

Flashback time. Remember Trumpton?
"Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert Dibble Grub ...."

And then home as the wee man said his legs were tired. And there was Power Rangers to watch.


So tell me - did you celebrate today? 


Update 18.02.13  

The wheel is not for the Valentine's fair - it's just an attraction set in the middle of Leeds Market car park ????

Susie So So