It's the end of the Sales!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

.... did you buy anything? I have to hold my hand up here and say yes. Shall I share? Hopefully these are a few things which will stand me in good stead - there's nothing  fancy here - you've been warned. If there was going to be anything fancy or trendy, I would have just bought it at the beginning of the season ... when it was in. I think what I bought is pretty timeless? Or considered? Or boring? Up to you.

3. Allsaints Bales Leather Jacket (full price unfortunately)
4. Pieces Leather Bag (alternative colours here)
5. Adidas Stan Smith (similar here)

So what did I nab?

The Topshop blouse I've already mentioned in a previous Friday Five. I've tried it on with different jean/shoe/bag combinations that I already have and basically it's a goer when the warmer weather comes. I just love the small ditsy print and the eau de nil shade.

The jeans. These are the MiH Cult jeans which seemed to their jean of the season for autumn/winter and they've continued them it into spring/summer at full price. I however nabbed mine on Collen & Clare for a fraction of the price and they also have Levis on currently at a fab price. Honestly if you're buying Boden and Hush jeans (not that cheap), you could venture into designer denim for a similar sale price. Just a little trawl on the t'internet will reap you rewards. Anyway, I'm a size 10 and I bought their size 28 and I would say they are true to size albeit a little long but I know a hem hack (here) so I can shorten them without losing their little stepped hem. For once, these jeans actually give me a waist. It's rather novel and I quite like it!

Ahh - the leather jacket. I finally have one! There I was browsing through John Lewis when I went past the All Saints concession and there was a rail of leather jackets marked with up to 50% off. So I had a nosey. They were all one style except one jacket. That one jacket turned out to be the Bales jacket and I was drawn in by the collar detail and the butter soft leather. I've tried a lot of leather jackets on in my quest to find the one and some leathers are so hard and unyielding that I know I will never feel comfortable wearing them. This one just felt nice. When I got it home, I told the hubs it was my birthday present from him. He replied "Didn't I do well?".

The Pieces leather bag. That's another item I've mentioned previously. I'm still really rather pleased with it.

Oh and last but not least, a pair of Stan Smiths which I found in the Next sale for half price. I've already been stalking these with the burgundy trim for the last few months and I knew I could wait it out. I'm really glad I did.

So - what did you buy? Anything good? Do tell.


Last Note :

  • This is only stuff I bought in the sales. Not any new season.
  • I also have the Hush ... skirt which I have yet to decide on. I kind of love it but is it versatile enough for me?
  • Apologies, I did try to see if I could find the Bales jacket at the price that I bought it at but they are now sold out in House of Fraser and John Lewis where they were half price.


  1. I bought I loaf of random stuff in the death throws of the M&S 90% off including gold leather boots for £6, a bright green gathered chiffon top, some jeans with a gold stripe, a mustard cashmere jumper, burgundy mohair cardi and a Pom Pom trim jumper. Opps

    1. I was there just over a week ago but I had no joy. Mind you - all the sizes were teeny or large but I do love nabbing cashmere when it's been reduced. I like the "oops" at the end. x


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