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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cecilie Copenhagen V Top & Shorts

I ordered the Cecilie Copenhagen top and matching shorts way back in February in time for my birthday in March. So this is me in my birthday suit ;)

I've tried with so many jumpsuits and playsuits over the last few years and basically I've had no joy. The trials and tribulations of being a titch. I usually end up with some weird overhang around the middle where the body part is too long or alternatively, I get some kind of strange drop crotch thing. Either way, it's not good. However, I kind of worked around the problem by buying myself a set of co-ords to make it look a little like I'm wearing a one piece. And guess what? This is so much easier when the call of nature comes a calling. 

Cecilie Copenhagen V Top & Shorts, Primark Bag, Park Lane Sandals

Anyway, Cecilie Copenhagen have just launched a new range and the UK stockists have released their latest batch of offerings. I don't think it will be long before they're gone!


Last Note :

  • Or if you're canny, you could go for this one which is a fraction of the price which the delightful Chloe alerted me to a little while back. Only limited sizes left so go go go!

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