Friday Five : 6th April 2018

Friday, 6 April 2018

Hi, I seem to have gone blogging AWOL again. It happens sometimes - life and lack of inspiration has a lot to answer for. So a short little Friday Five from me to see if this stirs up the blogging loins.

Friday Five (1 of 5) Sunglasses.

Pink Glasses, Red Glasses, Navy Glasses (not black) from Primark
Brown Polaroid Glasses from Aldi

I've gone a bit mad on the old sunglasses front just recently. I bought four pairs in the last month or so but fear not, I've only spent a grand total of £10. I've bought three pairs from Primark, all the same shape but different colours and only £2 a pop each. If I lose any, I won't cry. Well I might if I lose the pink pair as they are my favourite. And whilst ambling down the Aldi Aisles of Joy, I spotted they had some Polaroid sunglasses. I never really knew what was so special about Polaroid lenses but last summer when playing in the duty free and messing about with the designer glasses, I saw the difference for myself when I bought my hubs some polaroid Rayban ones after trying them on. They really are so much clearer in bright light. So I had to buy the Aldi ones didn't I? At £3.99.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Peachy.

Primark Funnel Neck Sweatshirt Thing (in store)

Spring seems to have finally arrived and we reached a whopping 14 degrees today or so the car thermometer told me. It was nice and to mark the joyous occasion, I broke out my peachy funnel neck sweatshirt top which I bought a while back. Another one of my cheap and cheerful buys which I've never wanted to wear it till now as the weather has been so miserable (grey weather makes me wear grey for the record). And it goes with my trainers which I've had since Christmas. Like I've always said, it takes me a while to wear things.

Primark Funnel Neck Sweatshirt Thing
M&S Straight Leg Jeans (AW17)
Golden Goose (AW17)

Friday Five (3 of 5) Bandwagon.

Saw a bandwagon and jumped on it. Jumped on two actually. The Curated Closet book I should have bought some time ago but I think I'm finally in the mood to embrace it. And the other one 'Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine' - I've seen it so many times on my IG feed that I felt this should be the next book I should get in to. So if I disappear from blog land again, you'll find me with my nose in this book. For the record, anybody read any of these and are they any good?

Friday Five (4 of 5) Skirts

L to R

I can't buy a dress for toffee. I'm just the wrong size and shape for the styles I like and so I find myself more drawn to skirts. So far, I have tried on the Jigsaw one which I love but it's somewhat ouch despite my recent Ebay sesh (mental note - must do that again) but I've also ordered the two Hush skirts to compare to see if I like and which colour I prefer. All three would look fab against navy. The one thing in common which all these skirts have is pockets and pockets go far in my skirt world.

Friday Five (5 of 5) White Jeans

How hard can it be? I've wanted off white/ecru denim culottes since last year and I can't find a pair which fits me how I want them to on me and I have tried many. So so many. And on the off chance, I ordered these fitted over dyed ecru jeans from Arket. They are the ones. And no they are not culottes but sometimes you have to move the goal posts. I ordered a 28 waist which equates with a size UK 10. A touch long but that's nothing new and I have scissors and I'm not afraid to use them.


Hope you've all had a nice Easter!


  1. Love the jeans Sue! Though don’t do as I did today and miss your mouth when drinking coffee. X

    1. It was a bit of a wildcard move and I didn't have high expectations so I was pleasantly surprised with the fit. I've had some shockers in my quest for white culottes, believe me!

  2. Love your Friday 5 as I always do! I finished reading Eleanor Oliphant recently and highly recommend. Great read.
    Those jeans look fab. Look forward to seeing them on your insta-feed soon xx

    1. I'll probably be in them by the end of summer. It took me long enough to hem my MiH ones which I picked up in the winter sales. And I've not started Eleonor Oliphant yet - I've got to get to the end of my last Harry Potter first! x

  3. 'I have scissors and I'm not afraid to use them' - best line ever! Hope you love Eleanor Oliphant as much as I did...I'm planning to read it again once I get it back from the chain of people who have borrowed and passed on etc. Also looking forward to seeing how you find the hush skirt. I missed out and it's on an 8 week wait now so I ordered the floral one instead (6 week wait..those 2 weeks made a lot of difference). This is actually the first time in ages I've ordered something from hush full price. Loving so much this season x


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