Friday Five : 22 September 2017

Friday 22 September 2017

Friday Five (1 of 5) Pretty Undies

I have to say the Wacoal Lace Affair Bralettes are amongst the comfiest and prettiest soft bras I own. Yes you can buy lots of bralettes everywhere these days but I have to say, these are just lovely. Treat yourself

Friday Five (2 of 5) Party Heels

Sorry, I can't find them online but check out your local Matalan store.

What do you think? A bit rocking aren't they? Really really cool. And even though they look to be mega high, I managed about 5 metres on the shop floor in them without too much trouble. Put it this way, there were no sharp flashes of pain which usually happens when I try a heel this high. Infact I've tried some heeled shoes lower than this and buckled immediately. But imagine these with a Hades jumper or a Bella Freud and some cool jeans. Perfect!

Friday Five (3 of 5) Jumpers

Well I know it's 20% off Whistles this week and I did pick up this lovely red jumper before deciding it wasn't the red jumper for me. I thought it was the brightness of the red but it was more to do with the high neckline which had major (double) chin enhancing properties. Such a shame as I loved the boxy shape. So, I ordered a plain red merino/cashmere mix crew neck from Woolovers. I put it on and I immediately felt happy in a way that I didn't in the Whistles one so I knew I was right about the neck. And do you know what? If you purchase two of the Woolover cashmere/merino crew neck jumpers currently, they retail at £55 for two instead of £39 each. They're good basics - I already have a grey one (seen here) which has worn and washed well. And this is not sponsored.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Currently Investigating

I say currently investigating as I was hoping to try a different shape of jean for the winter which I could wear with boots and which weren't skinny jeans. So I thought I'd try the Topshop Dree (in the petite) which I would say are a slim cut cropped jean with a small flare. To be worn with a pair of sock boots. But not the pointy satin stiletto style ones as they have no place on my school run. Instead I picked the ASOS Ruben Boots which come far enough up the leg and remind me of the Topshop  Magnificent boots from previous years which I had to negate on the grounds that they were too high. And I have to say so far, so good, both fit and do what I want. They only came today so I still need to play. Oh yes, for the record, I think the Topshop Drew jeans fit as I would imagine a pair of JBrand Selenas would.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Half a Stone

Greggs Doughnut with Raspberry and Apple Jam

My jeans haven't fitted nicely for the last year and a half. It's my own fault - I've told you before about my penchant for double breakfasts and doughnuts. Anyway, I made a concerted effort at the end of July to shift the half stone extra I was carrying and today I hit target. And then had a doughnut.  Old habits die hard.

* Bralette c/o Wacoal


  1. Oh Sue you are funny - I always celebrated my weight loss goals (with a certain now owned by Oprah company) by buying and eating a whole bag of Balsamic kettle chips. I hear you re Woolovers I live in Melbourne and even Aussies get their stuff shipped out here - and they are not short of sheep!

  2. I spotted those Matalan heels as I wandered around on Wednesday last week, I think they had a floral pair as well. I had Felix with me and was on a mission so didn't stop to look but they might be worth anothe trip!


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