To Market To Market ....

Thursday 20 July 2017

Primark Mesh Tote (instore)

.... or anywhere you fancy really with one of these little French style market bags. I know, I know, it's not that practical and everyone can see what you've got in it but as long as your purse and phone isn't on show, I think it might be okay and quite fun. Infact I think it's just perfect for all those food festivals I seem to find myself at, for stashing weird flavoured cheeses and packets of exotic sounding pork sausages which the eldest boy has somehow managed to persuade us to buy. Again.

Not convinced? Well, Catherine below is enough to convince me to carry one. 

Catherine Dupon - one of the most stylish ladies around.


Last Note :

  • Mine was £3 in the sale from Primark. 
  • H&M have been doing this one for a while online in pink.
  • Grey September store here have a lovely selection and the bags have longer handles for wearing on the shoulder. I love this pink one.
  • Amazon and Ebay have some online - search for "net tote/net bag/mesh tote/mesh bag"


  1. I got a pink one years ago in M&S and I use it all the time. It's great for groceries -large or awkwardly shaped items like breads, fruit, etc. It just keeps stretching and holds so much!

    1. Oh that sounds encouraging. I haven't had chance to test out this little Primark one yet but I'm hoping it will do the trick and not let me down!

  2. I have found my style icon in Catherine Dupon, thank you for the introduction! Am now losing hours to scrolling through her instagram.....

    1. She has amazing style doesn't she. Never mind all the young uns out there - I'm looking to Catherine to show me how it's done.


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