Friday Five : 7th February 2020

Friday 7 February 2020
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Friday Five (1 of 5) Frugal February

Last week, I ended my Friday Five wondering whether I could manage a Frugal February. Err that will be a no and we're only in the first week of February. I didn't mean to fail so soon and to be honest I was going poo, poo pah at everything on line and feeling mighty pleased with myself and then the dresses came flying in. Bam, bam, KAPOW!

I was browsing Topshop online which I know I shouldn't do and somehow ended up ordering two dresses. The smaller ditsy brown print which I preferred was available in a 10 which is my usual size and the second in a the black print was available in an 8. In general, dresses of this style, I tend to look better in when I size down - as long as the shoulders fit, the rest generally falls in to place. And I was right, the 8 was good and the 10 made me look like a quarterback (you might not be able to tell from the pics but the Topshop dresses have gathered detailing on the top of the shoulders). Possibly I'm swaying to the black print because it looks better on because of the sizing but it does feel like a much sharper print and has a touch of William Morris about it from a distance - work that justification girl! However, at time of writing this - the brown has come back in the 8 and now I need to do a contrast and compare to decide properly. You know how it is.

And last week I ordered this H&M dress as my last purchase before Frugal February started but then it popped up this week in the floral print so I had to order it to see which one I would prefer. I think I already know which one is the winner  - the green blue black combination are just really easy colours to work in to my existing wardrobe and shoedrobe. Both the Topshop and the H&M dresses are similar shapes to a couple of my M&S dresses which I bought a couple of years ago and which I'm looking forward to wearing again when it warms up. So why don't I just keep on wearing those ones? Because I still like variety. And I do like a good chuck on dress. If I look back to last summer, I lived in good chuck on dresses. They were just much nicer to me than my ridiculously truthful jeans.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Cheeky Girl

A jumper I bought a while back in H&M went in the sale online but it was sold out in my size. I was going to return my unworn one and buy it again at the sale price so I went off in search off it in store and found it but at full price. So at the till, I asked the girl if she knew when it was going in the sale as it was half price online and she mentioned something about the online business being a whole separate entity but would honour the online price and let me have my jumper at the sale price. Fabulous. Sometimes, it's worth being a little cheeky and asking even if you already know the online business and stores operate separately to each other. You might get your jumper at half price.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Next in Fashion.

I'm currently binge watching Next in Fashion on Netflix. I got through a lot of ironing this week in three episodes. It's a bit like Project Catwalk but with Tan France (Queer Eye) and Alexa Chung so it's worth watching just to see what Alexa's wearing. I haven't watched them all yet but I know who's won (dead cert anyway) and if you subscribe to Net-a-Porter emails, you can already see the winning designer's collection - the print and colours are lovely. And there's even a bonus romance from the show. Awwww.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Ebay

Sezane Leopold Jumper up for grabs here.

About seven years ago, I started decluttering and sorting out my clothes. I would go through what (1) I wanted to keep, (2) what I wanted to give to charity and (3) what I wanted to sell on eBay. So I'd put away what I wanted to keep, I'd bag up what I wanted to give up to charity and leave it outside when the collection vans were coming round and so far so good, job's a good un but then you get to (3) those bits that you were going to eBay? Seven years on, it would appear I have amassed quite a lot to eBay as I didn't seem to get on with doing that bit. But not this year. This year, I am aiming to eBay ten items a month minimum. If you break it down in to 2-3 items per week, it's not a lot and totally doable. So I'm not aiming high, just ten things a month. I've missed January (Queen of Procrastinators here so I have to do double in February) and I started this week. If you're interested to see what's leaving my wardrobe - you can find me here or look for me on eBay under Princessting.

Friday Five (5 of 5) New Life

Oh, that's my son's Marigold which he grew from seed in autumn half term when he went to a little workshop stall in Anglesey. Me and the hubs think it looks like a weed. Admit it, it does, doesn't it? 😂


Last Note :
  • The lighter days. Feels lovely doesn't it?  


  1. In fairness is does Look like a pretty weed... Great idea on the eBay, I also have a large pile waiting to be done! Laura x

    1. Don't leave it seven years like me though will you? 😂


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