Another Shade of Grey.

Thursday 1 March 2018

HM Cashmere Scarf (old)
New Look Jeans (old)
Links of London Necklace (old)

Well the Beast from the East blew in good and proper and scuppered all my plans for spring fashion. I was thinking pink jumpers and light denim but instead I'm going back to the grey jumper drawer. Actually, I have just added a new grey jumper to the rather excessive grey knitwear collection. The cashmere merino one from Woolovers below.

It might seem the wrong time of the year to be looking at jumpers but we have snow and below zero temperatures currently and that makes it very right. I also am of the belief that if you have a lot of something, this doesn't mean you shouldn't have any more. On the contrary, you have a lot of it because basically you like it and wear it lots. That's where I stand with grey jumpers and pretty white tops in the summer. And they're all different from each other. 

Enough said. 😉


Last Note :

  • I'm in a size small (I normally fit a size 10) and it's a good relaxed fit but not sloppy slouchy.
  • This bridges the pretty but draughty itchy Ganni trend led jumpers with something a little nicer to wear and is more my style (I tried a pretty pink H&M one recently but wasn't feeling it).
  • 80% merino wool, 20% cashmere - feels nice.

* Merino Cashmere Jumper  c/o Woolovers


  1. I bought a couple of their ribbed v neck tunic style jumpers in merino/cashmere in medium which was a little big but the one i washed did shrink visibly. They are lovely and soft though.

    1. Oh that's a shame. I have three of the plain cashmere merino crew neck styled ones and they have washed and kept their shape well. You should leave feedback on their website - they are good at getting back to you. I like the fact that you can machine wash their jumpers. x

  2. Love Woolovers, and love that jumper, but jeez, haven't their prices gone up?!

    1. I tend to wait for the offers - I managed to get two merino and cashmere crew necks for £55 - which is not to be sniffed at as there are acrylic numbers out there being sold for much more! x


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