Leopard But Not As We Know It

Thursday 8 March 2018

Gaimo Bronze Espadrilles (old)

Okay, I storied this blouse today and got quite a few enquiries about it so I thought I'd pop it up on here for anyone who is interested.

The blouse is from Topshop and it's already been out once and sold out. I've been doing constant refreshes on the site to see if they restocked and they did and I pounced. I actually love this deep peachy tone - it reminds me a little of  Little Greene colour "Light Peach Blossom" and it has some lovely leopardy spots which are not too obviously leopard which I like very much because believe it or not - leopard is not actually a neutral in my wardrobe. I find it very hard to wear and worry that it wears me. So consequently, I have leopard on a couple of bags and a few pairs of shoes and one coat. That's it. Look through my IG feeds and blog - there's not much leopard.

Back to the blouse. It's a pyjama style blouse, satin but not shiny and true to size. I'm a size 10, I ordered a 10, it fits. The sleeves are an inch too long but I tend to fold my sleeves up anyway, I like my wrists on show. The next bit might be a divider for you guys - it's polyester. I'm not a fabric snob although I prefer my knitwear on the more natural than the acrylic side. And I don't mind polyester too much if you're not wearing on scorching hot days and besides which - the no crease factor is a winner in my eyes. It might be a touch short if you're very tall but I think the majority of people should be able to wear this - or just bob on high waisted jeans and tuck in!

And the jeans are the MiH Cult jeans which I blogged previously. I've just got to get round to taking them up - they have a stepped hem and are shorter at the back than at the front - the reverse of most stepped hem jeans. I'm debating whether to just chop straight across or replicate the hem detail when shortening. Decisions decisions.

Anyway, short and sweet. Hope that helps.

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  1. That neckline is really nice. Has a unique feminine shape. Low but not too low.


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