Friday Five : 9th February 2018

Friday, 9 February 2018

Hi! Are you ready? Shall we see what's floating my boat this week?

Friday Five (1 of 5) Spring Colours

Remember last week, I said I wanted pink jeans? Well I spotted the perfect looking pair from Mango and waited all week for them to arrive. They came today and I bobbed them on straight away and then I took them off and put them back in the bag. This can mean one of two things - I loved them straight away and I didn't need to play with them any more as I was totally sure of them. The alternative is that I looked a bugaloo in them. Guess which category they fell in to? Yup - the second. And that lovely green dress up there is from Faithfull the Brand (they do some lovely stuff) and I coughed up a considerable sum for it as I thought it could be a potential birthday present. Let's just say, I just don't get on with wrap dresses and this one was no exception. Why do I do this to myself? Anyway, what I was trying to say was, they're both going back. 

Friday Five (2 of 5) Alexa

Alexa and a ... bin.

If you have an Amazon Alexa and you also have a sensor bin, you can pretend to your friends (who don't know you have a sensor bin) that Alexa can now control devices around the home. Stand casually next to the bin and say to Alexa, "Alexa, open the bin". Wave your hand over the bin and the lid opens. Your friends will go "Wow, that's amazing - I didn't know you could get Alexa to do that kind of stuff these days!". Chuckle to yourself for a while before you let them in on the joke. Honest, we've done it to our friends and we pranked them.

Friday Five (3 of 5) In the Navy

Look the new stock is just flooding in right now and I'm just all over it. I ordered two tops this week from Zara. Let's cut to the chase, they are both nice but not perfect on me. The peasanty one is quite low and I would be forever adjusting and the tassels on the sleeves would have to be removed. The sleeves on the spotty top is too long and needs shortening to bracelet length. I've tucked them to where I would have have them chopped to. They are both nice though but are they worth the extra work? They would be really easy to wear with jeans in the summer. What am I talking about? I wear everything with jeans full stop.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Shoes!

Primark Bow Slides (in store)

At the beginning of each season, I usually bag myself a little gem from Primark. I haven't seen much this time round but I did find those little bow slides up there. And they were da da dahhhh £6. So cute with a white tee and jeans. There I go again - jeans, jeans, jeans! Oh if you like my little circle bag, I've just spotted a bargainous one at the bottom of this post.

Friday Five (5 of 5) More Shoes

Jeanne Damas (so very cool)

I'm very behind. Last year Michelle pointed out the above Rouge Saskia wedge sandals to me. This year I'm all over them. I spotted a similar styled pair in M&S when I was dashing through and hastily tried them on and parked them in my fashion memory bank besides which I'm rationing myself to one pair of shoes per month. I'm thinking of how my summer look is working out this year and I have a feeling, this is how I want it to look ... and those shoes look good in it.

Cats Eye Sunglasses seem like they're having a moment again but they seem to slot in with this look beautifully without looking too try hard. That little round bag is just in at Topshop and less than half the price of my original round bag. And the Los Angeles t-shirt - the rust colour is spot on. I love it. 

See you some time next week hopefully!


  1. Oh Sue you crack me up... Alexa & the bin! So funny...

    New season stuff is funny: all so alluring bit getting to the wheat of what suits us over the chaff that doesn’t can be haaaaard work. Adore the apple tee, might treat myself to one on my shopping trip with my sis! Xx

    1. I've got boho tops coming in and out of the house like I don't know. Technically I want for nothing but you just need a little fresh juice sometimes to help jazz up the existing stuff. And I do love the apple tee - I think I was drawn to it because I already have a Levis one with an apple on. Infact, I'm drawn to apples the way some people are drawn to stars. x

  2. Haha Sue - was looking at that picture of Alexa thinking you were about to tell me where to get a groovy fur coat. Now I realise I need a sensor bin in my life.
    But then I realised I need a circle handbag more than a bin and so I bought it - thank you for the tip off!! Tempted by the Phase 8 one too...have been waiting for it to appear in HOF since I saw it in a look book. But two basket bags in one weekend??! Mad in the head...
    Great post as always - usually read your weekly posts on the phone but can't face typing a comment on there due to the amount of concentration and eyesight required :) Ax

    1. I didn't like the bin at first and used to curse it when it used to shut on me mid way through scraping out a plate. But I've kind of got used to it now and find myself standing in front of other people's bins when I am at their house wondering what is wrong with their bin and why it doesn't open when I wave my hand (or elbow as I'm using holding something) - it's amazing how you adapt! And I think you're curtailing your bag buying like I'm curtailing the shoe thing - two in a week is a bit much isn't it? The Phase 8 does look nice though and probably quite well made. I noticed it was on offer this week too - arrrghghghg! And like you, I save all my commenting for the laptop - I can't type on the phone - fat fingers! Have a good weekend Avril! xxx

  3. Great post! Love that green dress, had a quick look on their website but the prices.... plus the postage - big fat no! On the other hand your selection at the end is much more shoppable! Apple tee is in the bag and I'm tempted by the phase eight bag but truth me told I don't think I'd use it enough to justify the price hohum. Have a good week x

    1. Well the green dress was to be a birthday present but it didn't work out which is how I ended up with a leather jacket instead. The prices are a bit ouch aren't they especially with the postage but Asos hold a limited range of their clothes which is where I got it from so I didn't get stung with the postage.

      And the Phase 8 bag is lovely - I can't justify another one - I have a few baskets which I already love. If I end up editing one of those, out who knows?? Have a good week too! x

  4. Great Finds Sue .... I love those Primark check slides xx

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