Friday Five : 31st January 2020

Friday 31 January 2020
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Friday Five (1 of 5) How Green is My Inspo?

A little bit green or is it aqua? Or both? I really loved that pic that dropped in to my Pinterest browsing area this week. The colours just felt really fresh. And the important thing is you don't have to embrace that look whole heartedly - just take something from the pics (like the colour) and see what you have already. I've taken the idea up there and chosen to make it more wearable for everyday and half the things in the pic below, I have or something similar.

For people who can't wear wool fibres next to their skin, the M&S Cashmillion jumpers are probably a bit of a godsend. They come in a rainbow of colours and they do seem to have the perfect soft aqua shade in their collection this spring. I've started sizing up on some of my basic jumpers for a nice relaxed fit or should I say ... a forgiving fit. If you can afford a little more and suit a stronger shade, Woolovers have a cashmere and merino mix crew neck in the shade Mojito here. I've also stuck with a simple crew neck style (no fancy details) as this such an easy addition to wear if you need that little spring injection - this is the style of jumper I wear the most and am most comfortable with. And just looking at that jean outfit combo - anyone who has one of those black oversized avaiator jackets - that would look fab over with a hint of that aqua popping through.

The Allsaints Siddons jumper I can vouch for and is in the current sale. This is a classic style and has some cute detailing in the actual knit which lifts it above the average black and white stripe jumper. It's quite a dense knit and does feel a bit luxe. Things you won't spot from the pic is that it has a little holey knit pattern between the stripes. I wear a Uniqlo cream coloured heattech underneath so you can see the pattern more. It is the perfect cool but warm jumper - you know what I mean.

And I couldn't resist popping in the chequerboard Vans and the vinyl bag (both of which I have from last year) as they really lift a basic outfit and give a little interest. I'm hoping the vinyl bag says you're still down with the Topshop girlies rather than an aging raging dominatrix.

And lastly, lastly, lastly. The Zara green tweed skirt - that just looks "fashun" doesn't it? So I stuck it in. And someone somewhere will buy it and be all "fashun". Wish it was me but I'm not tall enough to carry it off, I don't have the lifestyle and I don't wear that many skirts but I know some of you do.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Scented Italian Broom

This is my new favourite scented floral thing.

I was browsing the flower stall at the start of the Shambles Market in York and was oohing and aahing over the lovely roses, proud tulips and the uptight hyacinths and then I found this mass of stuff with tiny flowers on and leant in further to read the label. Scented Italian Broom. This is the stuff that was on the Italian Hills where the hubs and I honeymooned and I cried at the top of one of the hills saying "I don't want to do any more walking and I understand if you might want to divorce me now". He didn't divorce me but he did suggest that we don't try and do any more walking holidays. I agreed wholeheartedly. And the Scented Italian Broom - I bought a bunch of it and popped it in a vase and it has filled my living room with the most delightful fragrance like the most gorgeous jasmine tea. I can also look fondly back on that memory now up on that hill but at the time I was praying for Mountain Rescue.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Socks

I'm quite enjoying dressing really simply. Black jumper or grey? Black jeans or blue? And then a coat different from the day before and repeat daily. I am finding that socks are still needed though and the regular black ankle socks are not cutting it especially if I'm wearing cropped slightly wider leg style jeans. Sometimes the socks slide down a little and then there's a little bit of skin showing which I don't like as it looks like my jeans are too short so I've bought myself some argyle knee high socks from H&M this week - the subtle argyle pattern on these make them just funky enough. However for my longer length jeans, my current favourite ones are those above from COS. I like that little peak of yellow.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Gold Spotted Skate Pumps

Catchy title eh. But that's what they are and that's what I'm loving this week. They're white ponyhair and gold spotted skate pumps1! Squee! Are they a big blingy? They would look fab with a gold Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi bag which I will never own. But a girl can dream and play the lottery!

Friday Five (5 of 5) Fatface

We had a powercut the other week and after about forty minutes of sitting in the dark I decided I'd treat the boys and take them out for something to eat. We headed out to one of those out of town places and pulled up in the car park.

"Is that where we're eating?" asked Ben pointing at the Fatface store. "It sounds like somewhere you would eat and come out with a fat face".

He has a point.


Last Note :

  • I'm giving myself a pat on the back for myself for not missing a Friday Five yet this year. Pat pat.
  • February tomorrow. I'm just wondering if I can make it a Frugal February?


  1. Reading your Friday blogs has been one of the very few cheery things this January!!

    1. Well that has just made my day and makes the blogging all worthwhile. Thank you!


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