So Many Shoes!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

And only two feet! Booooo!

Golden Goose (old but new version here)
Everything else R.I.

I saw the black floral mule loafers first as I was dashing past the shop and I do mean dashing past. I hardly ever go in River Island, it's never quite felt like my shop. My friend says it's very Pretty Woman before Vivian got the makeover! But I think I've been missing a trick here because look at all those lovely shoes they currently have! I was having a ball in there and had to have a look online to see if there were any gems I'd missed and look what I've rounded up! There's a bit of Gucci going on here and there, a bit of Marant inspiration and a whole lot of Miu Miu! And best of all - without the designer prices! I'm good to you I am. 😜


  1. Hi Sue, your friend is right! I worked in River Island in 1991 and we actually sold an "homage" (complete rip off) of the pink and black hooker dress Julia Roberts wore on the film poster - as you can imagine it looked deeply unflattering on anyone who tried it on!

    1. Oh that's brilliant! Funniest thing is my friend only said the comment a few years ago when we were walking past. They must have kept the theme going for a while then!

  2. Those black velvet slippers look rather tempting

  3. I love the pink... a good neutral for the coming months. And totally agree with your sentiments on RI. I was rather excited about them launching their Petites range a few months back... not sure why as its fundamentally no different to the main range in the 'kardashian' stakes! oops. But, but...they do have an occasional gem and ultimately, I guess their target market is a young 20 something, not a mid-40's old bird like me!

  4. #enabler - I just bought the floral ones! Thanks to seeing them here, I popped in today and LOVED them. Thank you - have given you a shout out on the blog x


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