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Thursday 21 September 2017

Scarf (very old from Primark)
Matalan Khaki Jumper (looks grey here but it's not)
MIH Jane Jeans (old)

I don't know about you but I've not really worn scarves that much for the last four years or so. I used to be a bit of scarf/pashmina queen when I was working and I usually had a pashmina (it was the thing at the time) wrapped around my neck at work as I was sat under the air con. I probably had my coat on as well. Anyway, time moves on and I found myself moving away from the scarves. I think I averaged maybe three scarves a year for the last few years and if you go through my feed, you'll probably see the same ones on repeat. They fell out of favour with me big time. 

However, I spotted a lovely scarf online and was about to hit the button on it when I remembered I probably had something not to dissimilar which I could work with. So out came a little old Primark number which I threw and tied around my neck, just so. And then I got asked how I tied the scarf on IG so I did a little IG story as it really is the simplest technique ever and I'm sure a lot of people already know how to do this. 

But basically you need to be working with a square scarf. Mine is approx 100cm square. Fold it diagonally once so it's a triangle. Place the triangle part at the front and bring the two ends round the back and back to the front. Tie a knot. Faff in to place. Like in this diagram I found.

So no reinventing the wheel or anything - but just if you fancy something different from the usual big long scarf things, here are just a few other square offerings to whet your appetite. Nothing overly bold but a little bohemian (but not boho).

The Soeur Flower Scarf is the scarf I was after in the first place. Still hankering. Still hankering.

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