Black Velvet

Monday 2 October 2017

F&F Velvet Blazer (old)
Zara Top (old)
M&S Petite Slim Jeans
Mulberry Camera Bag (old)

Sometimes when I'm in a need of a bit of retail therapy at the weekend, I say I need to do a bit of a food shop and I make some excuse that I can't get the branded cereal that the hubs likes at the Aldi and that I have to wander further afield to a bigger supermarket. Like the big 24 hour Tescos which also happens to have clothes. Anyway, on one of those food shops last year, I came across my black velvet blazer. Whoop a whoop and an extra whoop! Now the whooping is because I have always had a little black velvet jacket in my wardrobe but my existing one was a little shorter in the body and I wanted a more blazer style for everyday wear. Hence the whooping when I found it. And cue more whooping because autumn is here and it's the perfect season for velvet blazers. Look how easy they are to wear - Alexa loves hers!

Source : Pinterest (Various)

If you need any more convincing about the merits of a black velvet blazer, see below. I'd like everything on here please!

That white Monsoon shirt actually has some military frogging details which just makes it a little different from the Victoriana styles around and gives it a little edge. Oh and I love my Mulberry camera bag and I never tire of the design but I'm always on the lookout for another which I can have as a backup - mine's a good few years old and I just want to go a bit easy on it. The Rebecca Minkoff  looks to be a similar size and has a whiff of the Balenciaga City Bag about it without the price tag. That's no bad thing.


  1. I'd love everything you've featured too! Oh, and thanks for all the gratuitous Alexa pics. She always manages to look both chic and grown up but young and edgy at the same time - no mean feat.

    1. I know what you mean. And to say she has such an extensive wardrobe, it's nice to see she has some faithfuls in there like her jacket which looks to be the same one throughout.

  2. Ooh, I have a black velvet blazer in the loft somewhere, from YEARS back - wonder if I can resurrect it? I fear there may be too much "shoulder" for today's fashion....but we'll see.

    1. Can the shoulder pads be removed? Or you could start a new trend off with the shoulders? :)

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