Fake It If You Can Make It

Sunday 15 October 2017

Jumper (my design) on Woolovers Jumper
MiH Jane Jeans (old)

You know how at the beginning of the year, I was all over the Lingua Franca jumpers till I made my own here? Well then I moved on to the Hades jumpers. After seeing Julia from Stylonylon wearing her Unrequited Love one, I decided to make my own. Well there is no way I can embroider like that but I know a man who can!

So I mocked up my design .....

And took it to the embroidery man along with my Woolovers merino cashmere jumper which I'd ordered for the purpose. I showed him the picture and although he only had two script fonts, luckily one of them was suitable. And then he told me to go and disappear for half an hour which I duly did in to the nearest H&M as it was just opposite. I'm going to be honest, I was pooping my pants incase this turned out bad but as it was, it turned out brilliant. Cue big beaming smiley face when I saw it. 

And it cost me £10 for the embroidery. WELL WORTH IT.

So do you like? I'm chuffed.

But if you don't have the time or inclination or know a man who can embroider, here's a few of the nicest ones around - from the expensive to the affordable Sugarhill Boutique ones.

I'm rather liking the Ille de Cocos one - do you think I could make that???


Last Note :

  • I used Kustom Stitch for my embroidery. If you want a font which they don't have on site, they will need to create a new plate to do the embroidery and that will cost you a lot. I'd go with what they have if I were you! 


  1. Love it. This is the exact reason why I follow you. I do, actually, have an embroidery woman. A quick visit with a wool jumper, and suddenly I am on trend. Love it, again.

    1. Oh you're welcome. It's such an easy win idea though isn't it? But it's tempting to do loads of other jumpers now! x

  2. Brill idea. As sooon as you said opposite H&M I figured it was there! Do they have other colours or thread?

    1. So sorry, I just spotted this comment but yes lots of other colours of thread available too. x


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