Hooray Hooray, It's a Holi ... Holi ... Day!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Well, you know how people do these lovely packing posts with pics of their holiday wardrobes all nicely laid out? An itsy bitsy bikini here, a pair of rinky dink shorts there? Mine was nothing like that. I did a staycation. I went to Wales a couple of weeks ago for a staycation which is no bad thing but one thing is obvious. No itsy bitsy bikinis and rinky dink shorts required.

Let's just say, I may not have looked that exciting fashion wise but I am what I am and at least I was comfortable and prepared. I took wellies and a walking jacket. I took trainers and I took jumpers and cardigans. I took things for layering but I also took things which I didn't get to wear. And I shared my suitcase with the hubs. #aarghghgh

So what did I wear?

Day 1. Forecast - Wet.

It bucketed down. In fact it major bucketed it down. Anyway, that's me at the Menai Bridge seafood festival. Oh boy was I glad I packed my wellies and my walking jacket. I've had over 10 years of service from that walking jacket and it accompanies me on nearly every little trip I make in the UK. Underneath, I had a Zoe Karssen sweatshirt which I picked up a few weeks back. 

Sprayway Walking Jacket (old)
Jack Wills Jeans (old)
Puma Rucksack (George's)
Zoe Karssen Sweatshirt (seen below. Grey version available here)

I popped my head in to A Space Like This and met Mandy the owner who gave me the loveliest greeting as she recognised me from the blog and IG. She was so lovely, she even took her shoes off to have her photo taken with me so she wouldn't tower over me and hugged me though I was wet through. Did I say she was lovely? I did. But I'll say it again. She's lovely! :)

The loveliest friendliest Welsh lady I have ever met :)

Lovely things.

Mandy is currently doing up her home and you can follow her via her IG here to see what she's getting up to if you like a bit of interiors inspo. And can I say, this lady likes her fashion too!

Day 2. Forecast. Dry in the Morning. Rain in the Afternoon

I chanced it with my favourite Topshop cotton parka today and we got lucky with the weather in that it didn't rain when we popped to Port Meirion. I'm wearing old favourites here because sometimes you've just got to be comfortable.

Topshop Parka (old but similar here)
Zara Blouse (old but similar here)
Uniqlo Grey Cashmere Cardigan (old but similar here)
Jack Wills Jeans (old)

It did rain later however when we had to do the half hour walk back to the car from the pub. #shouldhaveknownitwouldntlast

Gotta laugh!
Or else you'll cry!

Day 3. Forecast. Rain in the Morning. Possible Sun in the Afternoon

Can I just say, the pic below was taken in the afternoon and not in the morning when I was walking around in torrential rain on Llandudno pier. You'd never have guessed though would you? It was so bad, I even went to buy plastic ponchos for my boys. Yes really.

That's me nursing a big cup of Earl Grey to get me through the trauma of all the rain. Because a cuppa makes everything better right? And yes I feel the cold more than most and yes I'm wearing cashmere in August but sometimes the mornings are a little chillier and even when I've been abroad before to warmer climes, I always take a piece of cashmere with me. The Wrap London cashmere jumper is a new addition to the wardrobe and a perfect throw on piece. Styled like a sweatshirt in my favourite grey, it's a winner and slots beautifully in to my ever so casual wardrobe. You will probably see me in this lots.

Sprayway Jacket (old)
Zara Jeans (old)
Billy the Dog (not available for purchase)

Day 4. Sunshine!

Guess what? There was da da dah! Sunshine! All day! This was the day my boys trekked up Snowdon with their dad and friends and I stayed down below. Yes I am a total wuss when it comes to walking up hills. I can pound pavements (with a few clothes shops thrown in) till the cows come home but give me a hill - no can do! But I did start with the intention of walking up Snowdon hence the fact I had to borrow some trainer socks from my boys. 

Uniqlo Grey Cashmere Cardigan (old but similar here)
H&M Blue shirt (old but similar here)
Primark Jeans (in store)
H&M Sunglasses (old)

And I want to give a shout out to my eldest boy for getting to the top of Snowdon with his dad. And that's no easy feat because I know the hubs will have set off at a cracking pace and Ben will have had to keep up (infact I've cried before up mountains and enquired about Mountain Rescue when I've been walking with the hubs which is probably why I no longer do it).

He was so chuffed! And he's got the hat to prove it.

And my other little man got halfway. Which is halfway more than his mum. That's him down below at Pete's Eats which is a must after a stonking walk.

Scissors, paper, rock. 
And to spice it up a bit, we're going to start adding dynamite in too.

Day 5. Sunshine Glorious Sunshine

Today was like "the future's so bright, you gotta wear shades". So I did. And the Cecilie Copenhagen top is perfect for a day like this - just enough coverage if you're anything like me and you don't actually want to tan as I go a mucky colour. Not golden. Just mucky.

Primark Jeans (instore)
Adidas Stan Smith
H&M Sunglasses

And it blazed it down to the point I even managed to get tan marks on my feet after going crabbing with the boys. Two hours on Beau Maris pier and I've got the Arizona Birkenstock tan lines to prove it!

Tan Lines. Big sigh.

Day 6. Cloudy but Warm.

Good day for a little mini hike. I didn't realise that there was a little bit of hiking/effort required so my grey cashmere cardigan was on and off today depending on how much effort I put in. I seemed to do a lot of sitting on things today.

Found a rock. Sat on it.

Found a bench. Sat on it.

Uniqlo Grey Cashmere Cardigan (old but similar here)
Primark Star Print Camisole (instore)
Zara Jeans (old)

And I've bought a few of these little £4 camisoles from Primark this summer. I'm not a great one for anything which hugs the spare tyre these days so these are perfect as they are light and skim the body, easy to pack and don't really crease. So you can take a gazillion of these on holiday with you with them hardly taking up any room. The ones I've picked out have also been pretty well made and give any of the more expensive ones a run for their money. All for £4.

Can I just say, Aber Falls is a lovely place for a mini walk with the kids. The gradient is also manageable rather than torturous. Can you tell I am such a wussy walker?

Day 7. Overcast but warmish.

And on the last day, there was no rain, a bit of sunshine but generally a little overcast. Someone get me a job as a weather girl.

Anyway, found a wall and leant against it.

Found another rock and sat on that.

Uniqlo Grey Tee
Zara Jeans
Monsoon Jacket (not available)

That cute little Monsoon jacket was something I picked up by chance. I was rather inspired by Gemma on the MotherShoppers blog with her little Zara jacket and was delighted to find the Monsoon one just in passing. It's proving to be a useful little throw on number now that I'm back home.

So that was that - my holiday wardrobe day by day. Not wildly exciting but hey that's me and I am comfort led more than anything. Maybe in my youth I might have tried a little harder but these days, I just want a good pair of trainers which take me from A to B and don't hurt me. 




So what can I can say about my holiday wardrobe after all that.
  • I lived in wellies, Stans and Birks. These three pairs saw me through everything for the kind of holiday I was having.
  • The rain coat is king.
  • Light layers are always good. I packed light tops, camisoles and a grey tee which were interchangeable.
  • For warmth, I relied on a cashmere cardigan and cashmere jumper. Both grey.
  • I took my cross body Village England Cranleigh bag as this was a good size and seemed to work with most of the wardrobe. I also packed some of my clothes in a few canvas tote bags so I could use these if I wanted a bigger bag or fancied a change.
  • I didn't wear my espadrilles and lighter sandals which I packed - I was out all day and there was too much walking and I needed more support on cobbly sandy gravelly surfaces.
  • I didn't wear the denim dress I took with me. Jeans were just easier for me.
  • Talking of jeans. I lived in the Primark black jeans and the Zara blue jeans as they were stretchy and I ate a lot. 
  • I took one dressier top which I was too lazy to change in to - sometimes that's just how I roll. 
  • Hubs said I overpacked. I say I pitched it just right with options :P


Last Note :

  • Special shout out to George's Godmother who was on holiday with us who helped me with a lot of my pics. Thank you Aggie! Where's our next holiday?

* Maya Cashmere Jumper c/o Wrap London


  1. I think you look lovely! I would be rubbish at packing for a possible wet, walking holiday in Wales as I'm use to pulling out skirts, dresses and shorts for France. Glad you had a good break, it looked delightful!

  2. Thank you Louise. I had to be quite practical and it was a proper dress down kind of holiday with lots of trekking around so I needed something I was going to be comfortable in all day and not fiddling with. I also needed food accommodating clothes - it was a bit of a food fest as the friends we were with love their food. I'd love a holiday in France - need to get saving!

  3. Look like a relaxing trip. Love the Copenhagen blouse... and am intrigued by that pink house!

  4. Your commentary cracks me up. "found a rock, sat on that."

    How do you play Dynamite in Rock Paper Scissors (Dynamite?)??


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