Star Mela Elin Top

Monday, 3 August 2015

This is a really pretty top. I love the intricate stitch work around the shoulders! I love the perfectly inky navy colour and a v neck line is always a winner on old short neck me. But ...

... it's not quite right.

The sleeves are long and balloony. It's also too long in the body and that v neck line? It's a touch deeper than I would like. See, it's not quite right. But I'm working with it. This is how it looks on the model and I don't doubt she's a good half foot taller than me, so you can imagine it swamps me a little even in the size small.

So my first tweak ... I had the sleeves altered to make them three quarter length. I think they feel far more summery being shorter. And yes I may have lost the cord tie detail on the sleeves but I wasn't keen on those anyway and besides who wants cord ties trailing in their food anyway? Not me! 

Second tweak. A couple of stitches to spare me my modesty and to stop me revealing my non ample bosom.

Third tweak. I've not done this one yet. I'm going to shorten the length by a couple of inches. I'm waiting for my sis to take it to the alterations place she goes to when she visits Hong Kong. The alterations are cheaper over there and besides ... she pays :o) 

But in the meantime, if I didn't tell you all these details, you'd never know there was anything not right about it would you? So for the time being, I'm just going to get on with wearing it like this.

Star Mela Top, Zara Jeans (old), Park Lane Sandals


Last Note :

  • The top is better suited to someone a little taller than myself (I'm only 5ft 1.5)
  • It is quite sheer. Get those black bras out  and not a white one as seen on that model above!


  1. I'm a sucker for a pretty little top like this Sue, so I know it's worth the effort of a few tweeks to get it just right! It looks superb after your adjustment....perfect summer outfit in my book! xx

    1. It will come in to its own next summer when I have some length chopped off the bottom. If I leave it untucked, it creases a lot there so if I chop it off at the right part, I should overcome that and it will be much easier to wear. Some tweaks are worth doing!

  2. I'm always on board with a navy top! Have you tried shrinking it in the dryer? That's how I browbeat my blouses into fitting!

    1. I love that this is navy with white on it as opposed to the other way round. And it doesn't need shrinking - it's loose in a good way actually. It just needs shortening which is a different thing. I paid for the sleeves shortening but I thought I'd leave it to my sis to get the length sorted for me.

      And you are hardcore!


Susie So So