Christmas Decorating : Tissue Flower Garland

Tuesday 8 December 2015

When tissue pom poms go wrong, we turn them in to flowers. See!

Sometimes things don't go quite to plan. Like when I decided I was going to make tissue pom poms as I wanted to decorate the house with them this Christmas. A bit like this :

So I looked up tissue pom poms on Pinterest. Cast a glance over a few pics, ignored the instructions and then went off to look for my tissue paper, a pair of scissors and some string. And set too.

My first attempt was a tiny scrunched up ball thing. It looked like a little flower rather than a lovely airy fairy tissue pom pom. But I persevered and a couple of pom poms appeared  ...

Proof that I made pom poms!

... and then I decided I wasn't a pom pom girl anyway. But the little screwed up flower thing ... I looked at that again and thought, that has potential. It had the potential to become a little flower garland. So if you'd like to read some instructions on how to make a flower garland - read on. Or if you want to cast a glance over the pics like I would ... glance on!

For each flower, you need 3 sheets of white tissue paper - size 12cm x15cm

Put the three sheets of tissue paper together and making sure the paper is at its widest, make concertina folds (about 1 cm apart) to the end.

Make a fold in the middle

And cut in half so you can make two flowers at a time.

Round off the edges of the paper on all the ends.

Make another fold in the middle.

Cut off a small piece of string and tie around the middle of the paper.

Pull the folds out into a fan shape.

And then separate the layers of tissue carefully.

And you should be left with something like this.

Do the same with the other half of the paper. Fan open and then pull the tissue sheets gently apart.

Faff (it's a technical term) and shape them a little so they look like little flower shapes.

Cut off the excess cord and you should have a little tissue flower. Make as many as you like and then tie them to a piece of string and voila... a flower garland!

Ta dah!

Depending on how long your garland is, you might be there a while. Make sure you have a snack to keep you going.

Add to your Christmas tree, wrap around a curtain rail, dangle around a picture, intertwine between some fairy lights for extra prettiness - your choice :o)


  1. Oh how pretty! We used to make pompoms from circles of shiny paper at Christmas but this looks much less fiddly and prettier.

    I see I'm not the only one eating macaroons, m&s had buy one get one free on the sparkly ones.

  2. Just lovely, what a great idea!

  3. You are a genius these pom-poms flowers! I'm off to have a go! xx

  4. You must have endless patience ...
    I know I'd have it all screwed in a ball, with much cursing if I even attempted one :(

  5. This made me laugh, I am such a 'look at the pictures, do it my way, bodge it and start again' kind of person. It's all worth it for the happy accidents though, isn't it? :-) xx

  6. Love this Sue, I was going to get my daughter making those Scandi origami stars for the tree, as they look a bit complex for me to figure out...But I reckon even I could do this! Sometimes the best things happen by accident?!
    Helen xx


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