Golden Ticket York Day Pass

Sunday 7 October 2012
Eat enough chocolate and you will get another Willy Wonka golden ticket for a day out in York doing girly shopping.  Yay!  Well, it was more like be nice to the hubs, throw him a gin and tonic as he comes through the door and then tell him you're off out at the weekend and that works as well.

Just me and L on a girls day out today.  Me and L are total opposites in what we like fashion wise. She likes a bit of colour and things to match. I do grey, black, brown and a little bit of on trend berry for good measure.  You get the jist. Look at our footwear for today for instance.

L's Joules olive green patent pumps with bright orange laces.

My cow brown Carvela boots.

And just to prove how "grey, black, brown" I was today ......

Grey Topshop Coat (2 year old)
Black New Look Jeggings (3 years old)
Carvela Spoken Boots (2 years old)
Mulberry Camera Bag (2 years old)

Everything's old! I need new clothes!

The Carvela Spoken boots came out of the wardrobe today and gave the little Office Namesake boots a much needed rest.  Their darker tone means they are more suited to this time of year and thankfully they were comfortable enough to take me through 6 hours of shopping.

Today was a bit of a lesson in outerwear for me.  L was on the hunt for a new ski jacket and was basically the font of all knowledge on all things down filled.  She spouted out brand names I'd never heard of and told me about powder skirts or something like that which keep the snow out of your coat (didn't know things like that existed) and shocked me with the prices.  You pay that much to look like the Michelin Man?  We paid visits to shops we wouldn't normally venture in on a girly day shopping like Jack Wolfskin and Blacks where I found this little padded number .....

And guess what - you have to pay £250 (but cheaper if you shop around) for the privilege of looking like a purple aubergine.  But it is toasty ... really toasty ... and really warm .... and really snuggly .... and I didn't look too rubbish in it and I can't believe I'm saying this ... I wanted it.  Thanks L.

And we got to mess around and try on hats ... because we could be as silly as we liked today with no kids whining "I'm bored" or the classic "I need a wee".  Which reminds me of the last time I was in York with George, stood at the tills when a little voice piped up "mumble, mumble, ooo". The sales assistant smiled at George indulgently and said "What did he say?" and I smiled back at her and said "He said he wants a poo.  She was very obliging and hurried my purchase along.

I actually want one of those big furry Cossack hats.
So I can embarrass the kids with a creature on my head.

We then decided to do some proper shopping in Mango where I took lots in and came out with nothing.  Nothing wrong with anything but nothing lustworthy enough to part money with today as I have set my mind on a pair of Ash boots.  In the colour "Prune".  Not burgundy.  Prune.  Prune - what a description, who thought that up?  All I can think of is that prunes help you "go" as L so reliably informs me.

And we managed to get a table at Jamies today for lunch.  

Just so you know you're at the right place.

Mr Oliver has not done a bad job on the old interiors.  

We had comfier chairs than the ones above.

I think he's in charge of the ham.

And have you seen the toilets????

It's a pink toilet cistern! An original crapper!
That joystick is the handle.  You pull the handle forward to flush.  How novel.
I don't get out much.

I just liked the lampshades so I took a picture of them.
I need to get out more.

Oh and the food was very good.  I had a chilli and crab risotto and the prosecco jelly and icecream for puds.  Grown up jelly for big kids.  And a peach Bellini.  Because I'm worth it.

All very yummy.

We had playtime in Whistles where I quite liked this red scarf.  It's bright and I like it which  means I must be poorly. Maybe this is a move to the bright side or the effects of hanging out for a day with L.

Out on the streets and on the way to Coggles, I spotted these two young ladies.  One caught my eye because she looked like her Her Royal Hotness Pippa Middleton from behind and I liked the fact that her friend was in a pair of white Converse teamed with a floaty number.

Admit it - she does look a bit Pippa M from behind.

In Coggles, I was going to try on a CDG Play stripy tee in another colourway to the one I had  but I wasn't allowed to on the grounds that I might get makeup on it.  Even if I'm not wearing any?  Even if I'm not wearing any (I forgot to put some on and I was in a rush - that's how slummy mummy I am). Hmmph.  But I did get to try these little bad boys on ....

I am a rock chick in my dreams.

Which came up a little tight.  And this.  

Which thankfully didn't fit very well which always helps put things to rest.  L disliked this one  very much and looked incredulous at me for even thinking about it.  I thought it would be good for Halloween trick or treating.  Quite expensive for trick or treating but quite cool. This is where we agree to disagree.   At £95. I was wondering if I could find a plain sweatshirt and do a bit of DIY potato printing?  Now that's a project!

And did you know that at the back of the Coggles shop, there is the sweetest little walled garden? For you to sit and enjoy the afternoon sun when you need to rest after spending too much money in there?  

Coggles interior leading to 

little walled garden.

And last but not least.  No girly day shopping is complete until we've been to the Mulberry Outlet shop to stroke the handbags again.

We came, we saw, we walked away empty handed.


And then home to the boys.  A long day but an enjoyable day.  It's such hard work shopping and drinking Bellinis!


  1. It must be the season for it - I did a whole post on the metropolis on Friday . Love that coat! I got it in the silver/grey at £45 off .....I am never ever cold in it. Xx

    1. Well I wasn't looking for a Metropolis as I thought my little black Primark number was doing okay but now that I've tried one on, the school run is looking a whole lot warmer!

  2. Love this post after writing about Down filled coats last week! You really should get that hat and I love the Sam Edelman boots!

    1. Ben refused to set off with me to school after I donned a beanie last year .... it was sooo cold. So maybe I should invest in something a little more sophisticated this year.

      Yes, I was quite taken with the Sam Edelman boots but they weren't comfortable at all. They had very little give - unyielding would be the word.

  3. You lucky thing! I miss having a day out with a girlfriend. It's different when the little ones come along because I feel like I need to have eyes on the back of my heads and enough hands to resemble an octopus. I love Coggles! I've ordered from them before. I used to pooh-poohed the idea of puffer coats but lately, I've been thinking twice about them. Fingers crossed this winter won't be too bad (or perhaps Murphy's Law, it may be just about the worst winter ever!).

    1. How long have you lived in England? And still no puffer coat? Actually I was the same until I wised up to the benefits of insulation. The one I tried on was so light I could really feel the difference and I guess I can understand the differences in price now between regular high street fashion styles and genuine outdoors types. I've been converted but I did think the Metropolis was quite a good compromise as it's quite a neat fit and didn't drown me. On the models on the website, it looks to be worn more around knee/above knee. The fact it comes just below is a bonus but doesn't look wrong as theres no weird waistline shaping. Give them a whirl - you sound like you do a fair bit of walking - you need one. Or is it a step too close to middle-age?

  4. So, from what i understood you didn't buy anything?
    I admire your self-control!
    But looks like you had a great day, and omg, the toilette! Do they sell this stuff on the net, I wonder? I would buy one of those, if not for my boyfriend, I don't think he would appreciate the pink number!

    1. I didn't buy anything on the Saturday ... I'm saving my pennies! For something else :o)

      The pink toilet - don't go there! The boyfriend won't thank you! With red&black rugs and now pink toilets? Though the handle lever is rather novel, the fact that you actually have to pull it towards you. Go on, go get one. It will be fun.

  5. Sounds like my kind of day out :-) The hat suits you, but the coat? Your Primark number looks just as good!

    (That girl is astonishingly P Middleton-like by the way - are you absolutely sure it wasn't her?!)

    1. It's every girls days out! The hat wasn't as bad as I thought - I don't suit hats very much so it's always a surprise when I find one which doesn't make me look really weird.

      Definitely not P Middy. I was actually stalking the blonde to take a picture of her white converse and ended up getting both of them and when I looked back, I suddenly realised we had a lookalike on our hands.

      The North Face coat is warm though :o) There's a part of me that says fun over function though and I'm probably unlikely to end up with one ... unless I get bought one for a present. Hint hint. Grumps.

  6. That was a very very good day with the bubbles and the princesses-spotting in the street and how fabulous do you look in your furry hat?

    1. It was a really good day - nice food, good company and lots of shopping (well sort of - after all I didn't buy anything). The hat is nice but not perfect - it's a trapper hat - I need a cossack hat so I can look like I'm wearing a sleepy cat on my head!

  7. Sounds like the perfect day :) Glad to hear that Jamie's Italian was good as he's just opened one in Dublin and we're going to try it out next week.

    1. Well I can recommend the chilli crab risotto if it's on the menu. Get a big portion though. We only got starter size so we would have room for puds, along with the nice bread and chips. We were well stuffed. Let me know how you get on - this is my second visit and I enjoyed the food more this time than the first time I went.

  8. love this grey cooat and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

    1. Thank you.

      Love your blue APC jumper and Dicker boots in your current post and good luck with your studies.

  9. oh love the coat, i'd actually never think of wearing cognac boots with it but it works really well. jamie's opened up one of those itailan places in sydney too but they don't take bookings and i haven't been bothered to wait in the line which i've heard can be up to 90mins. i have the edelman petty boots in suede and they are super comfy - didn't know they made snakeskin versions so i;ll have to go check them out now :)

    steph /

    1. I think we were lucky with getting a lunch sitting - nice and early and hungry. I don't think I could be bothered if I had to wait 90 minutes either.

      Err yes - cognac boots - there is a brown thread running through the grey jacket/coat - that's my excuse anyway. It breaks it up a bit and I like the clash. But the snakeskin are totally up your street.


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