Monday Musings : 27th August 2018

Monday 27 August 2018

Howdoo. Friday came and went a bit fast. Going to use that Monday Musings get out clause again. Where does the time go?

Monday Musings (1 of 5) Favourite Polish


Normally I'm a dark polish girl. Dark navy, dark grey shades all summer long. But this year, I've actually found myself reaching for something a little lighter -  a Sally Hansen polish in the colour Greige 372 which just happens to sum it up beautifully. It's the perfect beige mixed with a hint of grey. And I like it because it's easy to put on and in my humble opinion - quite classy. With dark shades, you need to be precise or all the wonky edges show up. Something like this greige shade, needs a little less care but still makes you look perfectly polished. Pun intended.

Monday Musing  (2 of 5) Pink Leopard

I just literally opened up the ASOS site and spotted that cute pink leopard blouse. Pink with red leopard spots. I kind of like it a lot better than the traditional brown leopard shades. Doesn't feel so leopardy if you know what I mean?

Monday Musings (3 of 5) Books & Mini Toblerone

Well I finally finished Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. It took me a while to get in to my stride with reading again and I stopped started it a few times but this last week, I finally got going. And I did that thing I haven't done for a long time, I read till the early hours of the morning to finish the book, just like in my teenage years. And now I've chosen my next book This is Going to Hurt. Oh yes - the mini white chocolate Toblerones. Aren't they cute??? Perfect accompaniment with a cuppa. Cutting to the chase - I found them in a big Tescos.

Monday Musings (4 of 5 ) Mushroom

Petit Hauts Blouse (old)
Golden Goose Trainers (old)
MiH Jeans (old)

Remember I mentioned in a previous Friday Five that I couldn't decide between the black Village England Egton bag or the mushroom colour? I went for the mushroom. It's good to have a change and it's good to find that it goes so well with my old trainers. I opted for the mini version - as I thought it rather sweet. If you're quick, you can still make use of the 20% discount code BIRTHDAY20 till 31st Aug.

Monday Musings (5 of 5) Camping.

Says it all doesn't it?

I'm going camping this week. I hear there is rain forecasted. Probably no wifi either. #prayforsue


Last Note :

  • Have a good bank holiday y'all!


  1. I'm praying Sue! Love all of these but particularly the greige polish..may have to

  2. Praying for Sue!
    I like the idea of the pink leo but... you know me, I probably wouldn’t wear it much! It’s nice though x


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