Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I got new sneaks. If you follow En Brogue you will already have had an introduction to them here. Aerska? A new brand on the block by Gillian Davison, a lady with a touch of wanderlust who basically set about developing the shoe she wanted - a sneaker that took her from day to night without the gym bunny look. Something she could pound the city streets in and still stay comfortable but stylish. I think she did that with her London Sneaker.

I've got the cool white pair. I'm essentially a white trainer/sneaker girl and if you've looked through my old pics, what you will spot is that I love a pair of white trainers. I find that white footwear goes with just about everything in a way that black footwear doesn't for me. I can't explain it, it's just the lay of the land in my shoe world. Anyway, I've had them a couple of weeks and not said much about them - I wanted to wear them a bit and see if they were good. And what do I think?

I think they look good. They are currently still pristine and I actually intend to keep these looking neat. I have my scruffy trainers and now I have a smarter looking pair - the design reminds me a little of the Repetto lace ups which I've coveted in the past, infact if Repetto made sneakers, they would look like these London sneakers. And that black neoprene contrast - a little urban yes?

They're also very comfy. Yes I know I'm getting on a bit and the sensible light switches on more and more often these days but you know in my world, comfort is key right? The leather is very soft and supple so there's none of that nipping across the top of the toes where they bend like you get with some hard leathers when you're just starting to break them in. And they have a small hidden EVA wedge which is really supportive of your heel. I sound like a nana don't I but hear me out - I've started to get a touch of heel pain since I started doing more walking trying to hit the 10k steps target on my Fitbit daily. So this little wedge heel thing - a godsend!

Oh yes, they're easy. Not like back of the school sheds easy but really good and easy to put on for people like me who don't like undoing their laces on their trainers (for the record, I never undo the laces on any of my trainers) and now I legitimately don't have to with these Aerska ones as that clever neoprene sock detail means you don't actually have to undo and tie the laces at all. You just pop and go and like a tube of Pringles. 

Anyway, I really like them. That's all you need to know ;)

Ganni Sweatshirt (old but got my eye on this one now)
Mih Paris Jeans (current ones here)


Last Note :

  • The sneakers are true to size. I have slightly wide feet but the laces can be used to tighten or loosen as necessary. These were comfortable from the off. 
  • I love this "Giving Back" section as Gillian donates a percentage from the sales of her sneakers to charity. 
  • The code susiesoso will give you 15% off your order.

* Aerska London Sneakers  c/o Aerska 


  1. How bizarre! I wore my repetto lace ups on Tuesday for the first time in months and months! The same day you mentioned them. I hadn't read this until now. 😀😀

    1. Freaky! Maybe Repetto styled shoes are the new thing! Quite elegant aren't they?


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