Practical to the End

Thursday, 18 August 2016

"Let's go to the pub and just have a catch up before we all go on our jollies!" was the message from a fellow school mum.

And so not the usual going out gear one would expect, but this, I thought was perfectly acceptable for a night out at the local for a pub quiz. 

Whistles Dress (old) but this is a good alternative
Uniqlo cashmere cardigan (old) but this H&M one looks nice too.

This is me putting on my practical head which was, it might be cold if we end up sitting outside so I need a cardigan and I'll probably be stumbling back home in the late hours so I will need to wear flats. And I need a handsfree bag incase I need to fight off any dangerous souls. Got to cover all my bases! Anyway, the green dress is my old Whistles one which has made an appearance on my blog a few times before but it's a good summer dress and it earns it's keep. The hubs said "nice dress" to me before I went out. "It's see through". 

The little bag is new on the scene and I couldn't resist it because of the sporty webbing strap. It's quite a useful size - not too small with two compartments and actually fits my mahoosive purse in which is a miracle in itself. Best bit. £14.99 :))

Anyway, we didn't win the pub quiz but we did manage to get a packet of free pork scratchings for a correct answer on a quick fire round!


Last Note :

  • H&M also have this one with a similar styled strap which I think would be great coming up to winter and if you fancy a more urban vibe to it.

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