Vila VISKYHIGHS Dress .....

Tuesday 19 April 2016

.... or my name for it which is "Buffet Dress".

I popped a picture of it on IG today and had a few enquiries about it. I guess there's quite a few of you who like a dress with no discernible shape or waistline like me.

I spotted this in January on the ASOS website and was quick to nab it. Just as well as it disappeared from the site not long after. Sold out in a blink of an eye. Every now and then, it makes a fleeting appearance in the odd size and then "Poof" it's gone again. 

What drew me to it - I love the print and colour and the shape. This is going to be such an easy throw it on dress in the summer - it's loose and baggy and covers up the wobbly bits and it's also not so short as to draw comments such as "Not at her age!". But wait, I have to mention the side slits. The side slits are high - almost knicker high if you have short legs like me, so I've put in a couple of stitches to make it more wearable and socially acceptable. If you're tall - it's probably not a problem. #smallpeopleproblems 

Talking of tall people in this dress, this would be fab over a pair of skinnies. It's quite a modern shape and with a pair of block heels like these, this would look fab. I can't do this, there's not enough leg length on my short pins. #smallpeopleproblemsagain

Oh yes, when you receive it, do not recoil in horror and wonder if you did bought the right size. You did and yes it does look like a tent. But get your head round it and you're on to a winner :)


Last Note :

  • For reference, I'm roughly 5ft 1" and wearing a size small hence the fact it comes down past my knee. I'm a UK 10.
  • The navy version which I have is actually a polyester mix and looks like a crepe. It doesn't crumple and has a bit of weight to it which gives the dress a nice "hang". They also do it in black here which is reduced and in the sale and made of viscose. They also do a floral print here again in a different poly mix. 
  • I love that the print looks like the night sky hence it's called "Total Eclipse". 


  1. Love this on you Sue, I love a loose dress especially in the summer (actually in the winter too!) I love the star sky like print..another gorgeous buy xx

  2. Really lovely, I do like the print and shape. It looks super versatile too. I'm definitely going to pinch your idea of sewing up side splits too.


Susie So So