Friday Five : 14th June 2019

Friday 14 June 2019

Hello, hello. You all okay? I'm okay - got a pesky cough but I'm okay. Friday Five anyone?

Friday Five (1 of 5) Shoe Fever 1

All in store.

Did I ever tell you how much I like shoes? I really like shoes. Really really like shoes. And I haven't been in to Leeds or ventured in to a proper clothes shop for a couple of weeks so I was all like "Ooh that's new, not seen that before, ooh I like that, ooh got to try that!" And that's kind of good with a place like Primark because it's good to go in with fresh eyes and spot any little gems that are a little under the radar. And what did I spot? Those pretty little espadrilles up there. I couldn't decide on the colour so bought both pairs. I'm going to be honest, they don't stay on well on my feet as I seem to flop out of the backs a little even when I've tied them up around the ankles so they may not be keepers! Such a shame but still worth a look because if you have no problems with them - they're beauts! Oh err yeah - I bought the little white cord bag too. Cross body, good size, smacks of summer. Tie a scarf on it to jazz it up, jobs a good un.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Flipz

CoOp, Tesco, Sainsburys, everywhere.

See that innocuous looking snack pack up there? Warning - they're like crack. I was given a free pack of dark chocolate Flipz recently and refused to try them as they smelt too chocolatey. Yes I'm weird like that but if I say, I don't have a very sweet tooth, that might go some way to explaining my adversion. The hubs ate the whole pack and said they're really good - the little bit of salt from the pretzel versus the sweetness of the chocolate is a good match. Pfft, I thought. But I'm nice so I bought him another pack, this time of the milk chocolate version and I tried one ... and he was right. And so I didn't give him the pack and ate them all myself. Then I saw the white fudge ones and I had to try those too. And they're like crack too (never had crack but you get the gist) and now no one in the house is allowed to touch them. Because I'm like that.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Oh Oh

MiH Lyra Dress available here and here 
Spot the tag still on - tried on fresh from the box!

Well the sales have started. And you know how they say, don't buy something if you didn't have your eye on it before and don't buy just because it's reduced? I just bought something in the sales which I never knew existed till I saw it in the sales. Ho hum. I fell for this MiH dress and there just happened to be free delivery with Matches (I fell for every marketing ploy going) and because I wanted one of their fancy boxes, I ordered twice so that I could send one back in a fancy box and keep the right sized one plus said fancy box. Tactics. Tactics. Oh yes and it's a buffet dress - hallelujah! I kept the size small and I'm a size 10. Size XS fit as well but I liked the looser fit of the small. And it's sheer and it doesn't come with a slip but I'm down with that because I love the dress.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Shoe Fever 2

Bobbed in to M&S and did see a few things but I couldn't be bothered to go in a changing room. I did however have to go past the shoes and those are always much easier to try on. These were my faves. The platform putty and snakeskin Autograph platform heels I was immediately drawn to - a gentle nod to the Terry de Havilland heels but a little less extreme. I like a block heel and a small platform - I like the clompyness as they seem to balance out the shape of my legs more. Teamed with a black cashmere rollneck or crew neck, it's an easy going out outfit teamed with a statement bag. The green strappy mules - I love the sharp colour of these. It's the second time I've been back to see these. There may be a third too as they didn't come home with me today purely on the grounds that I didn't have anywhere to go in these. And lastly, those lilac beauties! I'm not one for heels these days but I still like to look and the pretty shade of these drew me in and that curved side detail. The best bit? They're £19. So if you have a wedding or the races or an event, these are not a bad little shoe and they come in a variety of colours too. There was no size 4 in store so I tried the 4.5 and they are a touch gappy at the back so I would say they are true to size.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Everything's Rosy.

Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Oil
Pixi Rose Oil here

Or not. Because I only bought one bottle and this stuff is amazing. I spotted the Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Oil a couple of weeks ago in Aldi as part of their special buys. I kind of guessed it was a dupe of something from the Pixi range but thought nothing else of it and it turned out it was a dupe of the Pixi Rose Oil. I started using it and I'm addicted. It's the only really noticeable thing I've used on my skin in a long time where I can honestly say, I can see a difference. And why not so rosy? It's sold out and selling for double the price on Ebay! I use it mixed in with a moisturiser and it leaves skin incredibly soft.


Well that was nice to drop in for a Friday Five. I really should pull my finger out and get on top of these more often! 

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  1. Oh dear - the only time I get the urge to go to Primark is for their summer sandals - you always seem to find the best ones. On the bright side I too picked up the Aldi rose oil so my skin is winning. Maybe Aldi is the food version of Primark - they seem to be the stores where I get the best buys but also kind of dread going there ��.


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