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Wednesday 7 November 2018

Me somewhere in Yorkshire rather than gay Pareee!

If you've followed me a long time, you've probably got a good idea of what is me and what floats my boat big time. And what I do like when I'm not going for simple minimal styled pieces, is French girl style. I used to be all over the Marant stuff (2012/13) which I couldn't afford but that didn't matter as you could often replicate the look for less if you did your homework and I was pretty good at my homework. Usually A*on a good day. Lookalike Dicker Boots courtesy of Office Shoes and the big oversized jacket courtesy of Mango - I was there. A few choice Isabel Marant Etoile pieces in the Matches sales, I was there. And I still like the look - but it's been adapted along the way. Fashions change, there's no doubting that and so along the way have I. The boots have been replaced with trainers and the oversized jackets are now faux fur coats. But the underlying thing is, it's fundamentally a little "French".

Me from the last couple of years.

And in the last five years, I have added a few pieces from various French brands, the Kooples, Sezane, Soeur, MktStudio and dabbled with Leon and Harper albeit unsuccessfully (the jumper was beautiful but the arms came to my knees) but now I have a new French brand to look at - Balzac Paris which I mentioned in my last blog post when I showed you my George shirt. A French pret-a-porter brand which is relatively new on the block. who basically showcase a few new pieces on a monthly basis (not a huge drop but enough to peak your interest) and keep you coming back to see what's new. Nothing to your liking in October - hold on for November. And as there were some new drops for November which came online today, I spotted this beauty.

So the jumper is a little more expensive than the usual picks I put on for people as I like to keep it real for anyone who follows me and want to recreate a look affordably however I do believe in a good statement jumper. These are the ones which keep on giving year after year and lift an outfit immeasurably rather than my throw on everyday workhorse ones. The ones I put on when I go out of the house and need to look half normal and this Balzac one is a very subtle take on the leopard fad with not a jot of Bet about it and that is no bad thing. And it's 90% alpaca which means you will be very very soft and cuddly. And the colours - just so perfect!

The brand does have a very youthful vibe if you look on the site but there is something quite classic about the blouses and the knitwear if you look beyond the model. Mind you, looking like the models is no bad thing (dream, dream, dream). There are the whimsical blouses with the frills which adorn many a French lady but I am a more practical specimen which is where the simple styles like the George shirt come in to their own for me and it's one of those pieces I throw on with jeans for gadding about. Like this.

So. .... what was I saying about faux furs and trainers? #if_it_aint_broke


Last Note :

  • Following on from the fact that the Eudes sweater is made of 90% alpaca wool - alpaca wool is similar to sheep wool but warmer and less itchy. It also does not contain lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic and allows it to be processed without the need for high temperatures or harsh chemicals. Following on from the Stacey Dooley documentary, I thought it would be useful to mention this as the brand are trying hard with their "always more responsible" approach to minimise the impact on the environment in the way they manufacture and transport their clothing. It's all a step in the right direction if you are thinking about the inpact of your fashion choices.

  • Interesting thing about alpacas - they can be housetrained as they like to do their business in a specific spot. You can always count on me to enlighten you with a little gem to brighten up your day.

  • I've just spotted that Alex from The Frugality has the beautiful Lena shirt from Balzac on her IG.


  1. Where is that fab Bonjour Francoise bag from? Love it!

    1. It was actually a present that a lovely reader sent me from France! I think it was Monoprix? x


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