Friday Five : 16th March 2018

Friday 16 March 2018

Hello again. You've not put your jumpers in storage have you? Get them out. It's supposed to snow tomorrow. Oh joy.

Friday Five (1 of 5) Heroes

Who got a big tub of Heroes for Christmas? We got two. Or rather the boys got a tub each from Grandma. I got to the point where I thought no one is going to miss those strawberry creams left languishing at the bottom of the tubs (there were a lot) and decided to throw the lot in the bin. But I kept the tubs. Do you know why? They are the best containers ever for your houseplants which sit in those funny belly baskets or anything similar. They fit in nicely and have high sides so you don't need to take your plants out of the baskets to water them if you don't want to and there's no need to worry about water overflowing shallow plates and messing up your baskets.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Stepped Hems

Veja Wata Sneakers (past season but similar here)

Did you all do the stepped hems on your jeans last year or the year before? Where the front was shorter than the back? They were usually just snipped and the hems left raw. Well MiH did the stepped hem on their Cult jeans but they took it upon themselves to ring the changes and made the back shorter than the front AND to do a proper hem. And I took it upon myself to try and replicate this when I shortened my pair which I nabbed in the sale. What a faff. But I did it. And I think I did alright (pat on my own back there).

Friday Five (3 of 5) Aldi Aisles of Beauty Joy

Aldi Lacura Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads (in store)
Aldi Lacura Miracle Cream (in store)

I confess that I don't keep on top of what's coming in to Aldi each week with their special buys. I just turn up on a Thursday or Sunday and see what surprise awaits me in the Aldi Aisles of Joy. This week I came across their Miracle Cream and the Glycolic Pads. I popped them straight in to my trolley and off I went. They've got to be worth a try - right? 

A little deeper in colour.
A little thinner in texture.

The Miracle Cream (£3.99) is obviously a dupe for the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream - just look at the packaging - they've even done a little faded out pattern on the tube and everything. In reality, their version is a little thinner and deeper in colour and the familiar scent which some people love or hate, is different on the Aldi one. It's pleasant enough - a little floral but not horrid. I used it on my lips which is what I normally use my Eight Hour Cream for especially in this weather when lips get a little dry and chapped. It works nice enough and a little goes a long way!

They smell nice :)

And the Glycolic pads (£2.49) are a take on the Nip+Fab ones. I've never tried the official ones so I can't say how they compare but I used them last night and this morning and I quite like them - there is definitely something happening on my skin or I could be imagining it. It's too early to say, two pads does not a review make. 

Friday Five (4 of 5) Summer Stash

I've not blogged that much this year so I haven't divulged much of what I've been stockpiling for the summer but if you're interested, I have acquired the below spotty blazer and a floral skirt. The other bits in the montages are just nice bits which I've spotted on my travels which I wouldn't mind a jot if they made it in to my wardrobe.

The black spotty blazer is a nice light throw on - I came across it in store on a Last Chance rail and was quite taken with it. The red mules are from Oysho - not a popular brand over here but they do really nice lingerie and some other bits if you look. That black bag is from them as well and is the best price I've seen for one of these round bags - the design is more refined than the Topshop ones and looks to be less chunky. And the pink tee - well, I just like it.

I bought that black floral Miss Selfridge skirt a couple of weeks back. The day after I bought it, it was featured in Grazia. This week it was featured again. I think Grazia really like it. And you know there's all those fancy baskets out there? Sometimes, the plain and simple work so much better with so much more. The cardigan I just spotted on my internet travels - it has a bit of a seventies vibe about it doesn't it? I like that retro feel. The seventies are always good in the summer. And yellow espadrilles? Why not?

Friday Five (5 of 5) This Years Sandal Dupe

Zara Leather Crossover Sandals

Last year, I felt that everyone was all over the Hermes Oran sandals - the dupes started to appear and the best of them this year is the Dune Loupe ones. However, I was alerted to the above tan slides today on Donna's Instagram stories today - she's got a good eye has that lady. They're a take on the YSL Nu Pieds. I'm in. Are you?


Last Note :

  • The Nip+Fab Glycolic pads are half price currently in Superdrug here. Just incase you're interested. I might get a pack just to compare.


  1. Great job on the step-hems!
    Loving your new spotty jacket too.

    1. The jacket was one of those on the spur of the moment items - I just saw it and took it to the changing room to try. The rest is history! x


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