Crafty Time : Hemming my Myza PJ Bottoms

Saturday 13 March 2021

Some of us are blessed with height. I was not one of those. And not only was I not blessed with height, I was even blessed with shorter legs than I should have had - fully operational mind you, so I can't complain but yup, I was a little short changed on the leg length. So long of body, short of leg but they gave me extra in the butt area though. How very kind.

Which leads me on to the fact that my lovely Myza pyjamas which I got last year were a little long for me. "Does it really matter seeing as how no one is going to see you in them?" asked the hubs. "Why yes it does!" because as I explained to him, the fact that you can't see my feet in the pants is not really the look I was going for. So I finally pulled my finger out and got the sewing machine out and set it up. It took two mins and three months. That's all.

So what was putting me off? The fact that they had that fancy piped hem detailing, that's what. But in my own way, I like a bit of a challenge and I had already kind of worked out what needed doing. And in case any of you have nothing better to do with your time and you have any blouse cuffs and trouser hems which are similar, well here's what I did.

Measure and mark out the length you want your trousers to be. I've used a pen but in this instance, no one will see that pen mark ever again so it doesn't matter too much. Normal people use tailors chalk.

Where I have drawn a line is the actual length I want them to be but it is also my cutting line. When you have cut the length, you will need to unpick the bottom trim as seen below.

Get rid of the spare material so you are left with just the neat cuff hem. I also put a pin at the front of the trouser and a pin on the front piece of the cuff hem so I know where to put things back.

Turn the cuff hem inside out and pop inside the trouser leg as below. The bottom of the trouser needs to align with the middle crease of the cuff hem. Pin in to place ready to sew. 

Turn the trousers inside out and you are now ready to sew the cuff hem in to place. Sew along the top of the edge - I followed the original stitch line here.

Turn the trousers back on to the correct side. You can now see the line of stitching you have just done.

Fold up the bottom of the cuff hem. And you're ready to sew in to place. Sew as close to the piping as you can. And you're done!


Hope that's helpful, I don't really sew in that I don't follow patterns and make dresses or anything, I just shorten things every now and then and make it up as I go along. Or find a Youtube video. 😁

They look alright don't they and I can see my feet!


  1. Well you also got a great head of hair. Lucky you!!! Love the jammies

  2. I have too much hair currently! I can't wait for the hairdressers to open back up!


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